For the Good of All Too Big To Fail

In response to “History’s Message” I’ve been admonished, as follows: “The objective of the Tea Party cannot be the imposition of a religion.” I’m so delighted to be thus informed.

In answer I’m forced to bring attention to the idea that we cannot allow the domino effect, first Bush’s, now Obama’s policy. First, Wall Street bankers, then General Motors, next Greece, next Europe, finally it will be the United States, all too big to fail, what’s next? Next comes the end of “the imposition of a religion;” that is, the end of God-given rights, when there is no other choice than to knuckle under.

Too big to fail turns out, in the end, to be nothing can be greater than manmade rights. For instance, President Obama wants to keep military volunteers, who risk their lives for America’s security, and at the very least to live under extremely undesirable conditions, paid far less than government and union workers. He wants those who work to share with those who don’t work, even with no reason at all. Don't you love this idea? It comes under the heading of class warfare: Marxism, or godless socialism. Alas, too big to fail comes from the minds of those who already have too much power.

While campaigning, Obama spoke in platitudes and got the independent vote. Now off the chart, we know specifically how he plans to transform America. He wants to eliminate “the imposition of a religion,” or as I would put it, God-given rights. Obama wants us all to be government workers. He wants to decide how much we get paid. It goes against natural law, which I elect to call God-given rights, others to call “a religion.” God-given rights and religion, one and the same—juxtaposition of meaning for political purposes, I would say no way Jose.

Rather, I would say, dumbed down, mentality the creation of ambitious men, I was God-created with reason and logic, President Obama and following for manmade rights, or for hive mentality; Obama for sharing and sharing alike, for queen bee government the provider, the total obliteration of God-given rights, worker bees, and drones living on the labor of others, and no one dares to disagree with the one, ultimately, with the most power, or the end justifies the means, Obama’s visionary transformation, there you have it, the illogical reasoning behind too big to fail—using taxpayer money to bail out the corrupt and self-serving, preserving the high and mighty so they might continue taking hard working people to the cleaners. It's unbelievable how the American people have been suckered!

I absolutely disagree with the idea that this I back is “the imposition of a religion.” I’m totally against “for the good of all.” It is against natural law. It is really Obama and people afraid of real change, afraid of using their God-given reason and logic, burying their heads in the sand. Am I right or wrong? The objective of the Tea Party is to bring back my Constitution and my God-given rights—nothing less and nothing more.

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  • Tea Party Founder, on my blog post, commented, "Our authority to form a nation is derived by divine Providence." Tea Party Founder and I connected because we both know we are too big to fail, not for Wall Street bankers' sake, not for General Motors' sake, not for government's sake, not for the good of all, but for the sake of our immortal souls and the greatest nation the world has ever witnessed. It is gratifying that 60 million Americans are awakening to this fact of history.

    I had failed in my second marriage. My business enterprise was on the rocks. I didn't know what I was going to do. I was frightened and at the depths of despair. I blamed government for my failures.

    I studied my Constitution and the procedure for taking the IRS to court. I felt that voices from the past were speaking to me. This was in 1975, long before The Tea Partly. I was alone fighting the mighty United States. It was as tough as it gets. Everyone I knew thought I'd lost my mind.

    The U.S. Tax Court ruled in my favor. The IRS forked over the money it had lawlessly confiscated, and then proceeded to confiscate it again, and in violation of the tax court order. The U. S. Court of Appeals and the U. S. Supreme Court both held for the IRS. The IRS claimed it had corrected its mistake. It lied. I filed in the U.S. District Court. That court held from me. Again the IRS forked over the money it confiscated, and then went to my bank and took every penny in my account. The District Court refused to reopen my case. I took the court record to the press. Confronted with the court record, in a front page story, the IRS admitted that it had lawlessly taken my property in violation of court orders. I got my money back and the case was swept under the carpet.

    But this is far from all. After my marriage and busness failures, I went to sea for two years. While at sea, inexplicable events occurred, miracles you could say. When I left the sea, I'd saved seven lives, including my own, from a watery grave. The miracles continued. All of my dreams have come true.

    We are not spectators. We've got to take charge of our lives, and the going can get very hard. It's part of being American. True Americans are in the game to win; we believe we are too big to fail.
  • Joe - You are right. Our authority to form a nation is derive by divine providence not through a system of government. Anyone who studies the concept of a Monarchy will discover their claims to legitimacy has similiar connection. The difference with the nation of the people called Americans is government is an agent of the people. The power resides in the hands of the people, not in the hands of rulers or would-be kings. It only takes one person to recognize that his authority is derived through God not man. Therefore government is to be subject to the will of the people, not people to the will of the government.

    There are over 60 million Americans that have awaken to their rights. It has been seats of powers (rulers) that have confounded our understanding. We are here to reassert our rights which has been establish by Divine Authority. What religion you choose is your own doing or undoing. The founding fathers didn't care and neither do I, until these groups (whether collectively or singularly) begins to unravel the framework (U.S. Constitution) that guards our rights.

    Our rights are made known in the Declaration of Independence. These systems of government are constrained by the respective Constitutions (City, County, State and Federal). This structure provides the least amount of power the further it is remove from the soverign (the individual citizen). We have been dumb down as a people either deliberately or through or complacency. We have awaken and are to unite in the common good to restore our rights.
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