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Catholics, Jews, Politics, Muslims and Murder
by Tom McLaughlin
NAFTA is history as Senate 
gives final approval to USMCA
by ~ Congress gave final approval to the new North American trade accord Thursday, with the Republican-controlled Senate moving swiftly during President Donald Trump’s impeachment proceedings... to hand him one of his biggest wins since occupying the White House. There was never any doubt that the Senate would pass the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement after the House overwhelmingly approved it last month in rare bipartisan fashion. The only question was by how much, and when it would reach the Senate floor. In the last few days Republican leaders pushed the legislation quickly through several committees, started debate Wednesday by unanimous consent and scheduled a roll call for Thursday morning before members of the Senate are sworn in as jurors for Trump’s impeachment trial. The vote was 89 to 10, with one Republican and eight Democrats plus Sen. commie-Bernie Sanders, I-Vermont, who is running for president — voting no. “There was a lot of momentum to get USMCA done and behind the administration before things could get really bogged down with impeachment and frankly the campaign season,” said Daniel Ujczo, a trade lawyer at Dickinson Wright who has been closely tracking the trade measure. Final Senate action on the USMCA, which replaces the North American Free Trade Agreement, came just a day after Trump signed a partial trade deal with China. The deals fulfill two of Trump’s major campaign pledges, although the final agreements achieve far less than Trump promised. However, the two agreements have significantly eased trade tensions that had darkened the economy over the last two years...   

Whistleblower 'Should Testify 
as a Material Witness'
By Theodore Bunker  
{ } ~ The whistleblower who sparked President Donald Trump’s impeachment “should testify as a material witness” in  the trial, Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky., told  The Charlie Kirk Show this week... Paul told Turning Point USA founder Charlie Kirk that the whistleblower “should testify as a material witness,” in Trump’s Senate impeachment trial. “He seems to have a big ax to grind with the president. He’s holier than thou and saying we should impeach the president. Well, what did he think when he was working for former Vice President loose lips liar-Joe Biden? When he was traveling back and forth to Ukraine?”He added, “Because apparently, some of loose lips liar-Biden’s aides at the time mentioned that there’s not something right about this, that it doesn’t pass a small test, that there’s possibly corruption there, and so I think he should have to come in and testify.” Paul said Trump’s legal team should “talk a lot about Hunter Biden and loose lips liar-Joe Biden, whether they’re testifying or not, because the thing is, he’s accused of using his office to investigate something — well, I think he probably should be presenting the corruption that involves Hunter Biden, and loose lips liar-Joe Biden.” House Speaker “liar-Nancy Pelosi thought she had this great plan,” Paul added later, referring to Trump’s impeachment. “She was going to get all this leverage and she was going to tell us how to run the trial by withholding something we didn’t want.”   

Jesse Watters on Senate impeachment trial: 
Calling witnesses would be a 'roll 
of the dice' for Democrats
By Victor Garcia 
{ } ~ Jesse Watters said Tuesday that he would advise against calling witnesses in the Senate impeachment trial of President Trump... saying that it would be a gamble for Democrats. "Now, if I were a Republican in the Senate, I would say no witnesses. The House had its chance," Watters hypothesized on "The Five." "That's not our job to do witnesses. Plus, it was a radically unfair deal in the House. You're not going to get that fairness from us." "And if Democrats want to roll the dice on witnesses, I think there's more of a risk for Democrats than there are for Republicans because, you know, they're going to acquit the president," Watters continued. "But what you don't know is what's going to come out of the testimony under oath from I don't know, Hunter Biden? Or how about the whistleblower or shifty scumbag/liar-Adam Schiff." Earlier Tuesday, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., shot down the notion -- floated by the president but later amplified by Democrats -- that the Senate could vote to dismiss the case. And he warned those calling for new testimony that Republicans could have the chance to call witnesses, too. The "Watters' World" host warned that loose lips liar-Joe Biden's Democratic presidential campaign has the most to lose in the Senate trial. "So anything could come out of that which could bury the loose lips liar-Biden campaign, which could expose the hoax from the get-go," Watters said. Watters also accused House Speaker liar-Nancy Pelosi of holding the articles of impeachment to "squeeze concessions" from McConnell, avoid overshadowing Tuesday's Democratic primary debate and give loose lips liar-Biden an advantage. "She wants to handcuff commie-Bernie and Liz dinky/liar-Warren in the swamp while her favorite candidate, Joe Biden, gets to roam free and close hard by himself in Iowa," Watters said.
Delta flight makes emergency fuel dump near California playground, 23 possibly injured
{ } ~ At least 17 children and six adults suffered minor injuries after a Delta Air Lines flight reportedly made an emergency fuel dump Tuesday near a school playground near Los Angeles... according to the Los Angeles County Fire Department. The Delta Air Lines flight reportedly made an emergency landing in Los Angeles following the fuel dump, according to The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. Delta Flight 89 was traveling from Los Angeles to Shanghai when it reported an engine malfunction and made the emergency fuel dump. The flight then returned safely to Los Angeles International Airport, according to initial Twitter claims. Shortly thereafter, Los Angeles County fire officials confirmed they responded to calls pertaining to injuries at a Cudahy, Calif., elementary school, related to the incident. The Federal Aviation Administration is looking into reports that children and adults were exposed to fuel, according to "CBS Evening News" on Twitter...
Andrew Cuomo Is Wrong. The Gig 
Economy Isn’t Like a Sweatshop at All.
by Rachel Greszler
{ } ~ In his State of the State address on Jan. 8, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo likened 21st-century gig-economy corporations to late 18th- and early 19th-century sweatshops... the latter characterized as such for their poor working conditions, exploitation of workers, and violations of labor laws. By asserting that entirely optional gig and contract-based work “is exploitive, abusive, it’s a scam, it’s a fraud,” Cuomo displayed a thorough lack of understanding of the gig economy and independent workers. For starters, there are no corporate factories in the gig economy, and aside from some more strenuous “task rabbit”-type jobs, very few gig workers break a sweat. “Exploitive”? Independent work is entirely at will. Individuals choose what jobs they want to perform, what hours they want to work, and they have wide latitude in how to accomplish their jobs. “Abusive”? Sweatshops imposed harsh conditions on workers, even locking them in unsafe buildings and preventing them from leaving. The essence of independent work is that there is no factory or corporate job site. Independent workers use their own property, or they contract with a client to determine their job site. A “scam”? Sweatshops often withheld workers’ wages, and some were even implicated in human trafficking scams. Most independent workers get paid more quickly than formal employees, who typically collect biweekly or semimonthly paychecks. A “fraud”? There’s nothing fake, nor phony, about an estimated one out of every three workers in the U.S. participating in independent work, about the additional income and opportunities gig and contract work generates, about the value workers place on the flexibility and autonomy it provides, or about the convenience and value it delivers to individuals and families across the U.S. who purchase goods and services that would otherwise be inaccessible...
FBI, ICE, Education Department
 investigating worthless-Omar
by ~ The FBI, Immigration and Customs Enforcement and the Department of Education are investigating Rep. worthless-Ilhan Omar, D-Minn., according to a report... The controversial newcomer to Congress already had been facing credible accusations of marrying her brother. David Steinberg, who has reported compelling evidence that worthless-Omar married her brother in an immigration fraud scheme, said the Education Department inspector general is "considering evidence that worthless-Ilhan married a U.K. citizen in '09 perhaps to commit student-loan fraud, or other education fraud." He noted worthless-Omar attended North Dakota State University from 2009 to June 2011. The marriage to her brother lasted only during that time and she lived with her first husband throughout. Steinberg said ICE is considering evidence that worthless-Omar married a U.K. citizen to commit immigration fraud. He noted that government agencies rarely acknowledge an investigation. "For now, I can confirm that the @FBI chose to share evidence w/at least these 2 agencies," he wrote. In an article for the Blaze, Steinberg wrote that the FBI already was looking into worthless-Omar's "apparent, astonishing spree of felonies from 2009 to 2017." "Minnesota state Rep. Steve Drazkowski (R) had previously filed a complaint on the matter with the Minnesota District of the Department of Justice. That office — headed by U.S. Attorney Erica MacDonald, a 2018 Donald Trump appointee — directed the FBI to review the complaint. An FBI SAC formally met with Rep. Drazkowski, and others, in mid-October to receive a prepared file of evidence and related information. I can confirm that the FBI has taken additional steps since this October meeting," he wrote...   
Catholics, Jews, Politics, Muslims and Murder

by Tom McLaughlin
“Anti-Catholic bigotry is alive in the U.S. Senate” read the headline of a January, 2019 article by Michael Gerson in the Washington Post. It’s getting tougher to be Catholic here or nearly anywhere else. Gerson citied tough questioning of US District Court Judge Brian Buescher when he was up for ratification in the US Senate last year. Senators lowlife-Kamala Harris and worthless-Maize Hirono believed his membership in the Knights of Columbus, a Catholic mens’ organization, disqualified him because the Catholic Church considers abortion sinful and homosexual acts “intrinsically disordered.”  
Senator scumbag-Dick Durbin’s questions of Buescher went to the Catholic Church’s position on so-called “transgenders” who believe they’re “assigned” a gender at birth. Catholic teaching asserts there are only two unalterable biological sexes. The professed Catholic Senator scumbag-Durbin was recently denied the Eucharist which the Catholic Church believes is the body of Christ and the essence of Catholicism. Bishop Thomas John Paprocki of the Diocese of Springfield, Illinois made that ruling because scumbag-Durbin violates Catholic teaching by his support of abortion. Former VP Joe Biden was also denied the Eucharist by Bishop Joseph Francis Martino of Scranton, PA for the same reason.  
When conservative Catholic US Circuit Judge Amy Coney Barrett was up for confirmation, US Senator Dianne Fein-stein said: “When you read your speeches, the conclusion one draws is that the dogma lives loudly within you,” and voted against her. Should there be another vacancy on the Supreme Court, many expect Judge Barrett to be Trump’s nominee. She was runner-up to Brett Kavanaugh, another conservative Catholic, last year.  
Osama E. El Hannouny  
It’s getting difficult to be a Christian, especially a Catholic Christian, in the early 21st century as these four stories reported in just the past two weeks attest:
*Illinois: (WBBM NEWSRADIO) — “Charges have been upgraded against a man Osama E. El Hannouny who allegedly slashed tires of multiple vehicles at churches in Palos Hills… because he didn’t like Christians. The charges against him were upgraded Thursday to 14 counts of hate crime, police said. He allegedly admitted to slashing tires of 19 vehicles at two churches because he didn’t like Christians.”

*According to “Christian sites in Europe suffered a record number of attacks in the year 2019, with some 3,000 Christian churches, schools, cemeteries, and monuments vandalized, looted, or defaced.” Most were Catholic Churches. Most perpetrators arrested so far have been Muslims.

*ROME ( - “Hundreds of Christmas cribs have been smashed, burned and vandalized across Italy in a binge of violence unparalleled in recent memory. Statues of the Baby Jesus and the Holy Family have been beheaded, stolen or hanged — in one shocking incident even impaled on an iron pole in a public square.”

*Nigeria Morning Star News “Armed Muslim Fulani herdsmen killed 13 Christians in Plateau state, Nigeria on Wednesday (Jan. 8), the same day four students were kidnapped from a Catholic seminary in Kaduna state.” Over 6000 Nigerian Catholics were killed in 2018, thousands more in 2019.
Five years ago, I interviewed Father Innocent Okozi who was then my parish priest in Fryeburg, Maine. I asked about the situation in his native Nigeria and he confirmed all the reports I had been reading about the murder of Catholics and other Christians in his country. Soon, I’ll be interviewing his successor priest in Fryeburg, Father Peter Shaba, also a Nigerian native, for his perspective. 
Nigerian Catholics murdered by Muslim Boko Haram
One of my Jewish friends sent me another link last week about murders of Christians around the world. As the descendant of several Holocaust victims, he asked me where was the outrage among Christians? Murders of Christians get some media attention, but not nearly as much as there would be if the stories were about Christians murdering Muslims. My friend and I are watching closely as both anti-Catholic and anti-Jewish violence accelerates on several continents.  
More of the same  
Of the four US Senators I quoted in the opening paragraphs above, Hirono is Buddhist. Harris seems unsure: “I grew up going to a black Baptist Church and a Hindu temple,” she said. Her husband is Jewish, so we must assume she has yet to choose. Fein-stein’s 2000 campaign website said she was Jewish, but seems largely secular now. scumbag-Durbin is ostensibly Catholic but his bishop has doubts.  
In closing, I should point out that of the nine members of the US Supreme Court, six are Roman Catholics and the other three are Jews. All three Jews are reliably liberal votes and all but one of the Catholics are reliable conservative votes. Sotomayor is the odd one out. She was born to a single mother in the Bronx and attended a Catholic high school, but evidence of her alleged Catholicism is thin. She officiated a wedding for two women, and I suspect Senator Fein-stein would never say about Sotomayor that: “The dogma lives largely within her.”  
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