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Real scandals
by Cal Thomas
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McConnell postpones Senate health care vote after Republican objections. (The Washington Times)
19th liar-nObamaCare co-op folds, leaving only four operating in 2018. (The Washington Free Beacon)
Washington Post publishes fake gun facts. (America's First Freedom)
California gun store files class action suit against PayPal for anti-gun policies. (The Truth About Guns)
Sarah Palin sues NY Times over editorial tying her to Giffords shooting. (Fox News)
Leftist tolerance: Ten Commandments monument at Arkansas Capitol toppled, shattered one day after installation. (Arkansas Online)
EPA moves to repeal liar-nObama's waterway overreach rule. (The Hill)
Virginia man jailed for registering dead individuals to vote for Democrats in 2016. (The Washington Free Beacon)
liar-nObamas under fire from the left for never ending, ultra-luxury vacations. (Fox News)
Illinois doctors now being forced to catalogue "benefits" of abortion, give referrals for the procedure. (The Daily Wire)
Policy: Harsh lessons from Seattle's $15 minimum wage mandate. (American Enterprise Institute)
Policy: The GOP is right: Medicaid needs fundamental reform. (National Review)
Hump Day Humor: Robert Mueller begins 13th day undercover as White House janitor. (The Onion~The Patriot Post
HYPOCRITE liar-Clinton Tells Audience –
by Rick Wells
{} ~ The ultimate hypocrite, liar-Hillary Clinton, a woman who should by now be known by her inmate number, once again demonstrated how brazen she is in her incessant... total assault on reality, speaking as if the fantasyland she resides in is the same as the rest of us. In this instance she’s addressing a group of librarians. Sure, they’re in liberal Chicago and on the public Democrat IV drip, liberals who are largely themselves removed from reality, but this was going too far. These educated people, jaded by their affiliation and representation by extortionist self-serving teachers unions, didn’t come to this event not knowing liar-Clinton was going to be there or unaware of the kind of tripe she’d be spewing. She could say anything and they’d applaud. She pretty much did...
Congress Rips liar-nObama on
Cover-up of Fast and Furious Gun Running
by Alex Newman
{} ~ Despite leaving office without facing justice, liar-nObama and his top administration officials are still not out of the woods yet on the “Fast and Furious” scheme to arm Mexican drug cartels under the guise of conducting an “investigation.”... This month, the House Oversight Committee and the Senate Judiciary Committee released a damning report blasting the former administration for the scandal and the subsequent ham-handed attempt to cover it up, including obstruction of Congress and shady dealings with the press and victims' families. Many key documents are still being withheld. Unsurprisingly, the establishment media has completely ignored the latest developments in the explosive story. But with more facts coming out, activists and victims' families hope former officials involved in the deadly gun-running program may still be brought to justice for a wide range of crimes. Operation Fast and Furious was an liar-nObama program in which the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) helped put heavy weapons into the hands of murderous drug cartels in Mexico...
UN Ambassador Haley
Frustrates “Gotcha” Dem Swamp Creature
by Rick Wells
{} ~ Rep Jerry Connolly (D-VA) actually represents some of the swamp creatures as his district, and as one of them. He tries to pull the usual gotcha type of questioning on UN Ambassador Haley... who doesn’t let him get away with it. In trying to craft an impressive elitist question he cites her as having previously stated that “the budget was making a point more than an it was a serious intention in and of itself.” We could ask the Congressman if he’s trying to make a point and if he’s serious as well, based upon the content of the next five minutes. He has selected the zeroing out of funding for UNICEF as the issue of contention he’s targeting first, asking, “Why would we zero it out, what point was being made in that budget?” She informs the Congressman who is feigning ignorance that the budget in its entirety was putting the UN on notice and that the budget “is very much a conversation point.”...
Fox in the Hen House:
Allowing Terrorists to Re-enter Prisons
by Patrick Dunleavy
{} ~ Recent articles by the IPT and other news organizations have addressed the growing concerns regarding the upcoming release of over a hundred inmates convicted of terrorism related crimes... Experts have spoken on the lack of a bona fide strategy that will address the unique security issues presented when a terrorist is released. The need for post release specialized supervision programs is clear. The one idea that should not be on the table is to allow them to re-enter prisons to speak with inmates as a religious volunteer. Yet this is exactly what has happened in the Virginia Department of Corrections (VADOC) for the last two years...
clown-Schumer Uses Obscure Rule
To Block Unmasking Testimony Of Susan Rice
by Rick Wells
{} ~ We’re being presented with more evidence of a Democrat cover up and that they know there’s criminality at the base of the snooping and spying of liar-nObama’s former National Security Adviser Susan Rice... Her unmasking program targeting the Trump campaign and other Americans was set for testimony by the crooked, habitual liar, something that the Democrats wanted to avoid. They’ve successfully postponed it on a procedural move by the sleazy Minority Leader, Senator Chuck clown-Schumer. The meeting was to take place behind closed doors, in an environment in which Rice would not be able to claim an inability to respond due to the sensitive nature of the information and the public venue. Now, with the Senate heading out of town on Friday, she’s gotten a few days reprieve on her questioning. It’s going to be after the Senate returns on July 10th before she’s able to be called in for questioning. That’s provided she doesn’t suffer a mysterious boating accident or her car suddenly accelerate and veer off the road or commit suicide while enjoying the July 4th holiday...
Real scandals
by Cal Thomas
{} ~ Is there anyone who can point to the "Affordable Care Act" (aka liar-nObamacare) and credibly claim it is accomplishing the goals set for it seven years ago?

Insurers are pulling out of the exchanges, premiums and related costs are going up, not down, as supporters of the misnamed law claimed they would. Many people who like their doctors are not being allowed to keep their doctors.

In a Facebook post last week, liar-nObama himself didn't even bother to defend liar-nObamacare. Instead, he criticized a proposed replacement, calling the Senate bill written by Republicans "a massive transfer of wealth from middle-class and poor families to the richest people in America."

Leaving aside whether the poor, and much of the middle class, have any wealth to transfer, much less to meet their own needs, who would know more about a massive transfer of wealth than liar-nObama, whose own health care law is attempting to do just that?

In a statement following the release of a summary of the Senate Republican bill, Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) said: "In the coming days, we expect to receive a budget estimate on our plan.

After that, we will proceed with a robust debate and an open amendment process on the Senate floor. I hope every senator engages.

Senate Democrats may not have wanted to work with us in a serious way to address liar-nObamacare's failures before, but I hope they will take this opportunity to do what's right for the American people now."

Good luck with that. In our politically polarized atmosphere, even a "Good morning" from a member of the opposition party might provoke a "says who?" response.

In business and in virtually every other area of life, when something doesn't work, most people would suggest trying another path. Not in Washington where failure is just another opportunity to spend more money.

Here, it's all about intentions, feelings and appealing to "the base," not accomplishments.

If your intention in supporting liar-nObamacare was to fix what is wrong with health care that is all that matters, not whether your fix worked.

One senator is trying to solve a related problem that could serve as a model for his colleagues when it comes to a new health care bill.

Sen. Mike Enzi (R-WY), who chairs the Budget Committee, wants to end duplicative government programs, along with unauthorized spending on programs whose legislative authority has expired.

Enzi estimates duplicative government programs are costing taxpayers $310 billion and counting.

According to figures supplied to me by Enzi's office, there are hundreds of laws that duplicate each other. Comptroller General Gene Dodaro told a Senate panel in April that a Government Accountability Office (GAO) report found 645 ideas in 249 areas that would reduce or eliminate overlapping and duplicative programs. So far, Dodaro testified, "...51 percent have been implemented, 31 percent partially implemented and 18 percent not implemented." More needs to be done.

The biggest challenge may be reducing unauthorized spending. Enzi says some spending is on "auto-pay" with some programs not having been re-authorized in 30 years. No wonder Ronald Reagan once quipped: "No government ever voluntarily reduces itself in size. Government programs, once launched, never disappear. Actually, a government bureau is the nearest thing to eternal life we'll ever see on this earth!"

Taxpayers are paying for 158 Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) programs, and nearly 700 energy initiatives, according to GAO. Sen. Enzi wants to restore the historical link between authorizations and appropriations.

The real scandal in Washington has nothing to do with Russia. It is overspending, overtaxing and overreaching government. All of these programs, along with health care and unauthorized spending, can be fixed. All it takes is willpower and goodwill, two characteristics that are sorely lacking in Washington. While attention is focused on restructuring health insurance, Sen. Enzi is trying to highlight another problem that could save billions. His colleagues should listen and act.
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