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Demo Debate: Taking on the Constitution
Nate Jackson  
Impeachment gets real: Mitch McConnell gives Senate Republicans private tutorial on how 
to put Trump on trial
by Susan Ferrechio
{ } ~ Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell briefed Republicans in a closed-door session about how they would conduct a Senate trial if the House sends over articles of impeachment... Senate Republicans believe it is becoming increasingly likely, if not inevitable, that House Democrats will pass articles of impeachment against President Trump in the coming weeks. McConnell, a Kentucky Republican, on Wednesday gave fellow GOP lawmakers a tutorial on how to conduct a trial based on how the process proceeded in the past. “Every indication is that articles will be coming our way, eventually,” Sen. Kevin Cramer, a North Dakota Republican, said after the meeting. Republicans in the meeting discussed the possibility of moving to dismiss the charges outright, which would kill the impeachment effort before a trial in the Senate. But Senate lawmakers determined the rules would not allow any senator to move to dismiss the charges and that they would not be able to win consent from the Democrats to bring up a vote to dismiss. Kramer suggested Chief Justice John Roberts, who will preside over the trial, might have the authority to move to dismiss the case. Democrats want to impeach Trump for obstructing their investigation of his call to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky. Democrats believe Trump used the prospect of withholding security aid to coerce Ukraine into investigating former Vice President loose lips liar-Joe Biden and the Democratic National Committee. They charge Trump with stonewalling their investigation by refusing to cooperate with subpoenas and attempting to block administration officials from participating in closed-door depositions. McConnell told reporters after the meeting he anticipates holding a full Senate trial that meets daily to decide whether the president is guilty of the charges put forward by the House...
Deadly Turkish airstrikes 
shatter deal to pause Syria offensive
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{  } ~ Deadly Turkish airstrikes Friday shattered an hours-old US-brokered deal to stop Ankara’s military offensive against Kurdish forces in northeastern Syria... The ceasefire announced late Thursday was meant to provide a pause for the evacuation of Kurdish fighters from the battleground border town of Ras al-Ain and other areas Turkey wants to control along its border with Syria. The five-day suspension looked designed to help Turkey achieve its main territorial goals without fighting but its Syrian proxies continued to clash with Kurdish fighters Friday and an airstrike killed five civilians. “Five civilians were killed in Turkish airstrikes on the village of Bab al-Kheir, east of Ras al-Ain,” Rami Abdel Rahman, head of the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, said. The Britain-based war monitor said four fighters of the Syrian Democratic Forces — the de facto army of the embattled Kurdish autonomous region — were killed in the strike. “Despite the agreement to halt the fighting, air and artillery attacks continue to target the positions of fighters, civilian settlements and the hospital” in Ras al-Ain, he said. The Turkish offensive has also been widely criticized, with videos surfacing online allegedly showing captured fighters and civilians being executed...  
Pompeo to Post: Israel Has 
Right to Act in Syria, U.S. Will Stop Iran
{ } ~ Despite the withdrawal of US troops from Syria, Israel retains operational freedom to defend itself and America remains committed to closely watching the Iraqi-Syrian border to help prevent the transfer of Iranian arms into the country... Secretary of State Mike Pompeo told The Jerusalem Post on Friday in an exclusive interview. “Our administration’s been very clear,” he said. “Israel has the fundamental right to engage in activity that ensures the security of its people. It’s at the very core of what nation states not only have the right to do but an obligation to do.” Regarding the Iraqi-Syrian border, which Israeli intelligence believes is used by Iran to smuggle weapons into Syria and Hezbollah, Pompeo said that American forces would continue to watch the area closely. “The president has committed to continuing that activity that the US has been engaged in now for a couple of years and is aimed at countering ISIS and providing us situational awareness in the region,” he said. “We know this is a corner where Iran has attempted to move weapon systems across into Syria, into Lebanon, that threatens Israel and we are going to do everything we can to make sure we have the capacity to identify those so that we can collectively respond appropriately.” Pompeo spoke to the Post in Jerusalem shortly after completing a two-hour meeting Friday morning with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Mossad chief Yossi Cohen. He was accompanied to the meeting by US Ambassador to Israel David Friedman and James Jeffrey, the US special envoy on Syria. Pompeo arrived in Israel a day after meeting Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who agreed to a five-day ceasefire to allow Kurdish forces to evacuate the border region. Israeli politicians and defense officials have raised concerns that the US pullout from Syria will strengthen Iran. Pompeo dismissed that possibility and said that the administration remained committed – like it has been – to stopping Iran and preventing it from obtaining nuclear weapons. He said that all options were on the table in the event that Iran broke out toward a bomb. “I think the Israeli people should stare at the probably starkest change this administration has made in foreign policy vis-a-vis what the previous administration has done – the toughest sanctions we’ve ever put. Sanctions that will be sufficient to decrease the scope and size of the Iranian economy by over 12% this next year. That’s serious stuff,” he said. “We do this because this denies resources from Iran to do assassination campaigns in Europe, missile systems and infrastructure technology advancement, underwriting Hezbollah, Shia militias around the word. We have materially reduced their capacity to engage in those behaviors.”...
The Turkish Invasion and 
the Israel-Kurdish Connection
by Edy Cohen
{ } ~ Hundreds of people protested Tuesday night in front of the Turkish embassy in Tel Aviv demanding that the Turkish military operations against the Kurdish people in northern Syria be stopped... Protesters carrying Israeli and Kurdistan flags marched from the Turkish embassy to the US embassy urging Erdogan to leave the Kurds alone. The protesters carried signs condemning the Turkish president as well as President Trump, who is “helping the genocide” against the Turkish people, which is resulting in hundreds of deaths among the Kurdish population.  This is not the first time a pro-Kurdish rally has taken place in Israel. Just a few days ago a demonstration was held in Jerusalem against the Kurdish genocide. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was one of the first world leaders to publicly oppose the Turkish operation. “Israel strongly condemns Turkey’s military invasion of Kurdish provinces in Syria and warns against ethnic cleansing of Kurds by Turkey and its militants,” Netanyahu said. “Israel will make every effort to provide humanitarian assistance to the brave Kurdish people,” the Prime Minister insisted. Other Knesset members like Ayelet Shaked former Minister of Justice and Gideon Sa’ar former Interior Minister also condemned the Turkish aggression and expressed full support for the Kurdish people. The people of Israel identify closely with the struggle of the Kurds. Close to 200,000 Kurdish Jews live in Israel, mainly in Jerusalem. These are mostly the descendants from nearly 50,000 Kurdish Jews who were rescued by Israel from Iraq during Operation Ezra and Nehemiah in the early 1950s. There is also a lot of common history that connects the Jewish people with the Kurds. Both peoples suffer from ongoing persecutions – the Kurds by Middle East Muslims, partly because they are not considered Arabs – and both Kurds and Jews are scattered throughout the world. The difference is that the Jewish people have a state, but until today the Kurdish people do not.  While the Palestinian “cause” continues to stir interest in the international media and gain European sympathy, the Kurdish issue does not receive nearly as much attention. Most people do not know that there are about 40 million Kurds living in the Middle East (Turkey, Syria, Iraq and Iran) and Europe. To this day they are fighting to have their own country because at the end of World War I the victorious powers gave assurances to the Kurds that they would be given an independent state, but that never materialized, due mainly to the violent resistance of Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, the founder of modern Turkey. A homeland for the Kurdish people has been a crucial matter as the Kurds have suffered terrible persecution and oppression in the Arab countries where they live...   
Who Gets Blamed if ISIS Fighters Come Back?
by Con Coughlin
{ } ~ Ever since the US-led coalition succeeded in destroying most of ISIS in Syria, one vital issue has left been unresolved, namely: what to do with the thousands of ISIS fighters who were taken prisoner and confined to Kurdish-run detention centres... The problem is particularly acute with regard to the estimated 2,500 foreign fighters -- the majority of them holding European passports -- and their dependents who abandoned their home countries for fight for ISIS. Given the depth of their betrayal -- turning their backs on nations where they have been raised and nurtured to join the barbarians of ISIS -- it is quite understandable that Western governments should recoil in horror when defeated ISIS fighters and their associates then announce they want to return home. In Britain, for example, there was much controversy earlier in the year concerning the case of Shamima Begum who, as a 15-year-old teenager, left her home in east London in 2015 to become the bride of an ISIS fighter. Earlier this year, she resurfaced, languishing in a Kurdish-run camp, from where she made an impassioned call to be allowed to return home, even though, during her absence, the British government had already cancelled her British citizenship. Her request received short shrift from London, which insisted she had lost her right to be a British citizen by dint of her decision to join a banned terrorist organisation, one of whose prime objectives is to carry out terrorist attacks against British targets. The British government's robust stand received widespread public support, a sentiment that has been very much in evidence in other European countries, such as France, that have witnessed significant numbers of their citizens making their way to Syria and Iraq to enlist in the ranks of ISIS. The institutional reluctance of European governments to have anything to do with those who have deserted their home countries to fight with ISIS is perfectly understandable. The only problem with this stance, though, is that it does nothing to resolve the issue of the large numbers of foreign fighters who have been held in the Kurdish camps and could now, as a result of Turkey's military incursion into northern Syria, make good their escape and rejoin the terrorist ranks of ISIS... 
How Many Muslims Have Been Elected To Government In 2019? The Numbers 
Might Surprise You
by Tim Brown
{ } ~ We have reported on a list of Muslims seeking office in the united States in 2020. We have also reported on how many got into office in 2018... Now, guess how many have already won office in the US in 2019? The numbers might surprise you. Islam, as written in the Koran, is diametrically opposed to America, Christianity and our Constitution. This is why this should be alarming to Americans. 18 Years After 9/11, Muslim Organizations Have Goal Of 5,000 Muslims Running For Office In 2020  Again, as with previous reports, Deplorable Kel has documented a flood of Muslims across the united States that are either vying for elected office or have won office. In a recent post, she listed those who have already put into positions of representation in the united States this year. Here’s the list courtesy of Deplorable Kel. Fadwa Hammoud was appointed Solicitor General of Michigan by Michigan’s Attorney General Dana Nessel, in Jan. 2019. Sadaf Jaffer was elected Mayor of Montgomery Township, New Jersey, in Jan. 2019. She is the first female muslim Mayor in the U.S. Deedra Abboud was elected to the Arizona Democratic Party Vice Chair on Jan. 26th 2019.  Movita Johnson-Harrell was elected to Pennsylvania State House, District 190, on March 12th 2019.  Samba Baldeh was re-elected as alderman in district 17 for the Madison City Council, in Wisconsin, in April 2019. Baldeh was first elected in 2015. Syed Abbas was elected as a District 12 member of the Madison Common Council in Wisconsin, in April 2019. Minza Karim was elected as a member of the Middleton-Cross Plains Board of Education in Wisconsin, in April 2019. Akram Khan was elected as a Mequon school board member on April 2, 2019. Omar Sabir was elected to Philadelphia City Commissioner in Pennsylvania on May 21, 2019. Naushad Kermally was elected to Sugar Land City Council, District 2, on June 8th 2019.
Demo Debate: Taking on the Constitution
Nate Jackson:  Attacking the new frontrunner

Elizabeth dinky/liar-Warren has steadily rallied support in the polls, even overtaking loose lips liar-Joe Biden in several of late. That means she was finally attacked by almost every other candidate. The most effective attacks were over her incessant refusal to admit that middle-class taxes will go up to fund her version of commie-Bernie Sanders’s $32 trillion Medicare for All.

“Costs will go up for the wealthy and for big corporations,” Warren repeated, while “for hard-working middle-class families, costs will go down.”

South Bend, Indiana, Mayor Pete Buttigieg jabbed, “Your signature, senator, is to have a plan for everything, except this.” Minnesota Sen. Amy Klobuchar was even harsher: “At least commie-Bernie’s being honest here and saying how he’s going to pay for this and that taxes are going to go up. And I’m sorry, dinky/liar-Elizabeth, but you have not said that, and I think we owe it to the American people to tell them where we’re going to send the invoice.” Former Texas Rep. socialist-Beto O'Rourke said dinky/liar-Warren was “more focused on being punitive or pitting one part of the country against the other.”

Yes, that is what Democrats do. Indeed, dinky/liar-Warren has no plan to pay for this multitrillion-dollar scheme (which has numbers that don’t add up anyway) beyond an unconstitutional “wealth tax” on the hated rich. On that note, she had a Barack “You Didn’t Build That” scumbag/liar-nObama moment: “Look, I don’t have a beef with billionaires,” she said. “My problem is you made a fortune in America, you had a great idea, you got out there and worked for it. Good for you. But you built that fortune in America. I guarantee you built it in part using workers all of us help pay to educate. You built it in part getting your goods to market on roads and bridges all of us helped pay for.”


There have been more than 300 questions in the Democrat debates so far. Zero have asked about our national debt, which is at more than $22 trillion and rising rapidly. The only five mentions of the word “debt” in last night’s debate were about student-loan debt, which most Democrats on stage want to raise the federal debt to pay for. That’s true of all their other vote-buying schemes, too. So the reason they’re not asked about how to handle the debt we already have is that they’re too busy proposing ways to rack up new debt.

Gun confiscation

The September debate featured socialist-O'Rourke’s  outrageous call for gun confiscation. Last night’s follow-up showed him backing off just a tad. If a law-abiding citizen refuses to turn in his semiautomatic rifle, or, he said, “brings it out in public and brandishes it in an attempt to intimidate — as we saw when we were at Kent State recently — then that weapon will be taken from them.”

Memo to socialist-Beto: It wasn’t citizens with guns doing the shooting at Kent State.

“If they persist,” he continued, “there will be other consequences from law enforcement,” though he claimed he expects Americans will “do the right thing” and that “we don’t go door-to-door for any other laws in this country; we’re not doing it here.” Unconstitutional laws like gun confiscation should hold no sway over Americans in any case. But socialist-Beto also said if a citizen didn’t submit to a “buyback,” “there would be a visit by law enforcement to recover that firearm.” Uh, there are 16 million such rifles in the nation, so good luck with that.

Other candidates disagreed with socialist-O'Rourke only because his proposal is politically bad. According to Buttigieg, “We are this close to an assault-weapons ban,” and socialist-O'Rourke shouldn’t mess it up. Klobuchar agreed: “I just keep thinking of how close we are to finally getting something done on this.”

Memo to Demos: We’re not close to another ineffective and unconstitutional ban on the cosmetically different rifles pejoratively and inaccurately known as “assault weapons.”


The Democrats’ impeachment coup attempt is their primary strategy for 2020, so of course it came up last night. Indeed, it was the first topic, and it was also loose lips liar-Biden’s roughest moment. (More on that here.)

dinky/liar-Warren declared that impeachment “must go forward.” commie-Bernie Sanders, who proved he’s alive and kicking after his recent heart attack, agreed because, he pronounced, “In my judgment, Trump is the most corrupt president in the history of this country.”

Klobuchar added, “We have a constitutional duty to pursue this impeachment.”

Anytime a Democrat mentions the Constitution, you are permitted to laugh. Last night, the only times it came up were during demands for impeachment or with lowlife-Kamala Harris’s ridiculous assertions about “reproductive rights” being somewhere in the Constitution. Every proposal Democrats made on stage is unconstitutional, and they violate their oaths “to support and defend” the Constitution on a daily basis.

But a couple of Democrats advised caution on impeachment. “First of all, we must be fair,” said Sen. scumbag-Cory Booker. “We are talking about ongoing proceedings to remove a sitting president for office. This has got to be about patriotism and not partisanship.”

Rep. Tulsi Gabbard concurred, saying, “If impeachment is driven by these hyperpartisan interests, it will only further divide an already terribly divided country.” Moreover, she said, “If the House votes to impeach, the Senate does not vote to remove Donald Trump, [then] he walks out and he feels exonerated, further deepening the divides in this country that we cannot afford.”

As with the Constitution, Democrats are decidedly not driven by any patriotic interest, but rather partisan divisiveness. Impeachment is inherently political, and their attempt is more so than previous ones. But that’s why scumbag-Booker and Gabbard aren’t the standard bearers for a Democrat Party that is hell-bent on taking out Donald Trump.  

~The Patriot Post  

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