Freedom dirge.

Before I watched this video I was very skeptical. Sometimes people use the national anthem for their own twisted agendas (Lady Gaga – halftime shows - anyone?) This young man sang the national anthem in a different key - all the words with the same, he just used a different key.
Okay stop reading right now – go watch the video– no, it’s okay, I’ll wait… 
Ready? Did you watch it? Okay, read on.
What a sad state in time we live in when, while listening to something like this, we can imagine a funeral.
And that is what this song represented to me: This was a funeral dirge for America.
I could just envision thousands and thousands of caskets, all draped with the American flag, burning. I could just envision the enemies of the United States, both foreign and domestic, those enemies of freedom, holding the Constitution of the United States and using it as the torch to light the pyres that would burn freedom from the face of the earth.
I could just imagine those enemies of freedom, both foreign and domestic, dancing wildly and euphoric through the ashes of the bodies of men and women who sacrificed for this country. I could nearly smell and taste the choking, oppressive smoke as the sickening glow of the fires reflected off the wrecked and ruined remains of the land of the free and the home of the brave. I could see, in my mind’s eye, men and women lined up with their families to receive their “papers” from the deceptively “generous” government that sadistically ensures them that the government will take care of them. Each person given the same, all personal property seized by the government for the betterment of all. Of course there would be those hopeless few who would try to remain true to freedom and the Constitution – but as the government had already removed, by force, the Second Amendment – it was mere weeks before all firearms were confiscated throughout America. Those who tried to fight against the oppression were slaughtered, in droves, by those who blindly followed the self-proclaimed leadership. I could just see the same person sitting in the White House term after term after term, more a totalitarian dictator than a president, smiling as the serfs that used to be free citizens plod through their hopeless lives, while those who hate freedom sit in seats of power - laughing at those who are subservient to them. I could sadly imagine the book burnings; millions of copies of the Constitution, Bibles, any reference to freedom - all gleefully thrown upon the conflagration that would sterilize America of such notions as liberty, freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom in general. The vassals that once stood proud, I saw in my brief vision, slumped with the weight of oppression working only to further empower those who oppress them. Even, for a brief moment, I could see those who would gather in the name of God being punished for their beliefs. I could see entire families being imprisoned unless they renounce their religious freedom, more specifically – their faith in God.
Just then, my friends, as my blood was boiling, my breath was heightened and my fists were clenched in agony at the death of freedom (amazing how fast the mind works) - the song was over. Seldom have I been so moved, seldom have I been so induced to what may equate to hopelessness as when I heard this. Now understand that I believe what the young man did in this video was very appropriate and necessary. I think that most people who will watch us will not make the connections that I have made nor will they see the things that I’ve seen – and that is not a judgment from me upon them - merely a statement. From the crushing depths of hopelessness as my imagination put these images before my mind’s eye, I was desperate to rise.
So I quicly turned and looked at my library and the many copies of the Bible that sit on my shelves. I also looked at the numerous business books, theology books, poetry and prose that I have in my collection and was reassured that we still live in a free America.
I then watched this video: - and now I’m going out to enjoy some of the freedoms that we still have here in America. May God bless you my good friends.
Remain free, my friends and fellow Americans, at all cost!
Ken, the non-politician politician.

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