4063788098?profile=originalPolice Officer arrested for wearing mask at Anti-Obamacare Rally – Photo Credit Flickr

Has America entered the new age when even the police are not safe from being suspect because they do not support Barack Obama as president?  This seems to be the case for a Florida police officer who was off duty and just happens to be black and attending an Anti-Obamacare rally, according to the Raw Story.


Police officer Ericson Harrell wore his Guy Fawkes’ mask proudly as a “symbol of protest.”  Yet as he stood at the rally exercising his First Amendment right of Freedom of Speech, a police officer approached him and begged to differ. She ordered Harrell to remove his mask and told him he was in violation of the law.


The law that the officer claimed Harrell was in violation of dates back to the 1950’s civil rights era when the Ku Klux Klan used their robes and hidden faces to intimidate minorities.  But Harrell tried to educate the officer that he and other were acting peacefully and was “just standing on the side of the road trying to express their first amendment rights.”


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