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Is Health Care a Right or a Good?
by Judge Andrew Napolitano
 The Regulation Climate Is Changing 
Over Barack liar-nObama's eight years, and particularly his last four, he governed by executive order. It wasn't so much the number of them that was galling, but the scope. Yet what can be done with a phone and pen can be undone with the same. Cue Donald Trump, with numerous executive orders already undoing some of the damage done by liar-nObama.
          One such order issued today take's aim at liar-nObama's climate policies. In 2015, liar-nObama introduced the Clean Power Plan, which had little to do with climate and everything to do with social justice and government power. It was a clean power grab, all to prevent warming of 0.01 degrees Celsius. It was also part of liar-nObama's war on coal, and it served to fulfill one of his inadvertent campaign promises: "Under my plan ... electricity rates would necessarily skyrocket." Fortunately, the U.S. Supreme Court put a stay on liar-nObama's plan.
          Better still, Trump is beginning to reverse that plan, though the process could take years. He has yet to address liar-nObama's Paris climate treaty, but this order signals that's possible. The Washington Times sums it up: "The Clean Power Plan, the first set of national limits on greenhouse gas pollution from power plants, is crucial to the U.S. meeting President liar-nObama's [Paris] pledge to cut emissions by at least 26 percent by 2025. While Mr. Trump has yet to formally pull out of the Paris deal — a nonbinding agreement with no enforcement mechanisms other than public shaming — his move Tuesday essentially guarantees the U.S. won't meet the ambitious target."
          NPR, which is appalled by Trump's changes, explains another facet: "The 'social cost of carbon' is another liar-nObama-era policy that directed government agencies to factor in the effects of climate change on their rule-making. It essentially put a price tag on carbon emissions and told agencies to factor that price tag in when making a regulation. The current cost is $36 per metric ton. Trump is expected to try to neuter the policy by directing the EPA to lower that cost to the point where it won't have much weight in policy-making."
          Along with lifting the burden from coal, Trump has already promised to revisit emissions standards and approved both the Dakota and Keystone pipelines. All signs point to energy policies that will help America lead the world~The Patriot Post
New JW liar-Clinton Email Espionage Evidence –
‘Bout Time It Was Put To Use?
by Rick Wells
{} ~ It’s a long shot, high odds bet that Attorney General Jeff Sessions will initiate an investigation into the criminal misconduct of liar-Hillary Clinton and perhaps her boss, Hussein liar-nObama... While most of us have come to believe that all of that equal justice stuff is just so much propaganda intended to keep the little people in line, there’s always a chance, slim as it is, that the biggest of offenders might someday have to answer for their crimes. If he needed more reasons to do so, Judicial Watch just provided Attorney General Sessions with additional evidence, piling it atop the mountain already accumulated, now stretching above the tree line, and begging for such actions to be taken. New liar-Clinton emails, some of them classified at the time they were exchanged over non-secured systems, have now come to light, thanks again to a Judicial Watch FOIA request. Their release stated in part:...This is great news.
Maxine Waters’ Double Standard:
I Can Criticize Trump, But Don’t Criticize Me
by Trey Sanchez
{} ~ Since Donald Trump has become president, Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) has been on constant attack and calling for his impeachment. She hides behind her harsh criticism of the president by calling it “patriotic.”... But when the ridicule comes her way, she doesn’t like it one bit. On the House floor recently, Waters continued her anti-Trump crusade saying, “We fight against this president and we point out how dangerous he is. We're fighting for democracy. We're fighting for America.” “We're saying to those who say they're patriotic, but they turn a blind eye to the destruction he is about to cause to this country,” she added. “You are not nearly as patriotic as we are." A clip of this was played on Fox & Friends with Bill O’Reilly as a guest and he started a firestorm with his comments on Waters...
The Upcoming Trade War Between The U.S. And China
Will Be The Biggest In The History Of The Planet
by Michael Snyder
{} ~ The United States and China are the two largest economies in the world by far, and the upcoming trade war that is about to erupt will be cataclysmic for both sides... The Trump administration and the Chinese government are both gearing up for a prolonged trade war, and this is going to have very severe implications for the entire global economy. During the campaign, Donald Trump repeatedly stated that we “can’t continue to allow China to rape our country”, and he was quite correct about that. Over the past ten years, the U.S. has run a trade deficit of over $2 trillion with China, and as a result of imbalanced trade we have lost tens of thousands of manufacturing businesses, millions of good paying jobs, and hundreds of billions of dollars of tax revenue. So clearly something needs to be done to balance our trade with China and other countries. But the situation must also be handled delicately, because trade disruptions could bring substantial short-term economic pain...
House Bill Forbids EPA Use Of Secret
Voodoo “Science” In Crafting Regulations
by Rick Wells
{} ~ On Wednesday the House voted to restrict the EPA from using made up or secret “science” in formulating and “justifying” regulatory actions.  The act, called the Honest and Open New EPA Science Treatment Act, or HONEST Act, passed 228-194... Any science used in the crafting of any future regulations would have to come from the public sphere. The EPA’s greatest enemy in the conduct of their takeover and the feeding of the “green monster” is the demand for specifics. Proof is much harder to come by than their previous anecdotal standard. The Honest Act is an effort to plan for the future, to corral what has been a rogue agency in the past and force them to accepted standards of transparency and legitimacy, two of their other primary nemeses. The bill must represent significant change because Democrats, and other control freaks disguised as environmentalists and health advocates are complaining that the HONEST Act is intended to handcuff the EPA. Why they would have a problem with the agency using real science instead of back room voodoo fabrications is difficult to explain other than that they know it’s all a hoax and a fraud and has been for decades, that the real goal is a means of controlling the peasant populations of America and the world and of crippling our great nation for conquest...
Illegal Immigrant Charged With Voter Fraud
by Alex Pfeiffer
{} ~ A Nigerian citizen was indicted by a federal grand jury Wednesday for allegedly illegally reentering the U.S. after being deported and subsequently committing both tax and voter fraud... The federal indictment says that Kevin Kunlay Williams voted in both the 2012 and 2016 presidential elections. Williams was deported from the U.S. in 1995, and illegally returned in 1999. The Nigerian illegal immigrant allegedly became registered to vote in 2012 in local, state and federal elections by claiming he was a U.S. citizen. He allegedly stole public school employees’ identification information and used it to file more than 2000 false tax returns, seeking $12 million in refunds. The Nigerian illegal immigrant also allegedly stole Electronic Filing Identification Numbers (EFINs), which allowed him to print refund checks to send to the IRS...Its about time the government stepped forward on this issue.
Is Health Care a Right or a Good?
by Judge Andrew Napolitano
{} ~The political fiasco that unfolded last week as President Donald Trump and the Republican House leadership failed to pass legislation repealing the Affordable Care Act, commonly called liar-nObamacare, is attributable as much to the failure of politics as it is to the failure of politicians to understand the constitutional role of the federal government.

Republicans could not muster a majority in the House, which they control, because a determined small group of them want to remove the federal government from the regulation of health care and believe that the replacement for liar-nObamacare that House leaders have offered would keep too much of it in place. The president and his allies have argued that their bill would invalidate enough of liar-nObamacare to return free choices to health care and to fulfill their campaign promises. Neither side has prevailed.

Here is the back story.

When Congress passed liar-nObamacare in 2010, it did so without a single Republican vote. The premise underlying the highly partisan 2,700-page legislation is that health care is a right belonging to everyone in America and the federal government has a constitutional duty to provide it.

The political structure of liar-nObamacare mandates that every person in America obtain health insurance, that every employer of more than 50 people in America pay for the health insurance of all employees who work more than 30 hours per week, that every policy of health insurance cover a large dimension of potential medical needs and that those earning under a certain annual income level receive health care at the expense of the rest of us. The failure to obtain and maintain health insurance triggers a tax burden -- equivalent to the annual premium on a health insurance policy -- for every year one goes without coverage.

The economic structure of liar-nObamacare requires 100 percent participation of everyone in America so as to ensure a large pool of insurance premiums -- whether paid by individuals, employers or taxpayers -- from which to pay health care providers. Still, premiums don't cover costs, which is why President Trump says liar-nObamacare is collapsing.

The regulatory structure of liar-nObamacare orders every primary care physician to keep all medical records on personal computers, to which the Department of Health and Human Services has access. Thus, the long-revered and uniquely American value of the patient-physician privilege -- the certain knowledge that your doctor will not reveal what you tell her or him -- has been obliterated. The statute also has given the secretary of HHS unreviewable powers to regulate intricacies of the delivery of health care in America.

Along with this expensive and bitter medicine -- which has caused hundreds of thousands of folks to downgrade to part-time work, reduced the wages of millions more and driven thousands of health care providers into retirement or new occupations -- liar-nObamacare also has provided some sugar. The statute orders insurance carriers to cover pre-existing conditions, children on their parents' policies up to the age of 26 and expensive elective procedures, such as abortions and sex reassignment.

After the Republicans acquired full control of Congress in 2015, they delivered numerous repeals of liar-nObamacare to President Barack liar-nObama, knowing that he'd veto them, which he did. These were complete repeals -- essentially removing the federal government from the regulation of health insurance and the delivery of health care.

Now that Republicans control Congress and the White House, you'd expect that they would do the same, as they have promised. No such thing has happened.
The legislation that Republican House leaders offered last week retained the basic premise of liar-nObamacare -- that health care is a right and the federal government has a duty to provide it -- and just nibbled a bit at the edges.

Under the House proposal, the obligation to have health insurance would remain, but you couldn't expect it from your employer; you might have to pay for it yourself. And the penalty for the failure to have coverage would not be a tax from the IRS; it would be a $3,000 annual surcharge from your insurance carrier when you sign up. You could buy insurance tailored to your needs, but nearly all remaining federal regulations would stay in place -- including a new Orwellian one that would permit your employer to require you to undergo genetic screening.

This liar-nObamacare lite has been resisted by about 30 House Republicans who reject the premise that health care is a right. Without their votes, it would not have passed last week, so the House leadership declined to hold a vote.

Is health care a right in America?

In a word, no. Rights are either natural immunities -- existing in areas of human behavior that, because of our nature, must be free from government regulation, such as life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, as well as speech, the press, religion, travel, self-defense and what remains of privacy -- or legal claims that we qualify or bargain for, such as the right to vote, which the Constitution presumes, and the right to use your property to the exclusion of all others and the right to purchase a good that you can afford.

But the federal government cannot create a right that the Constitution does not authorize. It can't constitutionally transfer wealth from taxpayers or employers to others and then claim that the others have a right to the continued receipt of the transfers. The Supreme Court has ruled that even Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid are government largesse that Congress could terminate because no one has a right to them.

Of course, the federal government has been creating expectations that it calls rights for centuries. To stay in office, members of Congress bribe the rich with bailouts, the middle class with tax cuts and the poor with made-up rights to all sorts of things.

Yet under the Constitution, health care is not a right; it is a good -- like an education or a gym membership. You work hard, you decide what goods to purchase. If government gives you the good, that does not magically transform it into a right.
Bravo to the courageous House Republicans who recognize this.
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