I've  often wondered since I first heard the term politically correct back in the late 80's and 90's just what exactly it was, and just how it was suppose to pertain to me. Now maybe I ponder to much on such things because most people I knew at the time just took it in stride.                                                                                                                    Normally I say what I think even in public and over the years have suffered a lot of flings and arrows that go with it, it seem that I've never had time to write any thing down and express myself in this form before, but being on vacation from work and finally having some free time lets see how many agree with me or if I'm the right wing nut job some paint me to be.                                                                                                              First of all the first amendment says we have the right to free speech. So why is it when sum of us on the right use it do we allow ourselves to be maligned and shamed into walking it back or apologizing for our beliefs. the recent left-wing attacks on Ted Cruse ,Donald Trump are prime examples of these tactics and the only way I see to stop them is to stop apologizing and turn it on them. Free speech is the right to offend and to be offended . I find myself offended everyday when I hear someone refer to illegal aliens as immigrants. First of all they are not they are invaders they break the law in coming, they break the law by staying , by driving automobiles without a valid license period not to forget driving drunk, by trafficking drugs and people. and then there is incidents like the murder in San Francisco this past week. the left will try again to attack the second amendment. instead of recognizing the fact that that man shouldn't have been here at all. or putting aiding and abiding felony charges on the mayor of San Francisco as well as the whole city counsel, and yes the federal government should with hold all federal dollars from San Francisco and all other sanctuary cities.                                                            Now the PC police will probably come after me for hate speech or some messed up crap . Oh Well let em but I will never apologize or surrender my right given by God to speak my mind, because free speech and political correctness can not co-exist.                                         

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