Free Trade the killer of American's jobs

By: Juan Reynoso, WTP- activist -

"Americas must realize that self-scrutiny is not treason. Self-examination is not disloyalty."

Free Trade destroyed one century of American's job protection and broadly share prosperity.

Ronald Reagan's ideology for Americans prosperity created this reckless free-trade policy and the creation of American predator corporatism that destroyed millions of America's jobs. We must return to The American policy and strategic, that made American great and stops this driving unconditional greedy predator corporatism that made American workers this class of economic slaves and demises the dignity, determination and self-worth of the American worker.

Fellow Americans it's time to face this issue of free trade and globalization, the brutal truth about the enslavery of the American working class and the destruction of the American economic by this predator corporate monster created by the financial system with the collaboration of the whores that we elected to office; must be face and deal with. Even with the low gas prices, the high price on our food, housing cost and our private and national debt; our tradition of free enterprise, good jobs and our quality of life broadly shared prosperity will be over.

The truth is that our American job machinery has been destroyed by this reckless free-trade policies and the globalization agenda of the elite of the financial system, predator corporatism, the IMF, the WTO and the Washington whores that sell out and collaborated with these greedy sycophants to control the world economic and help them to establish the one world order, not for the benefit of humanity, but for their own benefit. The fact is that income inequality is growing in favor of the 1% that controls our government at our expenses and our economic slavery.

The fact is that corporate American control Washington, the free trade agreements are an acceleration to pursue a globalized economic; this policy is the major factor in American's increasing income, wealth and class inequality, our rising indebtedness, community abandonment, the fragmentation of our families, the rising in crimes and the demise of our moral principles and values are the result of this class inequality that can impact on our national security.

The Good news is that our God is a God of purpose, this economic will collapse and the most affected are going to be the greedy that created this economic mess in the first place. This global order of free trade is about to crumble, is a matter of time; the stimulus strategy to fix this economic crisis is not working and will not work, our trade deficit will makes this economic collapse a certainty. The economic stimulus benefit most foreign countries since we do not manufacture most of what we consume and we have to import about 90% of the consumers items in our country creating a trade deficit and benefiting the foreign countries wages. As American industrial decline, Washington respond with more stimulus and cheap money leading our country to an ever increasing of private and national debt..

The solution is simple.  American needs to start manufacturing what we consume and balance our trade deficit, jobs created in the service sector will not fix this economic crisis. We need to focus on all the elements that make an economic to be self-sufficient and a foreign trade system of cooperation and mutual benefit. Predator corporatism and exploitation should end and a tax reform to end this concentration of wealth should be implemented. Becoming rich or being rich it is not a crime; what is a crime are being a predator and an exploiter of the poor countries and getting rich at the expenses of humanity. God will punish corporate American and take their wealth, demise their power and give it to the people. The rich people don't create jobs, we the people create jobs. We are the consumers the 99% that make the real economic.  

Corporations and the business community must pay the people a living wages and put our country first.  Greed and the love of money, is a sin and corporate American will be accountable for their sins; it is God's law.

Globalization and free trade created a concentration of wealth that benefit the world elite and the multinational corporations, but impoverished the working people creating a system of poverty and cutting the purchasing power of the people, the government choice to deal with this problem facilitate a credit system that place people in debt creating a financial bubble and compounding the economic crisis to the point of no return. An economic catastrophe is coming and is a matter of time that this multiple bubbles will burst and the whole world will feel the impact of this economic crash.

Fellow American do not despair be calm; because God is in our side; after the storm it will be calm and a new American will be born. An American that is just and prosperous, with principles and high moral character. Americans “Trust in God”. We the people are the solution, remember we the people create jobs, not the rich.

 Free trade and WTO destroyed American’s jobs.

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The American whores continuing the wholesale of American’s jobs.

The GOP NEOCON whores that wholesale Americans jobs through free trade

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