Federal Crimes

I certainly appreciate Dee bringing to our attention, via the Internet, the unreasonable and, certainly, criminal actions of the Legislative, Executive, and Judicial branches of the federal government, and the politicians, political appointees, and bureaucrats who are responsible for implementing these actions in contravention to the federal rulebook, our sacred U.S. Constitution.  But the crimes that have yet to be officially called crimes, like Libya, Benghazie, and "Operation Fast and Furious," take immediate back-seat to the crimes that may be stated as officially proven. 


On September 11, 2001, called 9/11, some scientifically impossible things, which could not have happened in accordance with the federal explanations, cry out for justice, as does the blood of over 3,000 innocent human beings, who were murdered that day.  These scientifically impossible things are looking the reasonable member of the American electorate in the face saying, "Here we are, declare us a deceitful federal crime."  But, for some reason, twelve years have gone by without the indictment of the perpetrators of 9/11 within the federal government.  There is an old English Common Law Latin expression that is used in American tort law, under gross negligence, called "res ipsa loquitor."

This means, "the thing speaks for itself."  It applies to something that clearly happens to someone's detriment, which could have only been caused by the person responsible for it.  That is, the person in control of the situation.  One day a bale of hay fell out of a barn loft onto a person walking by the barn on an English road, and the British jurists simply ruled, "who else but the person who owned the barn could have been responsible for the bale of hay falling onto the victim?"

Well, res ipsa loquitor fully applies to the complete collapse of WTC Building 7, and WTC Towers 1 and 2.  It was scientifically impossible for WTC Building 7 to have completely collapsed, at free-fall speed, as a result of two small fires on two of its floors, as the federal National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) flippantly determined.  All of the beams and columns in the 47 story skyscraper had to of been severed at the same time for the building to collapse in the manner of controlled demolition.  Over 1,000 eminent architects, engineers, and scientists have gone on record to declare that WTC Building 7 was brought down by controlled demolition, and the federal government, the 9/11 culprit, talks and acts as though these people are demented. 


By proper logic, if the WTC Building 7 was imploded by controlled demolition, and if the WTC Towers, 1 and 2, also collapsed at free-fall speed, they were also imploded.  And the people having complete control of the situation, who insist that jets crashing into the Towers, and the subsequent kerosene jet fuel fires, were responsible for the free-fall collapses, were those high-ranking officers of the U.S. military and agencies of the federal Executive branch.  All of the structural columns supporting the floors, in both of the WTC Towers, had to have been severed at the same time for the buildings to have collapsed at free-fall speed in the fashion of controlled demolition.

So, isn't it sort of like a reasonable person seeing a stray dog in the middle of a road on a clear day, and tha driver of a car increasing the car's speed, accelerating and aiming directly for the dog.  When the dog is struck and killed by the driver of the car, the sober driver stops the mechanically sound car, gets out, and says without any feeling, "I didn't see the dog in the road."  What would the reasonable witness say?  Would he agree with the driver?  I don't think so.  The event spoke for itself, and the driver intended to kill the dog, and the reasonable person would not conclude that the driver did not intend to hit the dog,

I have brought out in other essays that the federal government has been proven to be utterly pragmatic and guilty of lying to the American public in order to orchestrate foreign policy agendas.  They were guilty of lying in September 1990, when G.H. Bush and Dick Cheney told the American public that NSA satellite photos proved that Saddam Hussain had his army were poised on the Kuwaiti-Saudi border threatening invasion of Saudi Arabia.  Jean Heller, ace reporter for the 'St. Petersburg Times" spent $25,000 and purchased commercial satellite photos taken by Russian Soyez-Karta satellite of the same ground, on the same days, in September 1990.  When they were analyzed by experts, they showed that there weren't any troops, tanks, artillery, or, even, tracks in the sand.  I spoke to Jean Heller by phone in 2005, and I have no reason to doubt the Pulitizer-nominated journalist's veracity.  Dick Cheney was involved in federal government duplicity and conspiracy in 1990, as Secretary of Defense, and, again, on 9/11, as Vice-President.  The man was, and is, a pathological liar, as were Donald Rumsfeld, Condilezze Rice, and George W. Bush. 

So, we have a 112th Congress who seems to be turning their collective head to federal crimes that have already been committed, and clearly ignoring the need for indictment of federal officers for recent high crimes and misdemeanors.  Those committed by Barry Soetoro Barack H. Obama, his accomplice, Michele Obama, Hillary Clinton, Eric Holder, Harry Reid, and Nancy Pelosi seem to fill the moment.  Louis the 16th and Marie Antonnette lost their heads for lies, conspiracy, and deception in the French Revolution; and the same things can happen when the American People, the citizens of the republic, get so fed-up with lies, conspiracy, and deceit that revolution is the only logical result. 


The Tea Party is certainly not comprised of anarchists, but, instead, highly indignant American citizens who want to see the same respect for the enforcement of laws, in accordance with the U.S. Constitution, as was shown by the federal government in 1800.  The Tea Party also wants to see the same liberties and freedoms, which are protected by the sacred Bill of Rights, to be regarded as scared and inalienable as they were in 1800.  Let those who have committed federal crimes be held accountable for those crimes.  Don't allow dirty money and pragmatic political power to stand in the way of the proper federal administration of criminal justice.  God save the Republic! 





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