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loose lips liar-Biden's Surrender to 
Pro-Abortion Radicals Has Damaged 
His 2020 Prospects
Marc A. Thiessen

Did You Know the Plan to 
Destroy the Beef Industry Is Underway
by  The anti-meat totalitarians, using health and environment as an excuse, are stepping up their demand that the beef industry curtail their operations... The extremists actually think it’s immoral to eat meat on a small planet, or they say that’s what they believe. They have a solution to “fix” the beef industry — “sustainable certification”. All the cattle growers have to do, they are assured, is follow a few simple rules and all will be well. The extremists involved are the World Wildlife Fund (WWF), the Global Roundtable for Sustainable Beef (GRSB), and the U.S. Department of Agriculture. The reasons they give for having a problem with cattle is they are not sustainable. Cattle eat and drink too much, they exude too much C02, they create too much waste, they absorb too much energy, they destroy grassland, they are the root cause of lifestyle diseases, and they limit food production. According to Tom De Weese, writing for American Policy, “the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association has accepted the imposition of the Global Roundtable for Sustainable Beef.” The Roundtable is under the influence or control of the World Wildlife Fund. WWF is a leader in the United Nations Environmental Program (UNEP), which basically sets the rules for global environmental policy.” The U.N is not our friend and they are evil. Remember, it’s the dictator’s club and they seek our destruction. The regulations are never-ending and will continue to cost more and more over time with a needless waste of manpower. To become certified under sustainable rules, the cattle growers must agree to greatly reduce their land use and make it into a wildlife habitat. There are draconian controls over water use and grazing areas...This control over us must be stopped.
Israel slams German FM for 'dishonest 
rewriting' of Anne Frank's legacy
by Benjamin Weinthal } ~ Emmanuel Nahshon, the spokesman for Israel's Foreign Ministry, issued a powerful statement against German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas for failing to internalize the lessons of the Holocaust... by misrepresenting Anne Frank's legacy. Nahshon, one of Israel's most seasoned diplomats, wrote on Twitter: "Anne Frank’s diary is NOT a warning about wishy-washy pseudo universal values! Anne Frank’s legacy is a warning against the hatred and persecution of JEWS. The attempt to 'universalize the lessons of the Shoah Holocaust is nothing less than a dishonest rewriting of history." Nahshon's tweet on Wednesday was a response to a tweet by the German Foreign Ministry that was written in honor of what would have been Anne Frank's 90th birthday. "Foreign Minister Heiko Maas: #AnneFrank would have turned 90 today," the ministry wrote. "Her diary is more relevant than ever before as a warning against discrimination, marginalization and persecution and as a symbol of humanity. We can learn from her." Nahshon has served as the deputy chief of mission to Israel's embassy in Germany and will be Israel's next ambassador to Belgium. Maas just returned from Iran this week after meeting with the regime's leaders, including Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif. Maas, who said he went into politics "because of Auschwitz," is working on jump starting a financial mechanism to bypass US sanctions against the clerical regime in Tehran. Iran is considered by antisemitism experts to be the leading international state-sponsor of Holocaust denial and antisemitism. The US state department classifies the Islamic Republic of Iran as the top state-sponsor of terrorism. Rabbi Abraham Cooper, the associate dean of the Simon Wiesenthal Center, told The Jerusalem Post: "Why such desperation by Germany to save serial liar genocide wannabe tyrants in Tehran? Time to use peaceful sanctions to stand up to tyrants and stand up for people of Iran."...
It’s dangerous to cover this 
but Tucker did it anyway
ACZu7TNGEX8oSABN5MXmhCaTz_auBhqBhTtSfp1hw7rPJnQMNxwK8oeImzswUndyE9Lm2YkomwsOePSXFjFmVfCtK3efhPuOTqRpuNDo3H1h6EABH9-Yn9mNtIF526IQjqWrgkUvYsIn3EdaXWHt7hHYOiEmx1Pcp0jsEQ=s0-d-e1-ft#%3Ca%20rel%3Dnofollow%20href=by S.Noble } ~ It is very dangerous to cover this story but Tucker Carlson did it. Bucking scumbag-Soros gets Media Matters and the other smear merchants after you big time... In this particular segment, he dealt with the fact that scumbag-Soros is buying elections to fundamentally transform the country. scumbag-George Soros has been backing far-left prosecutors and sheriffs running for office with extraordinarily large sums of money. He is single-handedly transforming our criminal justice system to one which has no regard for the victims. scumbag-Soros has won many of these elections. Philadelphia (Krasner), Chicago (Kim Foxx), San Diego, cities in Texas, and so on. We have covered the issue 'Leftist scumbag-George Soros Continues Funding Furthest-Left Candidates in Fl.', and 'scumbag-Soros Heavily Funding Hardcore Leftist for DA in San Diego', and 'scumbag-Soros Plans to Buy Florida’s Gubernatorial Election, Funding Is Staggering', and 'In MA, You Can Deal Drugs, Threaten, Resist Arrest, Steal & It’ll Be LEGAL', and 'scumbag-Soros’s Sheriff in Arizona Releases 400 Criminal Illegal Aliens Every 10 Days', and 'scumbag-Soros Plans to Buy Florida’s Gubernatorial Election, Funding Is Staggering', we deal directly with Krasner’s first days. He should be ban from USA just like in some European countries.  
Denmark's Elections
Q2DEVVcjQGxF4tqjWgZgRag1IG3gT9UoBzSwaRjVXhekj19-pF4uYKUiNNDMhxalJpE8AWJFwd84EFAJ28TrWCEJOg=s0-d-e1-ft#%3Ca%20rel%3Dnofollow%20href=?profile=RESIZE_710xby Judith Bergman } ~ In Denmark's general election on June 5, the Danes gave the center-left and far left parties on the political spectrum -- the Social Democratic Party... Det Radikale Venstre (the Danish Social Liberal Party), Socialistisk Folkeparti (the Socialist People's Party), and Enhedslisten (the Red-Green Alliance) -- 91 seats in parliament, a majority out of the 179 available seats. In doing so, the Danes waved goodbye to the current liberal-conservative government. The largest party on the left, the Social Democratic Party with 48 seats, and led by Mette Frederiksen, is currently trying to form a government. A significant development in this election was that anti-immigration parties generally fared poorly. Dansk Folkeparti, (the Danish People's Party), which had become the second-largest party in the 2015 elections, when it was the only party running on a strict anti-immigration platform and where it received 21% of the votes and 37 seats, was reduced to less than half, receiving only 8.7% of the votes and 16 seats. The new anti-Islamic, anti-immigration party, Stram Kurs, which campaigned on a platform of prohibiting Islam and deporting Muslims from Denmark, did not manage to cross the election threshold of 2%. It received only 1.8 % of the votes. Led by Rasmus Paludan, who became famous for demonstrating across Denmark -- where he frequently featured a "Koran stunt" in which he would either throw a Koran around, burn it or put bacon on it -- the party only managed to qualify to run in the elections a month before they took place. Finally, a new party on the right, Nye Borgerlige (the New Right) won four seats, with 2.4 % of the vote. The party ran on a platform that demanded that no more asylum seekers be allowed into the country, that foreigners must support themselves financially and that foreign criminals be deported after their first sentencing in court. The current Prime Minister, Lars Løkke Rasmussen, said he would not cooperate politically with either Rasmus Paludan or the New Right should they be elected to parliament. Some Danish analysts, such as the author and commentator Kasper Støvring, estimated that Danes did not vote for the anti-immigration parties this time because, "Many citizens wrongly think that the immigration issue is under control and that it can therefore safely be left to the Left. It is not under control". "Five years in a row," he added, "The crime rates have gone up among non-Western descendants; we have areas where the rule of law has de facto been suspended; we saw in the election campaign, that there are areas where you cannot gather and speak freely; when you go for a walk you nearly stumble on the concrete blocks meant to protect terrorist targets that remind us of the intrusive terror threat...
Afghan government unconditionally releases hundreds of Taliban prisoners
by Bill Roggio } ~ In an effort to convince the Taliban to open negotiations, the Afghan government has freed hundreds of Taliban prisoners without conditions, and will free hundreds more...
 The Taliban has not responded to the prisoner release, and continues to refuse to negotiate with the Afghan government. The Afghan government confirmed that 490 Taliban fighters and commanders have been released since the beginning of June,  TOLONews reported. A total of 887 prisoners, all members of the Taliban, are slated to be released during the observance of Eid al Fitr, National Security Advisor Hamdullah Mohib confirmed. The Taliban prisoners were released unconditionally. They are not required to denounce the Taliban or promise to quit the fight against the Afghan government. Historically, Taliban prisoners who have been freed from Afghan prisons have returned to the battlefield. The Taliban views the Afghan government as un-Islamic and says that only its “Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan” is the true representative of the Afghan people. It will settle for nothing less than the return of Taliban rule. Over the years, the Taliban has played a clever game of divide and conquer inside Afghanistan, playing off of political rivalries and the desire of civil society for an end to the war. It has consistently held to its negotiating position that it will only negotiate with the US, which it views as the real decision maker in Afghanistan. The Taliban will only consider negotiations with groups inside Afghanistan after the US and NATO withdraws their troops from the country. It has agreed to meet with members of the political opposition and various interest groups inside Afghanistan, but has refused to attend meetings if the Afghan government is represented...  
loose lips liar-Biden's Surrender to Pro-Abortion Radicals Has Damaged His 2020 Prospects

Marc A. Thiessen

For decades, Catholic Democratic politicians have been justifying their pro-choice position by telling us that they were personally opposed to abortion but could not impose their religious view on others. For most, the argument was a fig leaf to justify their shameful failure to protect innocent unborn life. But it appeared that loose lips ;liar-Joe Biden really believed it.

For more than 40 years, loose lips liar-Biden supported the Hyde Amendment, which bars federal funding for abortions. In 1994, when a constituent wrote to Biden, urging him, “Please don’t force me to pay for abortions against my conscience,” loose lips liar-Biden replied, “I agree with you.” He pointed out that he had voted no fewer than 50 times against federal funding of abortions, promising, “Those of us who are opposed to abortion should not be compelled to pay for them.” In his 2007 book “Promises to Keep,” loose lips liar-Biden wrote, “I’ve stuck to my middle-of-the-road position on abortion for more than 30 years.”

But middle-of-the-road is no longer good enough in today’s Democratic Party. So when loose lips liar-Biden recently reaffirmed his support for the Hyde Amendment, his opponents for the 2020 Democratic presidential nomination pounced. “There is #NoMiddleGround on women’s rights,” Sen. commie-Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., tweeted. “Abortion is a constitutional right.” Sen. lowlife-Kamala Harris, D-Calif., chastised loose lips liar-Biden, declaring “No woman’s access to reproductive health care should be based on how much money she has. We must repeal the Hyde Amendment.” Sen. Elizabeth dinky-Warren, D-Mass., and a number of other Democrats also piled on, as did Planned Parenthood, NARAL and Emily’s List.

As recently as last week, the former vice president was still standing firm. It appeared this might be his “Sister Souljah moment,” when he separated himself from the extremists in his party. This was both principled and good politics: Just 36% of Americans support federal funds to pay for abortion.

But then loose lips liar-Biden gave in to the mob. He tried to justify his flip-flop at a Democratic National Committee event in Atlanta on Thursday night by declaring, “If I believe health care is a right, as I do, I can no longer support an amendment that makes that right dependent on someone’s ZIP code.” This is absurd. Americans have a constitutional right to keep and bear arms, but the government is not obligated to provide weapons to poor people who cannot afford them.

loose lips liar-Biden’s surrender to the pro-abortion radicals damaged his presidential prospects. First, it made him seem weak and unprincipled. Few pro-choice voters would have abandoned loose lips liar-Biden because he opposed taxpayer-funded abortion; indeed, plenty of pro-choice voters agree with that position. But voters will abandon a politician who abandons his principles.

Second, it hurt loose lips liar-Biden with the one group he claims he can win back for Democrats: working-class voters who cast their ballots twice for him and President Barack scumbag/liar-nObama, but switched to Donald Trump in 2016. These once-reliable Democratic voters are more socially conservative than the liberal elites. Abortion radicalism doesn’t appeal to them.

Third, loose lips liar-Biden’s capitulation refocused the national spotlight on abortion extremism in the Democratic Party. After Alabama passed the most restrictive abortion law in the country, Democrats thought they had the upper hand in painting Republicans as abortion extremists. But now the focus is back on Democrats and their insistence on taxpayer-funded abortion-on-demand up to the moment of birth. In New York, Democrats just lit up the Freedom Tower to celebrate the passage of a new law that removes most restrictions on abortion, even in the third trimester, and in Illinois, the legislature just voted to repeal the state’s Partial Birth Abortion Ban Act. As a senator, loose lips liar-Biden consistently voted against late-term abortions. Will he cave on that as well?

Democrats don’t seem to understand that most Americans — including many who identify as pro-choice — don’t see abortion as something to celebrate but as a necessary evil that should be allowed only in some limited circumstances. A Marist-Knights of Columbus poll found that just 13% say abortion should be available at any time during a pregnancy, while 80% say it should be allowed only during the first trimester; in cases of rape, incest or to save the life of the mother; or not allowed at all. And a new NPR-PBS NewsHour-Marist poll finds that a 38% plurality believes life begins at conception, while a 75% supermajority says it begins at the point of viability at the very latest. A majority of Americans support restrictions on abortion and oppose federal funding.

Sadly, loose lips liar-Biden has aligned himself with the radical minority. He should be ashamed.  ~The Patriot Post  

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