While in the midst of several pending federal criminal controversies, each demanding proper federal law enforcement investigation, the Obama Justice Department is, again, extending the federasl influence in a totally improper manner, as an interposing international police force, into a foreign nation-state, Nigeria, for what I regard as another media distraction stunt; a stunt to divert public focus on the Benghazi murders and other poignant Executive branch misconduct currently before Congress, such as Operation Fast and Furious, criminal IRS targeting practices, and, believe it or not, what actually occurred on 9/11. As the evidence has so far shown, U.S. State Department officers were undoubtedly complicit in the deaths of four Americans in Benghazi as a result of what was probably illegal gun-running by the Obama administration, and U.S. Justice Department officers were, no doubt, complicit in the deaths of several Border Patrol officers in Fast and Furious. Furthermore, since it was scientifically impossible for the WTC Towers 1 and 2, and Building 7, to have totally collapsed on 9/11 in the manner that they did (which was identical to controlled demolition) without the use of controlled demolition, the deaths of over 3,000 people on that awful day in 2001 also shout federal conspiracy and complicity loudly and emphatically. The 9/11 Commission, in 2002, lamely sought to place the responsibility for the collapse of the two Towers on the jet aircraft that crashed into them and the ensuing jet fuel fires; and, later, NIST (also a federal agency) went against its own scientific standards and the basic laws of physics to fallaciously, and officially, report to the American public, in 2003, that two controlled fires on two floors of the 47 story Building 7 caused the huge structure to totally collapse at freefall speed in a manner identical to controlled demolition.

As the facts clearly show, several months after the "Report of the 9/11 Commission" was made public, Condoleezza Rice flippantly said on national television, in the 2013 likeness of Hillary Clinton, "What difference does it make now if the "Report of 9/11 Commission" does not include all of the facts about the occurrences surrounding 9/11 and was questionable in its conclusions about how, and why, Towers 1 and 2 collapsed? What possible difference can it make now, after an official federal investigation has been concluded?" Unfortunately, no one was heard responding to Rice's blather with a stern reprimand, saying, "It makes all the difference in the world between fact and falsity, between scientific impossibility and scientific fact." In the same likeness as what has been happening in the ongoing Congressional Benghazi investigation, with official incriminating e-mails, reports, and verbal witness statements being suppressed and withheld from congressional scrutiny by the Obama administration, the Bush administration and the independent intelligence agencies responsible for the electronic media's 9/11 propaganda blitz succeeded in making it appear to the American public on that tragic day that the WTC Towers were brought down as a direct result of the, supposedly high jacked, jet aircraft crashing into them. Then, later, the eye-witness testimonies of New York City firefighters, police officers, and citizen pedestrians as to the ear-splitting secondary explosions they heard going-off in the Towers just prior to their collapse were deliberately omitted, or edited-out, of the "Report of the 9/11 Commission" by the Bush administration insider Phillip Zelikow, the 9/11 Commission Executive Director. The false shaping of collective public perception by the Bush propaganda ministry was, therefore, apparently successful, since around 50 percent of the national electorate was made to believe that Islamic terrorists high jacked three commercial airliners and flew two of them into the WTC Towers and one into the Pentagon. Millions of adult Americans saw, on national television, the two hundred-story WTC Towers, 1 and 2, only partially damaged by the jet aircraft that crashed into them, as dozens of the floors of both Towers were totally unaffected by the crashes. Those many ordinary Americans saw that the WTC Towers were only partially damaged, but most of them didn't realize just what they were seeing as the network television reporters and anchor-people dramatically described what they wanted the people to see happening. When the Twin Towers subsequently collapsed in a manner identical to controlled demolition, those reporters and anchor-people made it appear to those television viewers that what they were seeing was caused by the jet aircraft and the kerosene jet fuel fires that ensued after the crashes. Statements like, "Those jet fires weakened the Towers causing the total collapse," and "Those jets brought down the Towers," were dramatic enough to cause millions of Americans to go to bed that night erroniously believing that the crashing jets had caused the Twin Towers to collapse. Strangely, not one reporter, on September 11, 2001, had the temerity assert on national television that the crashes of the jets into the Towers could not have caused the Towers' total collapse in a manner identical to controlled demolition. This was as much a use of false propaganda by the federal government, via the media, as Hitler's Nazis used to falsely persuade the German people, in 1939, that Poland had attacked German radio station thus warranting an invasion as a necessary reprisal.

While extensive Benghazi, IRS, and Fast and Furious criminal investigations are vitally needed, and warranted, in order to ferret out the truth about conspiratorial Executive branch misconduct, and are currently regarded by Congress as incomplete, but rapidly coming transparent, the true fact about 9/11 was readily revealed, but not perceived, on the day it happened, clearly showing that the federal government had to have been integrally involved in the devastation that occurred. For when you have a large convoluted central government trying desperately to convince the People that something scientifically impossible was responsible for the murders of over 3,000 people (that the jet aircraft crashing into the Twin Towers caused the skyscrapers to collapse in a manner identical to controlled demolition), the truth will eventually be disclosed. You just can't effectively hide an elephant in a parlor, and expect reasonable people not to see it. Currently, Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth comprises over 2,000 eminent architects, engineers, and physicists who have staked their professional reputations on their collective public assertion that the Twin Towers and Building 7 were deliberately collapsed by the federal government through the use of controlled demolition. The fact clearly speaks for itself, for who, besides the federal government, had motive, opportunity, and unfettered access to the three buildings in the months preceding 9/11? In addition to the 2,000+ professional AE911truth.org authorities on high-rise structures, there are over a million people from around the world who are supporting AE911Truth.org in its demand for a new independent 9/11 investigation funded by the States, not the federal government, which would be directed solely by State law enforcement homicide investigators. Since the 3,000+ people who were killed on 9/11 comprised numerous individuals from outside the U.S., these million+ supporters also comprise numerous nationalities. Numerous forensic physical scientists, eminent in their respective fields, have also thoroughly examined the facts surrounding the collapse of the three buildings on 9/11, and haven't pulled any punches as they've gone on the public record with incontrovertible proof that Building 7 and the Twin towers were brought down by controlled demolition using a powerful explosive called nano-thermite. One of the many physicists associated with AE911Truth.org is Dr. Stephen Jones, formerly a professor at BYU, who has proven beyond a doubt (through experimental replications by other physicists) that substantial traces of nano-thermite residue were found in the dust and debris that covered the area immediately around Ground-Zero in New York City after the buildings collapsed.

So, if the evidence pointing toward a federal 9/11 conspiracy is so great, compelling, and ultimately damning for certain federal agencies, why aren't the media clamoring with headlines in the newspapers, magazines, and on the Internet about probable government involvement in 9/11, as greatly as was seen in 1974, when Woodward and Bernstein unraveled the Watergate conspiracy? The reason for the media reticence about 9/11 is the same reason for the media blackout during the week of May 5, 2014, when CNN and Fox News briefly exposed the Phoenix VA Hospital conspiracy regarding a secret list on which seriously ill veterans were placed in the hope that they would languish and die before being treated for their maladies. The White House, or one of the strong-arm agencies controlled by the Executive branch, probably ordered media silence around the country until it was absolutely necessary to report the truth. Remember, a conspiracy is simply defined as when two or more people get together to incrementally plan for the commission of a covert or secret crime. Moreover, steps are always being defensively taken by the established powers to keep the conspiracy from unraveling and the truth at bay. There was much more deliberate covert planning that went into the conspiracy surrounding the killing of the four Americans in Benghazie, and the subterfuge to keep the truth from publicly emerging, than went into the Watergate conspiracy; and, so far, no Benghazie "Deepthroat" has appeared to lead the media to the corroborating facts about a conspiracy. The same applies to the current IRS conspiracy, and the one surrounding the DOJ's Fast and Furious. You see, if a private-sector corporation, company, or person refused to hand-over salient documents and e-mails to the USDOJ, pertaining to a government criminal investigation, a swarm of agents suddenly appear to confiscate, or seize, all of the evidence. Yet, Congress does not have an enforcement branch to use to confiscate incriminating evidence from the White House or Executive branch agencies when the standing U.S. President and the U.S. Attorney General refuse to turn-over such evidence to Congress.

The main problem that has, since1913, blatantly confronted the proper criminal investigation and prosecution of federal government officers, and employees, who have conspire together to commit crimes against the U.S. Constitution and the People of the United States, has been the contrived facelessness of the many federal Executive branch agencies and departments that routinely, and deliberately, shield their culpable employees and agents from criminal accountability. During the two years following 1913, after the federal income tax and the Federal Reserve Act were imposed unconstitutionally on the American people, the federal government increased in size by almost 30 percent and along with its expansion came exceptionally peculiar administrative rules (never envisioned by the Framers), which were created by the presiding political leaders of the Legislative branch (Congress) and the Executive Branch (the U.S. President) to make it extremely difficult to prosecute elected and un-elected federal officers for the high crimes and misdemeanors specifically detailed in the U.S. Constitution's Article 1, Sections 2 and 3. Since impeachment is constitutionally defined as an official criminal investigation, the grounds for which are listed in Article 2, Section 4, federally elected and appointed officers accused of committing alleged crimes have been treated much differently than have ordinary citizens accused of the same criminal acts.

At the beginning of the republic, there were only two of the Constitutional Framers who firmly believed that elected and appointed federal officers, who commit crimes while in office, should be treated as any ordinary citizen. These two men were Thomas Jefferson and James Madison. They felt that any person who takes a federal oath of office should be held to a much higher standard than any ordinary citizen, and should, therefore, face a much more severe penalty than any ordinary citizen guilty of the same crime. Yet, from 1789 until the first federal officer, Senator William Blount, was impeached, or investigated, in 1797, for high crimes, the majority of the elected Congresses chose to essentially create their own political caste by ordaining administrative rules that made it so that federal officers did not have to face penalties for crimes as severe as those faced by ordinary citizens. If a federal officer, after 1797, was accused of a criminal act, the investigation of the crime was changed to be regarded not as a criminal process, but, rather, as a political one, which made the federal impeachment process appear, to many of the electorate, as a veritable political farce. While there were probably as many as 400 federal officers, from 1797 until 1913, who were properly accused by the reporting media and the concerned voters of high crimes and misdemeanors while in office, only 35 of them were regarded as worthy of formal impeachment, and of that 35, only 15 of them were formally investigated, or impeached, during that time; and, of that 15, none were convicted of high crimes and misdemeanors by trial in the U.S. Senate. The sixteenth federal officer who was actually impeached by the U.S. House of Representatives was President Bill "Slick Willy" Clinton, since the House had a Republican majority. Yet, the U.S. Senate, with a Democratic majority, voted to politically acquit Clinton of the crimes for which he was indicted in the House of Representatives, for which he would have surely been convicted by a jury of his peers in an ordinary court of law. Only one federal officer has resigned to avoid impeachment, and that was President Richard M. "Tricky Dick" Nixon, who was as guilty as sin, but received a pardon from President Gerald Ford before being convicted of the high crime of conspiracy in the Watergate affair. Regardless of the term "pardon" applied by historians to what Ford did for Nixon after he had rersigned the Presidency, an unconvicted federal officer cannot possibly be pardoned by a sitting U.S. President. The federal officer has to be formally convicted of a crime in order to be properly pardoned by a President. The only thing that Ford did for Nixon by, supposedly, pardoning him was that he removed all doubt from the minds of the American public that Nixon might have been innocent of the alleged crimes.

If all elected, politically appointed, GS-level, and SES federal officers were as intimidated by the penalties for federal crimes and misdemeanors imposed by the U.S. Code as a potential jewel thief would be in a jewelry store with a fail-safe impenetrable security system with the probability that he, or she, would end-up getting caught and spending a long time in prison, there would a lot more honest people in the federal government holding elected and appointed positions. Nonetheless, the federal government is so vastly compartmentalized, with over two-million appointed, and hired, employees in over a thousand federal agencies, commissions, and departments, these feds can secretly conspire to commit crimes without anyone realizing their duplicity, and end-up geting away with those crimes.

So, since all of the cogent facts, collected and published subsequent to the farce that constituted the federal 9/11 investigation, point to the federal government being responsible for the heinous murders committed in September 2001, how do you suppose they succeeded in doing it? Well, the average member of the national electorate, the average adult eighteen-years of age or older, probably does not realize that the FBI, the NSA, the CIA, the DIA, or one of the quasi-governments (the Council on Foreign Relations and the Tri-lateral Commission) has enough secret money in secret bank accounts to plan and orchestrate crimes as sordidly immoral as what happened on 9/11. They don't need to use money formally appropriated by Congress to implement the conspiracies. What if, perchance, a high official at the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), in New York City contacted, in 1998, his subordinate liaison officers at the CIA and ordered them to a very secret meeting where a conspiratorial plan was unfolded to embroil the United States in a profit-making war against Islam, which, at the same time, would lead directly to a means of abolishing the civil liberties contained in the Bill of Rights to empower a fascist oligarchy of federal power-brokers to cripple the Republic? What if this powerful CFR fascist set a three-year timetable for implementation of the conspiracy, and ordered the many-tentacaled CIA to use the existing secret contracts with American private industry to build weapons for implementing the cabal, and used the NSA, the DIA (Pentagon), and FBI to ensure total secrecy through the same process of compartmentalization that U.S. Army General Leslie Groves used in ensuring security for the Manhattan Project during the 2nd World War? What if, during these three preparatory years, the Twin Towers and Building 7 were rigged with nano-thermite for eventual controlled demolition? What if the ultimate goal of this heinous conspiracy was to diabolically manufacture another de-stabilizing event very similar to Pearl Harbor, which would cause a majority of the American people to falsely perceive that Islamic terrorism was responsible for the gross mass murder of thousands of American citizens? But why would an oligarchy of quasi-federal and federal officers conspire to do such evil things?

From reading the astute research of economist, historian, and political scientist Antony Sutton, Doctor of Science, in his meticulously researched three-volume work, "National Suicide," I firmly believe that the stark pragmatism of the federal government, in order to subvert the American capitalist economy and the U.S. Constitution, has become very self-evident within the last 60 years. Even before 1900, idealism, or the philosophy that there is a moral right and an immoral wrong associated with every economic and governmental issue, was abandoned by government, and pragmatism, or that the end result of any desired plan, moral or immoral, justifies the means used to achieve it, became the presiding instrumental philosophy of the federal government. In a nutshell, the secular philosophy proposed in the late 19th Century by Frederick Nietsche, that the moral distinction between good and evil was unnecessary to ethical human progress, and that God had essentially ceased to exist by human consensus, created the popularity of immorality. Therein lay the means to conspiratorially create and proliferate brutal war in order to achieve imperialistic U.S. foreign policy goals. As a result, the convenient war, whether just or unjust, became an imperial tool in the hands of shrewd elected and appointed politicians to benefit themselves indirectly from the profits derived directly the military-industrial complex involved in providing the weapons and machinery for war. Many of these pragmatic U.S. Politicians, just like the members of the ancient Roman Senate, have received over the years pecuniary dividends from the perpetuation of such wars (Vietnam, Iraq, and Afghanistan). The incrementally unfolded events of 9/11 led, therefore, to false blame being placed on Islamic fundamentalism, renamed terrorism or Islamic jihad by the feds, for the deaths of over 3,000 human beings at the WTC and the Pentagon. Those events also led directly to the quick and unjust passage of the already written prepared Patriot Act, which was an unconstitutional means of placing fascist government control over the U.S. Citizens who opposed what the federal government was doing. It would be good at this point in my essay to properly define fascism, because the reader might presume that I am referring to the specific type of totalitarian governments that existed in the Germany and Italy of the 1930s and 40s. Fascism is, instead, any style of authoritarian government that uses nationalistic propaganda to deprive its citizens of freedom, liberty, and personal self-determination. The fascist events of 9/11 served directly as a false preemptory justification for waging illicit multi-jurisdictional open-ended war against what the federal government falsely insisted is international terrorism, which is really manufactured terrorism made to order by the aforementioned fascist oligarchy. If there was a delusionary "fog of war" manufactured before and during America's involvement in Vietnam, according to what Secretary of State Robert McNamara has admitted in the twilight of his life, there was certainly a doubly delusionary manufactured fog surrounding what occurred in Operation Desert Storm and, later, on 9/11, during the invasion of Afghanistan, and before and after the 2003 invasion of Iraq, which collectively distorted the perception of the American electorate to support a duplicitous conspiracy. Criminal government conspiracies have been the reason for most of the sad history that has occurred in the world since the dawn of human civilization; and it is good to remember that, for a criminal conspiracy to occur, all that is necessary are for two, or more, human beings to secretly plan evil events that will precipitate wars, economic degressions, and false perceptions by the masses that will cause those people to support what will eventually enslave them.

A shame it is that most public and university libraries around the U.S. don't currently contain the reading and research materials essential to a correct understanding of 20th Century American political history, such as Dr. Antony Sutton's collected research works, Sen. Barry Golwater's final, 1978, tribute to honesty and courage, "The Conscience of a Conservative," and G. Edward Griffin's 1994 book exposing the Federal Reserve, "The Creature from Jekyll Island." It is even difficult to find copies of "The Federalist Papers," the quintessential compendium for properly studying the U.S. Constitution, in most public libraries. To properly understand that sad history does inexorably repeat itself, unless the people of the present day learn to heed the lessons taught to the previous generations of human beings who lived that sad history, one must read, study, and learn from that unfortunate history. All concerned Americans must read and study the books, periodicals, and documents that will disclose to them those essential historical facts in order to gain a usable knowledge of conspiratorial history. By relying on the ignorance of the majority of the electorate, the federal government can relegate to obscurity the conspiratorial crimes committed by cabinet-level secretaries, their political appointees, and SES bureaucrats under the direction of U.S. Presidents who seek to maintain what has come to be called their plausible deniability. And all that Congress ends-up doing, when allegations of conspiracy are heard by the Legislative branch, is to create superflous investigatory commissions and, with them, special prosecutors who spend millions of tax dollars over years of time supposedly ferreting-out the truth. Ultimately these special prosecutors proceed in their investigations, under the duress and resistance imposed by the Executive branch, to discover that compromise with evil is the only way to achieve what is desired by the power-elite in Washington, DC. In the final product of federal prosecutorial indictment, the truly guilty, high-level, people responsible for the high crimes and misdemeanors are never punished. Instead their henchmen are indicted, convicted, and punished with short-term sentences at places like Danbury Federal Minimum Security Prison in Connecticut. After they are released from their cushy confinements, they go on the lecture-circuit as convicted felons to earn $25,000 per lecture given at law schools, graduate schools, and professional seminars. It just doesn't seem right or just, does it?

I encourage all Americans, who want a clear understanding of conspiratorial history and how it has shaped the fabric of American government, and its sovereign economy, to read the three-volume work of Dr. Antony Sutton, "National Suicide.". This astute academician's research was regarded as too correct for publication by the politically correct Hoover Institute. Dr. Sutton attained the degree of Doctor of Science, which is considerably far beyond the requirements for a PhD. Dr. Sutton committed himself to the task of properly determining why tragic events in U.S., and world, history occurred as they did. The result of his research was greatly incriminating for unconstitutional American government and the private industry that conspired with it to denigrate the U.S. Constitution and the U.S. capitalist economy inspired by Adam Smith. After reading Dr. Sutton's works, the student of history should read the U.S. Constitution, the "Federalist Papers," what Sen. Barry Goldwater had to say in his 1978 literary epitaph, "The Conscience of a Conservative." The student of history, whether Democrat, Republican, or Independent, won't go wrong by purchasing, reading, and studying the aforementioned works.

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  • Thank you Norton Nowlin.  Patriots question 9/11 !!

  • Patriots question 9/11 !!  Thank you Norton Nowlin.

    I believe Washington's greatest fear is 9/11 Truth.  I believe nothing will awaken the sleeping Giant (U.S. Citizenry) to Washington's satanic evil like 9/11 Truth would.  May I offer for your consideration a Veterans Today article featuring a video interview of Ret. Major Gen. A. Stubblebine?
    Besides Gen. Stubblebine's expertise in damage photo analysis, he describes the personal difficulty he had accepting the implications of this 9/11 information.
    17:45 “How easy is it for you to shift your belief system from ‘I totally believe in my government’ to ‘Oh My God! What’s going on?’  That’s exactly where I went in all of this. Because, my belief system was so strong from age five when I could remember standing on a parade ground at attention with not anybody telling me to do that – at West Point. I did it because I wanted to do it – because I believed! And then going to the military academy and serving, defending…
    18:30 The real story was, I have a question I guess. The real story to me is: who was the real enemy? Who participated in this? Who planned this attack? Why was it planned? Were the real terrorists the people in Arab clothing? Or, were the real people that planned this the people sitting in the authority in the White House?
    Is Tea Party Command Center willing to take a position on 9/11 Truth?  Would TPCC be willing to demand a meaningful investigation of 9/11?
    Sincere best wishes.
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