Mark my words. Neo-communism rules this balkanized state. The policy of the minority tyranny is to promote blacks, exclusively. Any organization or forum, regardless of what they claim is truth, will tolerate NO campaign against their black skinned ward. Therefore, they must shut down freedom of speech in order to maintain their hold on the promotion of minority tyranny.

Suppose a group of black racist females gets control of a so-called Tea Party site? Will they allow themselves to be displaced by a majority vote? Heck No! They will continue to rule behind the fraudulent smoke screen of democracy or republicanism. In fact they are agents of the enemy. It is only our enemies controlled by a consortium of rich communist OLIGARCHS who can afford these forums. Certainly we working white people are neither organized or funded to defend our own rights and voice. I have grieved over this inequality for too many years. Now it is time to FIGHT!

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