We have to spread the word. There is no limit to the corruption of the Criminally Insane. We have to make our movement Tangible and it requires all of us to do it. Funding is needed to take Legal Action to Stop Congress. Follow this link "Donate Now" and let's quit playing the patriot game and actually put our money with our mouth is. There is over 10 million Tea Party Members and if just we put $100 into the kitty then we could not be stopped. I hate asking for money, but our Nation cannot wait for your warm feeling. We have to get off the couch and take action.I'm working right now with a number of organizations to restructure the Tea Party Movement to develop a unified voice. We will promulgate schedule events that everyone will have flexibility and unity. We have to Unite and quit trying to divide or reinvent the wheel. I believe the Tea Party Movement is an umbrella that has different arms (tactics - Patriots Groups, Religious Orgs, Non-Profits and Profit Groups) working together to Restore Our Nation. I well aware of all the Groups out there, since I have been there from the beginning and have seen all these groups attempt to reinvent the Wheel. I established the Non-Profit Corporation about the time Rick Santelli made his comments. I am the Tea Party founder and God is moving us as a nation to return to our roots. We need to bring our talents or concepts under one roof and exercise this as a battleplan. I have a mechanism to prioritize these activities and properly fund these structures, but we have to work together stop sub-dividing.We must work together and put aside the hatred. America is calling - will you be apart of the solution or the problem (divisive). I'm open to ideas and do not believe being exclusive. I believe we need current members of Congress and political groups (Republicans, Independents, Democrats(RID)), however these groups need to stop trying to control this movement (names temporarily omitted, because I hate division). If these political parties don't yield to us then I'm not afraid to name them and their connections to shadow organizations. The people in the street (attendees) are there for the same reasons I started this movement. I know how to include these groups, but the Tea Party Stage is not a campaign stump. Stop trying to use this movement to support you bid for office. I appauled anyone who is willing to be sifted to lead us politically. However, we require leaders that are honest and character can be verified. We have a mechanism to filter out the liars (open vetting). Individual we may have various platform preferences, but every RID groups needs to get out of our wallets. We are the embodiment of the Constitution. If the Constitution was intact we would not have responded. This document (Constitution) does not need to reinterpreted but needs to be followed, period. Spread the word through what ever forum you have. Follow this link "Donate Now".
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