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"Americas must realize that self-scrutiny is not treason. Self-examination is not disloyalty."


Fellow Americans, our Government and corporate American it’s  blind by greed and their pursuit of economic control through the exploitation of the world working class; that is why they are not able to see the fuel that ignite unrest in the United States. The real issue is poverty, oppression and the concentration of wealth created by the NEOCON globalist agenda at the expenses of the average American working class.

The demise of the US economic and the slavery of the American working class begin with Ronald Reagan, Reagan was the main promoter of NAFTA and followed by the presidents elected by the US corporate money that used the US propaganda machinery “The US News Media” to promote and elect their Washington puppets. Most Americans know that Washington is controlled by corporate American; Corporate American are the ones that pushed for NAFTA and all the free trade agreements that destroyed Americans jobs, made the American economic slave class and demise the American middleclass.

In the 2008 Presidential Campaign, NAFTA was attacked from all sides, during the 2008 Presidential campaign. Barack Obama blamed it for growing unemployment. He said it helped businesses at the expense of workers in the U.S. It also did not provide enough protection against exploitation of workers and the environment along the border in Mexico. Hillary Clinton included the trade agreement in her pledge to strictly enforce all existing trade agreements, as well as halt any new ones. Both candidates promised to either amend or back out of the agreement all together. However, Obama hasn't done anything about these campaigns promises since becoming President. Why? The answer is simple Obama is corporate American puppet. In 2008, Republican candidate Ron Paul said he would abolish the trade agreement. He said it was responsible for a Superhighway and compared it to the European Union. He was right, the EU destroy many of their members increased poverty and demise their economic, However the US propaganda machinery killed Ron Paul opportunity to become the US president, Ron Paul has maintained this position in his 2012 campaign but no one support him, because the American propaganda machinery worked to discredit the only candidate that have the solution to get our country on the right path. Ron Paul will not sell out that is why they have to destroy him and they used the News Media. They transformed the news media into their propaganda machinery to place in office their choose candidate, their puppets that they control, because they are the owners of this US propaganda machinery that is used to brainwash the American people.

Today, protests and civil unrest is Treated as Terrorism in America, What we’re seeing in Ferguson, is not a local issue, this is something that’s been driven by national policies, by policies that Congress has approved of and has oversight of, and must end. The militarization of the police force; and the idea to take domestic police officers and train them like soldiers and give them military gear and dress them up like soldiers and tell them they’re fighting a war on crime or war on terrorism; that is why the police see themselves as soldiers. That’s the mindset of police officers that responded to protests—not just in Ferguson, but also on many others cities with activist and protesters; on the crackdowns at the political conventions. Police brutality has become the default response to protest in the U.S., and it’s something that, demise the very idea of free speech and the First Amendment. We are not the enemy the enemy is corporate American and the whores that become the puppets of corporate American, the Washington corrupt politicians.

The real issues are rampant police abuse and brutality. The FBI treated the peaceful protesters – who were protesting too big to fail banks, and who were predominately white - as terrorists.

Highly-militarized, federally-coordinated police used such brutal violence to break up the protests.

Violence was also been unleashed against peaceful protesters outside of Republican and Democratic conventions. Reporter Amy Goodman was arrested at the Republican convention for documenting violence against protestors.

Peaceful protest is considered terrorism in modern America. Honest Journalists are considered terrorists in modern America; whistleblowers are being prosecuting as traitors for telling the truth to the American people. So the question is who is the enemy we the people or the corrupt corporate American and their Washington puppets?.

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