FL Schools Now Recruiting For Islam!

Has the Florida Department of Education lost all control over what is being taught and/or presented to our children? The ACLU continually screams for separation of church and state however when it comes to Islam there seems to be no boundaries in our schools.

On May 16 and 17 of 2012, Channel One Network, a national distributor of educational videos and newscasts was viewed daily by over 8,000 middle and high schools, aired a two-part video series, titled "Young and Muslim in America" and "Islam in America." 

Having watched both of these video’s I find they are NOT a History lesson or merely an explanation of what Muslim culture is but recruitment video’s. Presenting an idealized, whitewashed image of Islam and its followers, and showing how converting to Islam helps those who are lost and confused, emphasize’ s this programming is nothing short of a disguised recruitment video pushing a religion in a public school setting.

Our textbooks are filled with lies in regard to the status and importance of Islam over Judeo/Christian beliefs and distortions of the truth in regard to historical happenings. We have tried to get the various school districts to present to the classrooms addendums of the correct history but to deaf ears. 

Imam’s allowed to speak to our students without permission of the parents. Presenting recruiting video’s to our children without the permission.  Has the Florida State School Board and Commissioner of Education made a pack that “anything” goes when it comes to our schoolrooms?  You allow them to be taught with a faulty curriculum, non-factual textbooks, lower testing standards, throw in RTTT/CCS when we beg you to turn them down and to put the frosting on the cake you allow “UNSUPERVISED” International/Global/United Nations curriculums into our classrooms and “UNSUPERVISED” Charter Schools to include Gulen “Islamic” schools. 

If there was ever a strong case for changing the Florida Constitution to remove total control of the school district’s from the hands of each individual school district and to change back the office of the Commissioner of Education to an ELECTED office again I don’t know what is!

No wonder Florida is 48th in the country!  Our Education committee’s and school boards along with all the legislative Education committees are filled with NON-EDUCATOR’S and when we complain, again you smile and turn a deaf ear.

In "Young and Muslim in America: How being a part of Islam changed ten years ago, Part 1," students watch as Muhtasham Sifaat, 18, kneels on a prayer rug inside an empty classroom. His voiceover explains how he moved around a lot when he was younger, but Islam has given him stability. What is not revealed is that Mr. Sifaat is a political activist serving as a chapter president of the Muslim Students Association (MSA), one of the most radical Muslim Brotherhood front groups in America.



The MSA pledge states: "Allah is my lord. Islam is my life. The Koran is my guide. The Sunna is my practice. Jihad is my spirit. Righteousness is my character. Paradise is my goal. I enjoin what is right. I forbid what is wrong. I will fight against oppression. And I will die to establish Islam."

Kyle Smith, 22, gives an overview of the five pillars of Islam before the narrator explains:  Kyle, who's president of his university's Muslim Students Association, grew up in a Roman Catholic family, but converted to Islam three years ago after searching for meaning in his life (italics mine)...two of his friends led him to the religion.

Doesn't searching for meaning in life describe almost every American adolescent? Presenting an idealized, whitewashed image of Islam and its followers, and showing how converting to Islam helps those who are lost and confused, this programming is nothing short of a disguised recruitment video pushing a religion in a public school setting.

The airing of "Islam in America: How being Muslim has changed since 9/11, Part 2" on May 17 begins with a news update on the Trayvon Martin case, which deals with the alleged racial profiling of a black teenager. Coincidentally, the video that follows compares "Flying While Muslim" to "Driving While Black." Students learn about Amany Killawi,19, who struggles to board airplanes: Having to be checked at the airport a couple of times is definitely not comfortable, especially if you're Muslim. I often joke if you think driving while black is tough, try Muslim while flying. Because it's really, really tough.

Zana Lee, 14 and wearing hijab, is filmed walking into a store, stopping in front of a candy display, and subtly pointing to a bag of Skittles. Her voice-over:

I do think that Muslims are discriminated against here in America...sometimes it happens to me. Sometimes I could be shopping in the store, or just getting some candy from the corner store and I could just look up at the cashier and she can look at me in a certain way, and it just kinda hurts sometimes.



I believe the whole Education system of Florida needs to take a long hard look at the direction they are headed especially since their seems to be no oversight into what is being taught, recruited, used or spent when it comes to the “government” or “Charter” schools in this state.

Not only our students are failing but you as “leaders” have failed them!


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