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Our Estranged Generals
Caroline Glick

 nObama Suddenly Advocates Missile Defense 
Barack nObama addressed North Korea's nuclear shenanigans in an interview with CBS, attempting to look presidential while the Middle East falls apart. He told Charlie Rose, "Our first priority is to protect the American people and our allies, the Republic of Korea, Japan, that are vulnerable to the provocative actions that North Korea is engaging in." He continued, "[I]t's not something that lends itself to an easy solution. We could, obviously, destroy North Korea with our arsenals. But aside from the humanitarian costs of that, they are right next door to our vital ally, Republic of Korea."
          Well, yes, and we could easily destroy Iran with our arsenals, too. Or most any other nation for that matter. But if these remarks were intended to stave off any future nuclear development, don't bet on that happening. nObama did, however, go on to say, "One of the things that we have been doing is spending a lot more time positioning our missile defense systems, so that even as we try to resolve the underlying problem of nuclear development inside of North Korea, we're also setting up a shield that can at least block the relatively low-level threats that they're posing right now."
          Here, he's absolutely right. To force change, you must demonstrate strength, and a missile defense shield is an excellent way to do it. But where was this sentiment during the early stages of nObama's presidency when he outright retreated from a planned missile defense shield in Europe and cut billions from missile defense programs? Regardless of what fantasies this administration choses to indulge in, Iran still wants The Bomb and is working tirelessly underground to get it. Why should our response to Iran be any different than our response to North Korea? Or Russia? Or any other fundamentalist or geopolitical foe?
          nObama's newfound revelation is also an about-face when it comes to, well, North Korea. As Ed Morrissey writes, "It's worth noting that nObama had the opportunity to demonstrate missile-shield capabilities in this region before. The US Navy has the capability to operate its ABM system in the region and at one time had deployed it there, but nObama didn't order its use when Pyongyang fired off a long-range missile a few years ago. Perhaps a demonstration of that strength might be in order soon." If there's one thing you can count on with this administration, it's unbridled flexibility. And that's the scariest thing.  -The Patriot Post
 Breaking U.S. Law to Push Climate Treaty 
Current U.S. law prevents the United States from forking over money to a United Nations organization if a group that is not an officially recognized state is also a member. And while it may seem like the rule splits hairs, there's good reason for it. As The Hill explains, the rule was established so that the Palestinians can't pull a foreign policy fast one and leverage the UN to declare statehood without first sitting down and negotiating a lasting peace deal with Israel. But peace in the Middle East isn't as important to Barack nObama as cementing a legacy of climate change policies that pander to ecofascists.
          Senate Republicans point out that the U.S. cannot give $10 million a year to the UN's Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) because the Palestinian Authority also signed onto the framework. But as the whole climate change treaty wasn't a treaty when nObama didn't want to try winning approval from the Senate, nObama says the organization the treaty established is not an organization. "The UNFCCC is a treaty, and the Palestinians' purported accession does not involve their becoming members of any UN specialized agency or, indeed, any international organization," State Department spokesman John Kirby argued. "Further, we do not believe that it advances U.S. interests to respond to Palestinian efforts by withholding critical funds that support the implementation of key international agreements, which could undermine our ability to pursue important U.S. objectives." See? The ends justify the means.
          But nObama's arguments don't hold water, according to The Heritage Foundation's Brett Schaefer and Steven Groves. The two wrote that UNFCCC is an organization established by the treaty — one that employs about 500 people, similar to organizations like INTERPOL. As a result, Congress should exercise its power of the purse and pull the strings shut on this implementation of nObama's ecofascist plan.  
Huge Jihadists Training Camp Just
Across Mexican Border, Cartel Cover
By Rick Wells
{} ~ The reported existence of a terrorist training base just across the US-Mexican border at which thousands of terrorists may be being trained, in a lawless area controlled by Mexican drug cartels, should be enough to strike fear into the hearts of the American people... If we had a government that wasn’t complicit in the targeting its own citizens, we might even expect it to prompt a response or preemptive action. Adding to the uneasiness with that possible scenario is the belief that the terrorist running the camp, Shaykh Mahmood Omar Khabir, is said to have made repeated trips across the border into the United States and back, with Mexican cartel protection. A logical assumption is that he is doing so to evaluate potential targets or identifying routes of travel and staging areas for future terrorist strikes inside the United States. Judicial Watch has provided some disturbing information that indicates just such a situation exists. The porous southern border is a very real threat to the American people, our safety and our national security. Even representatives within the Mexican government are recognizing the role the nObama regime is playing in creating a situation which threatens the United States. They reported in a Tuesday article which read in part...
nObama Admin Accused of Misleading
Congress on Cash Release to Iran
By Adam Kredo
{} ~ The nObama administration faces accusations it has been misleading Congress about the amount and destination of sanctions relief being provided to Iran as part of last summer’s nuclear agreement... according to lawmakers and congressional sources who expressed anger at the administration over a range of contradictory facts being offered about the payouts. Secretary of State John hanoi-Kerry came under scrutiny last week after saying in a statement that Iran has received only about $3 billion in sanctions relief to date—a figure far smaller than the $100 billion estimate administration officials had previously said Iran would receive under the deal. It also contradicts statements from top Iranian officials that they had regained control of $100 billion in foreign reserves unfrozen under the deal. The statement came amid congressional allegations, detailed by the Washington Free Beacon, that hanoi-Kerry and Iranian Foreign Minister Javid Zarif are engaged in a campaign to facilitate even more sanctions relief than Iran is entitled to under the deal. Congressional sources suggested that hanoi-Kerry’s statements about the amount and nature of this money might be part of that campaign...
Congressman says Most of Congress
is so Corrupt they should be in Prison
By Tim Brown
{} ~ Kentucky Congressman Thomas Massie has long taken stands for the people. Last week, Rep. Massie called for a roll-call vote on a billion-dollar foreign aid bill... Because of his demand, the people of America are able to see how their representatives voted on the bill. Without that demand, the bill would have been passed by the voices of only about twelve representatives. How is this representative government? It isn’t and Massie said if local politicians functioned in such a manner, they would find themselves in jail. Congressman Massie was interviewed on the morning after the vote by Brian Thomas at KRC-Radio in Cincinnati, Ohio. He told Thomas that the money contained in that bill was nothing more than “a one billion dollars slush fund for the president.” In fact, Massie pointed out that four bill passed by voice votes on the very same day, which he didn’t even have an opportunity to read!...
Media slump liar-Trump Supporter
says slump liar-Trump is a “Centrist Democrat”
By Onan Coca
{} ~ Honestly, I know that some of our slump liar-Trump supporting readers won’t like this post, but I’m just not sure there is anything I can do about that... I have been openly supporting Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) for President for quite some time now and I am trying to maintain objectivity here, but any way I slice this race – Senator Cruz is just a better candidate for me and the things I value. I’m not upset with Mr. slump liar-Trump or his supporters — I get why they like him — but I don’t understand why some continue to pretend that he is a “conservative.” I agree with Scarborough that Mr. slump liar-Trump is most openly NOT a social conservative. He’s fine with gay marriage, he’s fine with “genderless” bathrooms, he’s fine with Planned Parenthood, and he’s sided with liberals against religious liberty. However, I’d also argue that he’s been quite liberal on fiscal policy as well. He wants to raise taxes on the wealthy, he’s a trade protectionist, he’s anti-free trade, and he currently supports a Medicaid expansion to ensure that every American has healthcare and he promises that the government will pay for those who can’t afford it. I wholeheartedly support my Republican friends who support Mr. slump liar-Trump’s candidacy, but I’d really like them to stop pretending that he is a “conservative,” because he’s just not...
Nuclear power plant COMPROMISED: Fears grow
as power plant affected by malware
By Tom Batchelor
{} ~ Gundremmingen plant in southern Germany was found to be riddled with computer viruses, including those which would allow attackers remote access to equipment for moving nuclear fuel rods... Viruses, known as W32.Ramnit and Conficker, were discovered at the plant, which is located 75 miles northwest of Munich. W32.Ramnit has the potential to give an attacker remote control over a system when it is connected to the internet and is also designed to steal files from infected computers. The virus could be used by groups such as Islamic State to obtain nuclear secrets, bringing them one step closer to building a radioactive bomb...
Indiana Court Ruling Strikes a Blow Against
the Protection of Baby DNA
{} ~ Patient privacy for some of Indiana’s youngest citizens—and the fight for the protection of baby DNA nationwide—took a blow this week, as the Indiana Court of Appeals ruled against baby “A.B. Doe,”... her parents and other families they were representing. Doe and her parents filed suit against the Indiana State Health Commissioner, the Director of the Indiana State Department of Health (ISDH) Genomics and Newborn Screening Program and the Indiana State Department of Health, stating that the baby’s dried blood spot taken at the time of her birth was stored without permission. Judge Heather A. Welch instead ruled in favor of the plaintiffs, Dr. Jerome Adams, Indiana State Health Commissioner, and Victoria Buchanan, Director of the ISDH Genomics and Newborn Screening Program, stating that Doe “had not sustained, nor was she in immediate danger of sustaining, a direct injury as a result of the storage of her dried blood spot sample,” according to court documents...
Congress Warned Against Sending Taxpayer
Funds to Russia for Rocket Engines
By Morgan Chalfant
{} ~ Conservative advocacy groups warned members of Congress against lifting restrictions on the government’s purchase of Russian-made RD-180 rocket engines for use during national security space launches... Leaders at Americans for Tax Reform and the Center for Individual Freedom appealed to members of the House Armed Services Committee ahead of a hearing Wednesday asking lawmakers to not allow the United States to send hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars to a Russian manufacturer with ties to President Vladimir Putin. Both groups reacted to suspicions that some members of Congress would propose lifting restrictions on the Pentagon’s purchase of the Russian-made rocket engines during a markup of the fiscal 2017 National Defense Authorization Act on Wednesday...
Latest Defense Bill Could Decimate
Visa Program for Afghan Allies
By Alana Goodman
{} ~ Afghan interpreters who worked with the FBI, the State Department, and other U.S. agencies in Afghanistan could be deemed ineligible for U.S. visas by the 2017 defense appropriation bill, according to advocacy groups... Under the Special Immigrant Visa program, Afghans who worked as translators for the U.S. military and support operations are eligible to apply for American visas if their lives are at risk in Afghanistan. But according to advocates for the SIV program, the latest version of the 2017 National Defense Authorization Act in the House of Representatives would limit eligibility to translators who worked directly for the U.S. military or intelligence agencies. Interpreters in other support roles, such as working with the American embassy in Kabul or for base security, would no longer be qualified for the visa program...
Major Iranian Missile Test to Coincide With
U.S. Presidential Inauguration
By Adam Kredo
{} ~ Iran is preparing to conduct a major ballistic missile test in February 2017, following the inauguration of the next U.S. president into the Oval Office, according to a timetable issued by the Islamic Republic... Iran is continuing work on advanced ballistic missile technology and has been engaged in various tests to perfect this work. Iran conducted a test launch earlier this month of its Simorgh space vehicle, which has emerged as a key piece of the Islamic Republic’s goal to perfect intercontinental ballistic missiles that would be capable of striking the United States with a nuclear warhead...
Tom Coburn Unleashes on Congress: ‘America Doesn’t Trust You Anymore. That’s the Truth’
By Elizabeth Harrington
{} ~ Tom Coburn, the former senator currently leading a movement for a Convention of States, unloaded on Congress during a hearing before the Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Wednesday... “America doesn’t trust you anymore. That’s the truth,” Coburn said, appearing alongside the head of the Government Accountability Office during the hearing to discuss duplicative federal programs. The GAO recently released its annual report, finding the federal government could save hundreds of billions of dollars just by consolidating duplicative programs...
Our Estranged Generals
Caroline Glick
{} ~ It’s been a long time in coming, but it finally happened.

The IDF General Staff has lost the public trust.

This is terrible for the General Staff. But it is more terrible for the country, because the public is right not to trust our military leaders. They have earned our distrust fair and square.

The final straw came in less than optimal circumstances.

But such is life. Things are never cut and dry. On Purim, Sgt. Elor Azaria killed a terrorist in Hebron as he lay on the ground, shot, following his attempted murder of one of Azaria’s comrades.

Still today, we don’t know whether Azaria acted properly or improperly. He claims that he believed the terrorist had a bomb beneath the heavy jacket he was wearing in the middle of a heat wave.

Azaria claims that he shot him because he feared that the terrorist – who was moving – was trying to detonate the bomb. This view was shared by emergency personnel at the scene caring for the wounded soldier.

But even before he had a chance to tell his story, IDF Chief of Staff Lt.-Gen. Gadi Eisenkot and Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon had already declared Azaria guilty of murder. Based on an initial field investigation and a snuff film produced by the European-funded anti-Israel group B’Tselem, Eisenkot and Ya’alon excoriated Azaria and pronounced the soldier, who was decorated for his service just last year, a rotten apple.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu initially joined them in their condemnations. But when he realized that the public wasn’t buying it and that the evidence was far from cut and dry, to his credit, Netanyahu walked back his remarks.

Ya’alon and Eisenkot, in contrast, have refused to let the uncertainty of the situation affect them.

Their continued assaults on the soldier have compounded the damage. Their stubborn refusal to give Azaria the benefit of the doubt and admit that he may well have comported himself properly indicates that they have no idea how their statements are being viewed by the public, or worse, they may not care. They may simply be playing for another audience.

And here lies the beginning of the real problem.

For the public – including the five thousand citizens who came to the support rally for Azaria at Rabin Square on Tuesday – the critical moment was when the film of Azaria being led away from the scene in handcuffs was broadcast on the evening news. That image, of a combat soldier who killed a terrorist being treated like a criminal, was the breaking point for the public. Whether he was guilty or innocent was beside the point. The point was that his commanders – beginning with the defense minister and the chief of General Staff – were treating him like a criminal instead of a combat soldier on the front lines defending our country from an enemy that seeks our destruction.

This image, combined with Ya’alon’s and Eisenkot’s increasingly shrill and caustic condemnations of Azaria, was a breach of the social contract between the IDF and the public. That social contract says that we serve in the IDF. We send our children to serve in the IDF. And the IDF values us and values our sons and daughters as its own.

The sense that our generals are not on the same page as the rest of us has been gnawing at us since at least April 2002, in the aftermath of the battle in Jenin, during the course of Operation Defensive Shield.

Back then, fearing CNN and the UN, IDF commanders sent a reserve battalion into Jenin refugee camp, the epicenter of the Palestinian murder machine, without air cover and without armored vehicles. Thirteen reservists were killed in one day. Twenty-three soldiers were killed in the three-day battle.

The sense of alienation continued through the war in Lebanon four years later when the IDF conducted one of the most inept campaigns in its history. Soldiers were sent willy-nilly into battles with no strategic purpose because the General Staff wanted to “stage a picture of victory.”

This sense has been maintained in successive inconclusive campaigns in Gaza.

Now, with the General Staff’s decision to turn Azaria into a scapegoat at a time when it is failing to defeat the Palestinian terrorist wave in Judea and Samaria, that gnawing sense that something is amiss has become a certainty.

Our generals are not on the same page as the rest of us. In fact, they aren’t even reading the same book.

Our generals are motivated by three impulses and strategic assumptions that are not shared by the majority of Israelis.

The first of those is their willingness to sacrifice soldiers in battles, and, in the case of Azaria, in show trials, in the hopes of winning the support of the Europeans and other Western elites. This impulse is not simply problematic. It is insane, because for more than a decade, it has been continuously proven futile.

At least since the battle in Jenin, it has been abundantly obvious that the Europeans will never support us. The Europeans, along with the UN and the Western media, ignored completely the lengths Israel went to prevent Palestinian civilian casualties in Jenin. They accused us of committing a Nazi-style massacre despite the fact that not only wasn’t there a shred of evidence to back their wild allegations. There were mountains of evidence proving the opposite. The Palestinians were massacring Israelis and would have continued to do so, had the IDF not retaken their population centers and so ended their ability to strike us at will.

And yet, despite the trail of UN blood libels from Jenin to the Goldstone Report and beyond, despite the faked media images of purported IDF bombings of civilians in Lebanon and Gaza, despite the hostility of EU diplomats and politicians and the open anti-Semitism of the European media and public, our generals still care what these people think about us.

Eisenkot and his generals still believe that by giving soldiers sometimes life-threateningly limited rules of engagement, by forcing every battalion commander to have a legal adviser approve his targeting decisions, the Europeans will be convinced that they should stop supporting our enemies.

The second impulse separating our generals from us is that almost to a man, members of the General Staff want a Palestinian state to be established in Judea, Samaria and Jerusalem and they want that state to be joined in some way with Gaza.

After 15 years of Palestinian terrorism and political warfare, our security brass still believe that the PLO is Israel’s partner. It doesn’t matter to them that the PLO is driving the current wave of terrorism just as it drove all the previous ones.

This is the reason that Eisenkot and his ideologically driven generals insist that we leave the Palestinian population centers after we spent so much blood and treasure fighting our way into them 14 years ago.

This is the reason that while Eisenkot and his generals insist that the PA security services are helping us fight terrorism even though no help would be necessary if the PA wasn’t inciting terrorism.

The generals’ stubborn faith in the notion that Palestinian terrorists who seek the destruction of our country will magically be transformed into allies the minute we turn the keys to our security over to them, sets them apart from the vast majority of Israelis.

Most Israelis support a theoretical Palestinian state that is at peace with us. Most Israelis would be willing to give up substantial amounts of territory if doing so would bring peace with the Palestinians.

But most Israelis also recognize that the Palestinians are not interested in peace with us and as a consequence, it makes no sense to give them any land. Most Israelis recognize that you can’t trust the good intentions of leaders who tell their school-age children to stab our school-age children.

The third impulse separating our generals from the public is their embrace and glorification of weakness. On every front, for more than 20 years, members of the General Staff have embraced the notion that there is no military solution to any of the security threats facing the country.

Until the Syrian civil war, the generals believed that if we left northern Israel vulnerable to attack and invasion by giving the Assad dynasty the Golan Heights, then the Assads would be magically convinced to ditch their Iranian sponsors and make common cause with an Israel that could no longer defend itself.

They have opposed attacking Iran’s nuclear facilities, insisting that we can trust the US, even though it has been obvious for years that the US would take no action to prevent Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons.

As for the US, the IDF embraces strategic dependency on the US. They insist that we can trust the Americans even though the nObama administration sided with Hamas in Operation Protective Edge. They continue to argue that we can depend on American even though the nObama administration is actively enabling Iran to acquire nuclear weapons. Utterly foreign to them is the notion that Israel would strengthen its alliance with the US by acting independently against Iran’s nuclear facilities, because doing so would prove that Israel is not a strategic basket case but a regional power that commands respect.

They oppose destroying Hamas’s military capabilities.

As a consequence, they have conducted four campaigns in Gaza since the 2005 withdrawal that all lacked a concept of victory. And by the way, the General Staff enthusiastically supported the strategically irrational withdrawal from Gaza.

When the public gets angry at our generals for not striving to defeat Hamas, for instance, they look at us like we fell off of Mars. Why would they want to defeat Hamas? Their job is to contain Hamas. And they are doing their job so well that Hamas managed to dig a tunnel right under their feet.

What explains our generals’ embrace of positions that most Israelis reject? Why are they willing to sacrifice soldiers and embrace Orwellian notions that weakness rather than strength is the key to peace? It is hard to say. Perhaps it’s groupthink. Perhaps it’s the selection process. Perhaps it’s overexposure to Europeans or Americans. Perhaps they are radicals in uniforms. Perhaps it is none of those things.

But whatever the cause of their behavior, the fact is that behavior has alienated them from Israeli society. In treating Palestinian terrorists with more respect than it accords its own soldiers, the IDF General Staff is earning the public’s fury. And in their contemptuous dismissal of the public’s loss of trust, our generals – including Ya’alon – are demonstrating that they have become strangers to their own society. This of course is a calamity.

The IDF lost the public’s trust at Purim. Let us hope that at Passover, our generals will leave their bubble and begin repairing the damage they caused. They are not in Europe. They are here.

And they need to be with us.
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