Friday Fume

By Craig Andresen on August 8, 2014 at 4:28 am

fume-1.jpg?width=294Day by day…minute by minute…Liberals IQ’s are PLUMMETING!!!

Every Friday, I let off a little steam and THIS Friday is no exception. I mean really…did you SEE this from a couple of days ago???

Obama, the dictator, stood at a press conference and actually had THIS to say about whipping out his anti-constitutional PEN and taking voter registration action regarding ILLEGAL ALIENS!!!

“The American people don’t want me just standing around twiddling my thumbs and waiting for Congress to get something done.”

He’s right you know…we DON’T want him standing around twiddling his thumbs…


Well…here’s your week in review…WITH A LITTLE ATTITUDE…

Friends and Patriots…

It’s Friday and…

I’m fuming.

Liberal congresswoman, Julia Brownley from the Socialist Repiblik of Kalifornia sent out a campaign flyer a week ago, trying to convince those in her 26th District that she’s all about the family and…THE MILITARY and along with photos of some kids and a family…most likely none of them her own…was one very particular image…

A woman, dressed in what, at first glance, looked like a NAVY uniform but…NOT to some VETERANS who received the flyer.

Veterans should be IMPORTANT to the  politburo wannabe congresswoman as she IS on the House Committee for Veteran Affairs IS ranking member on the House’s Subcommittee on Health, which oversees the VA AND…HER DISTRICT INCLUDES…THE NAVAL BASE IN VENTURA but…


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  • No, jerk, we want you OUT OF OUR WHITE HOUSE AND IN PRISON WHERE YOU BELONG! You creep! You monster!

  • How did that picture of Michael, I mean Michelle, oh I mean MooooChelle get through? That is not a cheap gown . . .

  • 11 to 22 billion are spent by the states each year just on welfare for illegals. 22 billion per year for food assistance such as food stamps, wic and free lunches for illegals.  2.5 billion for medicare for illegals.  12 billion is spent on primary and secondary education for illegal children who cannot speak any English.  17 billion is spent on those anchor babies born to illegal aliens.  3 million per day is spent to incarcerate illegal aliens in jails and prisons.  30 percent of all those in federal prisons are illegals aliens.  90 billion dollars per year is spent on welfare and social services for illegals aliens.  200 billion per year in suppressed American wages caused by illegal aliens.  in 2006 illegals aliens sent back to their perspective countries over 45 billion dollars that was lost to the American economy.  nearly one million sex crimes are committed by illegal aliens. so for some Washington suit to be happy that walgreens will be losing billions of dollars in profits by staying in the united states....while trillions are lost everyday to illegal aliens is just backwords.

  • The guy getting slapped in the head for a migraine had me lol.  Yep, true obamacare in action straight out of Africa his home country.  Kerry is an idiot, telling those people that farming leads to global warming.  Must be why people in Africa are still starving.  Can't wait to be rid of this deseased moron in the WH.  He has done more to destroy this country than anyone I know of.

  • We The People need to stop re electing these career politicians. The polls show the American people don't approve of our elected but they keep sending them back to D.C. How about stop doing that.

  • Does anyone actually believe that BO went to Harvard?

    He speaks like an idiot.

    Constitutional Attorney my arse.

    oh man they are all idiots

    Are they all banging Ham Ass?

  • I just calls em as a sees em. Thanks folks!!!

  • It would be better for Obama to do nothing then to be destroying our country like he is doing.

  • he isn't doing anything but getting high did you see him in NC he admitted being high he couldn't speak a word slurred all his words hitting on the women and swearing at the repoters Amen trash

  • When The sorry azzed basta*d gets ready to wipe his blac*azz on our constitution he always has this to say"The people want me to get on about conducting their business instead of waiting on the do nothing congress"and then he whips out his pen and phone and gives an executive order and sh*ts on our constitution again.When he sh*ts on our constitrution he sh*ts on each of us.If hes allowed to stay in office for two and a half more years we wont have any of America left.He hates America and he hates the white people who built America and he intends on destroying America.He came unvetted and conquered America and never fired a single shot.Almighty God Please Help Us to Rid This Nation From that Demon.

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