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 Big Law Forces Big Pharma Bankruptcy
Lewis Morris   
Full Wolverine – Rep. Matt Gaetz Publicly 
Exposes scumbag-Al Sharpton’s Lifetime 
of Racism, Bigotry and Prejudice
by sundance
{ } ~ Wow.  Representative Matt Gaetz delivered a thorough evisceration of scumbag-Al Sharpton today that will long be remembered... Keep in mind that every Democrat candidate for President has kissed the ring of scumbag-Sharpton in recent months. Oh, the backfire in this hearing was over-the-top.  Chairman scumbag liar-Nadler was so stressed out he couldn’t function. The democrats on the House Judiciary Committee went absolutely bonkers and lost their minds as Gaetz continued to expose scumbag-Sharpton’s history of bigotry and antisemitism.  A whole new generation of younger viewers were treated to the history of scumbag-Sharpton. But wait, LOL, it gets better. Representative Jim Jordan yielded his time to his colleage, giving Mr. Gaetz a second round with scumbag-Al Sharpton.
The Russian Spy Who Wasn’t? Defamation 
Case Accuses U.S., U.K. Intelligence Of Using Michael Flynn For Spygate Hoax  
By Margot Cleveland 
{ } ~ Two court filings from the last month suggest U.S. and British intelligence agencies used the Russian-born Svetlana Lokhova and a complicit press to peddle the Russia-collusion narrative and to destroy Trump’s former national security adviser Michael Flynn... But the masterminds behind Spygate made a fatal mistake in casting Lokhova as a Russian operative with designs on Flynn, as her recently filed amended complaint proves. Lokhova, who left Russia as a teen and became a British citizen in 2002, made  headlines in May 2019, when she sued outed informant and “ratf-cker” Stefan Halper. Lokhova’s original complaint claimed Halper, the Wall Street Journal, the New York Times, the Washington Post, and MSNBC defamed her. The defendants “embroiled an innocent woman in a conspiracy to undo the 2016 Presidential election and topple the President of the United States of America,” Lokhova alleged. She continued: “Halper manufactured and published numerous false and defamatory statements,” including that she was “‘a Russian spy’ and a traitor to her country and that Plaintiff had an affair with General Flynn on the orders of Russian intelligence.” Her initial complaint laid out the details of the alleged conspiracy between Halper and the media outlets. But it was the amended complaint Lokhova filed at the end of August that connected Halper, British intelligence, and the press with former CIA Director scumbag/commie-John Brennan and a concerted effort to destroy Flynn — which explains why the motion to compel under seal in the Flynn criminal case earlier this month included a demand by defense counsel Sidney Powell for prosecutors to turn over the following: All payments, notes, memos, correspondence, and instructions by and between the FBI, CIA, or DOD with Stefan Halper—going back as far as 2014—regarding Michael Flynn, Svetlana Lokhova, Mr. Richard Dearlove (of MI6), and Professor Christopher Andrew (connected with MI5) and Halper’s compensation through the DOD Office of Net Assessment as evidenced by the whistleblower complaint of Adam Lovinger, addressed in our brief...   
MQ-25A Stingray Makes First Test Flight
By Sam LaGrone
{ } ~ The prototype for the Navy’s first unmanned aerial refueler made its first test flight from an airfield in Illinois... Boeing announced on Thursday. The MQ-25A Stingray T1 test airframe flew for two-hours after taking off from the MidAmerica regional airport. The aircraft was under the control of Boeing test pilots operating the aircraft from a ground station. The company moved the aircraft there in late April from its aviation manufacturing facility outside of St. Louis, Mo. “The aircraft completed an autonomous taxi and takeoff and then flew a pre-determined route to validate the aircraft’s basic flight functions and operations with the ground control station,” the company said. “T1 received its experimental airworthiness certificate from the FAA in September, verifying that the air vehicle meets the agency’s requirements for safe flight. Testing will continue with T1 to further early learning and discovery that advances major systems and software development.” Last year, the company won an $805 million contract to build the first four MQ-25As. The company based the design on the secret prototype built for the canceled Unmanned Carrier Launched Airborne Surveillance and Strike (UCLASS) competition. The company repurposed the design when the program shifted to tanking in 2015. “The flight of this test asset two years before our first MQ-25 arrives represents the first big step in a series of early learning opportunities that are helping us progress toward delivery of a game-changing capability for the carrier air wing and strike group commanders,” Navy’s Unmanned Carrier Aviation (PMA-268) Program Manager Capt. Chad Reed...  
Two Big Wins Against CAIR in 24 Hours
By Shireen Qudosi
{ } ~ The Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) suffered two defeats in 24 hours thanks to a flood of public protest. Clarion Project was among numerous groups to apply pressure on both issues, working with local activists... in Minnesota and collaborating with organizational allies to underscore the danger of allying with Islamists who have no belonging in spheres of human rights and human dignity. First, as Clarion reported, CAIR’s Minnesota chapter was slated to be part of a panel discussing hate crimes in St. Cloud, Minnesota alongside the Minnesota Department of Human Rights, the St. Cloud police chief, and a FBI supervisory special agent. The panel was  postponed at the 11th hour due to tremendous outpouring of calls, emails and material support including articles and social media traction. Some of the evidence against CAIR-Minnesota that swayed the outcome was executive director Jaylani Hussein’s hostile shutdown of a city council meeting, demonstrating disinterest in civil discourse.Second, CAIR San Francisco’s executive director, Zahra Billoo, was voted out of her new appointment on the board position of the Women’s March. Billoo was one of many new board members brought on in the wake of Linda Sarsour’s removal. Again, immense public pressure and outreach reversed that decision. Billoo quickly took to Twitter in the late hours of the night to flesh out a thread accusing the Women’s March of being influenced by “right-wingers.” She also cited blame on an Islamophobic smear campaign rather than the long sordid pubic record of her vile anti-American and anti-Semitic views.Two stunning defeats against Islamists like CAIR in such a short window is a testament to what we can achieve if work together. This shows that it is possible to defeat Islamism outside of policy alone, including the long wait to declare the Muslim Brotherhood a terrorist organization. In the interim, we can activate our networks, team up across organizations and make sure the public is equipped with the information they need to apply public pressure. 
The Democratic Nomination Process: 
The Electoral College on Steroids
By Evan Boudreau
{ } ~ While most Democratic candidates for president clamor to abolish the Electoral College, they remain eerily silent about the Democratic nomination process. But occasionally they let their hypocrisy slip... Here, Pete Buttigieg unintentionally  says every vote should count equally in the general election but not in the Democratic primaries: I think when it comes to the general election, not primaries, but general elections, we ought to reform this so that one person gets one vote. It does not matter where you live, big-city, small-town, where the state line is compared to where your houses are. You get a vote and every vote counts the same. Buttigieg’s position is beyond curious, considering the Democratic nomination process is essentially the Electoral College on steroids. The two processes start out quite similarly. Candidates must win 270 of 538 electoral votes to gain the presidency, and 2,382 of 4,763 delegates to gain the nomination in 2016. For all intents and purposes, electoral votes and delegates are the same concept. Electoral votes are allocated to the states via constitutional law and the Census Bureau. The nomination process, created and controlled by the Democratic National Committee (DNC), literally uses the Electoral College in its formula of allocating delegates to states. But the DNC’s formula is far more complex, even awarding bonus delegates to bordering states that hold simultaneous primaries later in the voting season. Defying the laws of science, the DNC considers Maine as bordering Vermont, Hawaii as bordering Oregon, and Puerto Rico as bordering Guam. Resulting from such peculiarities, a different number of delegates is available each election cycle. Even more bizarre, due to what the New York Times calls the “byzantine nature of the Democratic nominating process,” news organizations seldom agree on the delegate count as election season unfolds. Most Americans have no idea that presidents and nominees are not formally elected by the voters, but by a group of representatives called Electors and Delegates. The 538 Electors and 4,763 Delegates are fallible, persuadable humans...
Big Law Forces Big Pharma Bankruptcy
Lewis Morris:  Purdue Pharma, maker of OxyContin, one of the most widely prescribed opioids, filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection this week after buckling to 2,600 state and local lawsuits alleging the company deliberately fueled the opioid epidemic.

Overdose deaths due to this class of drugs has devastated families and communities across the country, claiming the lives of hundreds of thousands of people between 1999 and 2017. Municipalities, states, and individuals have filed thousands of lawsuits against drug companies that manufactured these drugs, claiming that Big Pharma is ultimately responsible for the damage done.

Blaming pharmaceutical companies for this crisis is a gross oversimplification. Yes, they developed, manufactured, and ultimately marketed these drugs; thus they do bear some of the blame. But what about the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), which is supposed protect American consumers from just this sort of dangerous drug? Or all the state and federal lawmakers who pushed for reduced regulation and greater insurance coverage of opioids when they first hit the market? Or the millions of people who knowingly engaged in risky behavior with these drugs and found themselves addicted?

Then there are the doctors who prescribed opioids — often for 30 days when five would have done the trick. Some make the case that drug companies persuaded medical professionals to prescribe and over-prescribe opioids. But at some point, when the rise in addictions could no longer be ignored, doctors continued to prescribe opioids, despite having numerous pharmaceutical alternatives, including good old-fashioned, over-the-counter painkillers.

There’s no money in suing individual doctors, though, or even hospitals. Suing a federal government agency never goes anywhere. And good luck holding an elected official accountable for their legislative activity. But Big Pharma is loaded with cash. Or at least that’s what Big Law wants you to think.

Pharmaceutical companies operate on slimmer profit margins than most people realize. For every drug that makes it to market after years of testing and millions of dollars in research, there are several drugs that fall flat, costing companies millions in research and development that isn’t recouped in a marketable drug. This is not to say that we should weep for Big Pharma, but we should not just take what Big Law is telling us at face value.

Trial lawyers are in business to make money, just like pharmaceutical companies. In large class-action settlements, they usually pocket up to a third of whatever dollar amount is reached, so it’s in their interest to go after the biggest award they can get. It’s easy to see why they are eager to get involved in the opioid crisis, and why they want to paint pharmaceutical companies as evil.

Suing companies like Purdue Pharma and Johnson & Johnson, which was recently ordered to pay a half-billion dollar settlement to the state of Oklahoma, will not solve the nation’s drug-addiction problem. The Sackler family, which controls Purdue Pharma, knows this, and that’s why they sought a bankruptcy filing. They believe that restructuring the company into a business/charity hybrid will allow it to most effectively contribute to aiding those harmed by its products.

The filing has been dismissed by several states in the Northeast and on the West Coast (it’s no coincidence that these states are controlled by Democrats) as an attempt to duck justice. Purdue maintains that its plan will provide up to $12 billion in relief to state and local governments to clean up the damage done by OxyContin and turn the company into a “public benefit trust.” The Sackler family would give up control of the company and contribute $3 billion toward the settlement.

Several states have agreed to this deal because the alternative means many more years of litigation in which money that could go toward fixing the problem will instead go toward more legal battles. These battles will ultimately mean more expensive drugs and fewer pharmaceutical options for consumers.

But Big Law will still get its slice. That’s one thing we can all count on.   ~The Patriot Post  

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