Anyone, who is not aware of the 'Shenanigans'; and devious 'anti-Christian antics'; and the
absolutely shameful behavior of the 'old guard' of both the Democratic and Republicans must
be caught between those who have their heads still hidden in the sand, or some other dark place.

We should all be appalled at the extremes that have been taken to prevent the implementation
of the Christian principle that this nation was built upon by our fore-fathers. Regardless of
their efforts to divide the people of this land into two camps, that are directly opposed to the
intent of our Constitution, and the true principle of law; not excluding the direction of our
CREATOR, WHO as GOD of All, is the Only Deity to WHOM we should be seeking to align
ourselves to HIS Perfect Will!

It is embarrassing to me, personally, to see the extent of out-right criminal intent that has been
taken by the 'establishment' of those, who have assumed that they are the chosen elite that are
given license to determine who is considered to be on the 'A' list, and those that are to be
discarded All in the name of 'the better good'! Who selected these members to join the

Like so many others, I'm convinced that there is an extensive effort to conduct a witch-hunt
against Newt Gingrich! It is clearly evident that the 'old guard' is very determined that no
one is able to dislodge their grip on the control of 'Affairs of State' None of them are going
to willingly relinquish their world of influence. And it is very obvious that they are still upset
with Speaker Newt Gingrich's last encounter with their realm, and it is visibly apparent that
they wish that they had been successful in completely eliminating him, for he is disturbing
their status-quo!

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