From Brazil With Love

In case you weren't listening to Tea Party Radio tonight, you missed an extremely informative show, and here's what really gave me goose-bumps and a few tears:

It's not as if we don't have enough on our plate, enough to fume about and enough to try to counter in the complete capitulation to tyranny that has become the norm in our society.

Tonight we had a caller who imigrated here from Brazil and became a United States citizen legally.  She left a totalitarian Marxist/Communist tyranny for the beacon and promise of freedom and liberty in the only nation on the face of this earth that exists as such.

She came here with her children, that they may have a better future than what she had known. 

She came here without her husband, or her parents, as the communist regime they lived in basically "eliminated" them over time.  For speaking out.  For seeking God-given liberty in their own country.

She came here seeking a better life, and then saw the election of Obama and the ones he has surrounded himself with.

She KNOWS TYRANNY when she sees it, and was absolutely livid that we have IGNORED IT while it is right in our face, and are failing to adequately address it.

Her message was very clear, and her anquish even more so.  To paraphrase slightly, she said that "I did not come here, or bring my children here, to suffer through what I have tried to escape.  How could you let this happen?  All I hear is talk, I see no actions!  These people are tyrants, and this nation will be destroyed.  I KNOW tryrants..."

So my friends and fellow patriots, this becomes less of a question than a clarion-call to action...what are we willing to do and WHEN will we start doing it?  Brow-beating senators and reps, nationally and locally, really isn't doing a lot, but it is making a difference, albeit not enough of one, as our main dysfunction, as the caller pointed out, is that they just won't listen because they have their own agenda, and that agenda is Washington DC's agenda. 

And that is where the change must come from. 

We are being destroyed from within, which has been evident for many decades, if you only care to look.  It has only now taken on a whole new life in the form of Barack (Barry Soetoro) Obama, George Soros, and the international cabal of bankers, Marxists and globalists that have been working on this since AT LEAST 1850.

I know our HEARTS are in the right place...if we don't follow up with action and integrity, it doesn't mean squat...and we will be ushered into the nether regions of totalitarian hell we have been warned quite clearly about...

As hard as we try, and as much as we THINK we may be doing, was illustrated ever-so-clearly as NOT BEING ENOUGH.

I got her message, as did everyone else participating. 

I don't want historians in some future age looking back at the history of this nation, and asking the question " How could those with so much to lose, have DONE NOTHING?", and then using us as a lesson on what NOT TO DO.


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