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The Last Doolittle Raider Dies at Age 103
Culture Beat
Scientists Accidentally 
Prove Global Warming Is A Hoax
by Warner Todd Huston } ~ Looks like scientists just admitted that the claims by global warming religionists is just a bunch of B.S. … but they probably didn’t realize that’s what they did... A new report on climate change by the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research made the accidental admission that the earth has seen these same levels of CO2 in the past and was not “destroyed” by it all. As reported by the extremist, left-wing site Think Progress: Current CO2 levels of 410 parts per million (ppm) were last seen on Earth three million years ago, according to the most detailed reconstruction of the Earth’s climate by researchers at the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research (PIK) and published in Science Advances. Wait…. so let’s get this straight: the last time we have CO2 levels like this was “three million years ago”? When man was not around to cause it?…And…and the earth is still here for us to talk about it? Didn’t they just admit that even if man is contributing to some rise in temperatures, natural causes also contribute the earth won’t be destroyed by it? Not in 12 years… OR in three million!... commie-AOC, scumbag-Kerry, scumbag- Gore and the rest of the loving environmental group are lying to us all.
New York Post’s front page calls out Rep.
Ilhan Omar’s 9/11 comments:
‘Here’s your something’
by Kathleen Joyce } ~ The New York Post on Thursday hit back at Rep. Ilhan Omar, D-Minn., following her recent comments on the September 11, 2001 terror attacks... The dramatic front page featured an infamous photo of New York City’s Twin Towers on fire on the day of the attacks. The towers collapsed after they were hit by hijacked planes. Nearly 3,000 people were killed in the 9/11 attacks. The page read: “Rep. Ilhan Omar: 9/11 was ‘some people did something.’” “Here’s your something: 2,977 people dead by terrorism.”The bottom of the cover read in small captioning: “Omar outraged the families of 9/11 victims by referring dismissively to the terrorist attacks while speaking to a Muslim lobbying group.” The Post was referring to Omar’s recent comments at the Council of American-Islamic Relations CAIR fundraiser last month when she called upon other Muslim-Americans to “make people uncomfortable” with their activism. However, another part of the speech surfaced on social media this week in which Omar described the terror attacks perpetrated by Al Qaeda. “CAIR was founded after 9/11 because they recognized that some people did something, and that all of us were starting to lose access to our civil liberties,” Omar said at the event. Her comments prompted a response from Rep. Dan Crenshaw, R-Texas, a former Navy SEAL who lost his right eye after being injured by an IED in Afghanistan...  
Democrats Can’t Even Agree 
Amongst Each Other On Budget
by Warner Todd Huston } ~  House Democrats are so extreme that they can’t even agree amongst each other on a new budget proposal, so they had to cancel the debate... because they are so at odds with each other. On one hand, the far, far left part of the caucus want billions in new social spending, some are complaining that they want to defund the Pentagon and our troops, others don’t, and the conflicts are destroying the Democrat Party’s supposed comity. The in-fighting is so bad that Speaker Pulosi had to cancel the debate on the planned 2-year budget, despite that she supposedly controls the halls of the House of Representatives. “There is a math problem, period, if they want to do the vote tomorrow,” Pocan said. “We’ve got to have something here if we’re expected to try to vote for a defense number that is so ridiculously high, while at the same time, we have the kind of inequality that we have in the country,” Rep. Pramila Jayapal (D, WA) added. Jayapal also celebrated that her progressive caucus had the power to disrupt the budget debate. Politico  reported that Democratic Wisconsin Rep. Mark Pocan, a co-chair of the Congressional Progressive Caucus, has said that they don’t have the votes to pass the Democrat-sponsored budget...
Senate confirms former lobbyist to carry out 
Trump's energy agenda as interior secretary
KB9vky8ifT71VuI6PLKKUPEg8lRebryCIdSn5MR0f2iu5a8TZ5DcVZgpDYODDsucRYqJ0i--sZxDGHh_yyzxe84wmgg3kpp0CuNvri4e7GgLizRyKGZHjO7cvtPpwxq9i_Ws2Zjp_AnkkRUzpYbEzWNd0kqrlLvFWfflXKyJDvGNDC8h-jGBPL1ilWNKF6yg7RcHOQl1w5QTYMOVe4VtPUVhBoc1HSTb35J9kWG5aUvKwTHmmOQn5c4iudKTz_xVahLw91FrJXt0_4rQIqx5QcCkq0dejAS4wicNY5bhK7au5Tl7hLitQctT6GAZ45AHBa_AX1Ymlc2fl7jd-X8Zzg=s0-d-e1-ft#%3Ca%20rel%3Dnofollow%20href=?profile=RESIZE_710xby John Siciliano } ~ The Senate on Thursday approved former energy lobbyist David Bernhardt to head the Interior Department, where he will play a key role in implementing President Trump's agenda... of boosting coal, gas, and oil production, including offshore. Bernhardt was confirmed in a 56-41 vote. Bernhardt, 49, has a long record of working in and out of government in Washington. He had served as the Interior Department's solicitor under the administration of George W. Bush, but has since worked outside of government. It is his most recent time working as a consultant and lobbyist for the fossil energy industry that has earned opposition and criticism from Democrats. Many Democrats will continue to oppose him even after he is sworn in. They argue that his previous lobbying makes him both unfit and unable to do the job of Interior secretary due to extreme conflicts of interests. Sens. Ron Wyden, D-Ore., and Tom Udall, D-N.M., have called upon the inspector general in recent days to investigate whether Bernhardt had continued to lobby while in his role as deputy secretary of the interior. Trump had tapped Bernhardt to be the new interior secretary after being confirmed last year to be the agency's second-highest-ranked official, and after the resignation of former Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke amid ethics concerns...  
Students Who Want to ‘Kick Kavanaugh 
Off Campus’ Should Take a Hike
To3JfPEn9-u_gMSDvhWtRa3L7SZNwGHO95okFatEdOf86DXnOSK5AH0fYPs1llpFo3UTB8l3iwMHKx9aYuB_LIYmCdC2Py5wZs8TiOO9ehCbcwM5akOQy6MNj1I=s0-d-e1-ft#%3Ca%20rel%3Dnofollow%20href=?profile=RESIZE_710xby Elizabeth Slattery
{} ~ George Mason University’s Antonin Scalia Law School recently announced Justice Brett Kavanaugh will teach a class during its summer term on the creation of the Constitution... Students will travel to Runnymede, England, the location where Magna Carta was sealed more than 800 years ago. Naturally, this led a student group from the undergraduate university called Mason 4 Survivors to post an apoplectic petition on demanding the school cut ties with Kavanaugh. Some of these students actually say Kavanaugh’s hiring jeopardizes their safety and happiness. Some members of the undergraduate university’s Faculty Senate are now calling for the school to independently investigate the claims of sexual assault leveled against Kavanaugh during his confirmation last fall. Apparently the work of the United States Senate and FBI—not to mention the countless news outlets that investigated these claims—was insufficient. These professors are likely the same malcontents who objected to the university’s decision to rename the law school in honor of the late Justice Antonin Scalia back in 2016. So far, University President Angel Cabrera has stood by the law school’s decision—supported by the entire law school faculty—to offer this course, pointing out, “The students at the law school, by the way, have agreed. The students have signed up to this class.”...
The Last Doolittle Raider Dies at Age 103
Culture Beat:  Our nation lost a legend on Tuesday. Retired Air Force Lt. Col. Richard Cole, the last of the famed World War II Doolittle Raiders died at age 103. Cole, who was originally from Dayton, Ohio, said of that famous and dangerous mission that hit back at the Japanese less than five months after the attack on Pearl Harbor, “I think the main thing was that you had to go in with a positive attitude. I really didn’t worry about it. It was our job, and we knew what to expect.”

Knowing what to expect? It was virtually a suicide mission given that the B-25s couldn’t land on aircraft carriers.

Immediately following the raid, Cole was able to parachute to safety where he was helped by Chinese partisans; his seven fellow crew members were not so fortunate. All seven died — three during the mission, three were captured by the Japanese and executed, and one died in captivity. However, the bold action and sacrifice made by these American heroes in punching back at Imperial Japan proved monumental in lifting the country’s spirits.

In 2015, all the Raiders were honored with the Congressional Gold Medal for their “outstanding heroism, valor, skill and service to the United States.” That same year, Cole published a book entitled Dick Cole’s War: Doolittle Raider, Hump Pilot, Air Commando (American Military Experience). In it he detailed his military service.

As J. Christian Adams aptly put it, “Richard Cole deserves a salute from all Americans today. An American hero in the truest sense of the word has passed.”  ~The Patriot Post  

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