Fax to Sen. Graham ( R???? - SC)

Numbers USA is a terrific Organization.

You can send a Fax to your politician (canned or customized) and they DO NOT BEG for $$$

Here is a fax I sent to Sen. L. Graham (R???-SC)

If you are from SC…….. copy and paste this or dial up Numbers USA

Graham needs to be brought back to earth!

I sent this to Sen. Graham.

He needs to hear from you too

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Mr.                                                                              4-21-13
Address blanked out

Phone blanked out

Senator Lindsey Graham
U.S. Senate, 290 Russell Senate Office Building
Washington, DC 20510

Dear Senator Graham:

It is disappointing that you keep telling the media that South Carolina's voters are "sold" on an amnesty for illegal aliens. This is not the case and you know it! I hope you will start putting the needs of South Carolinians ahead of the wants of illegal aliens!

You say you're not feeling the heat like you used to on illegal immigration and amnesty. Just how much heat do you need to feel before you start taking the concerns of South Carolina's voters seriously? Giving any benefits, let alone a "pathway to citizenship" to illegal aliens, is incredibly unpopular in our state and we've made that loud and clear. Unfortunately, you insist on pushing forward on legislation that would do just that.

You also say you won't back down on this issue. I wish you would fight this hard for unemployed South Carolinians as you are for your cheap-labor employers who are backing an amnesty.

Know this...... IF you won't back down and start representing SC Citizen Taxpayers, you will have one vociferous foe in 2014.
I can not afford a Senator who misrepresents my positions.

An American for sovereignty,



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