Lord Jesus Christ, before you ascended into heaven you gave us the great commission to “Go out into the whole world and baptize in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit”. We ask you to forgive us as we have failed to do your will.

We believe that you are a God of purpose, you allowed for the people of this country to elect Obama as our president, Lord you have made possible to us to see what an anti-Christ, sociopath and psychopath in power will do to demise God’s country. Only Obama a man without any moral conscience will be able to be the protagonist of all the crimes cover-up and corruption done in this country, to benefit the elite of this country that want to control the world’s economic and enslave your people. Lord your revelation that we the people of faith will save America will be done.  

Dear Jesus, give us the wisdom and courage to free your people. Americans need to study the agenda call "globalization" and what it will be the outcome if this become a reality. We must fight corruption and the anti-Christ and save our country from its own demise, Lord Jesus, get all the people of this country to become one united to fight corruption and free your people now. We know that you are with us and we shall overcome. Amen.    http://anticorruptionact.org/

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