Fathers Day Salute To Black Pioneers

4063478334?profile=originalFriday evening in Baltimore, my 84 year old dad was honored at The African-American Fire Fighters Historical Society 3rd Annual Salute Dinner. The event observed the June, 1953 desegregation decision of the Baltimore City Board of Fire Commissioners. This year the society saluted the first African Americans promoted in the Baltimore City Fire Department.

My dad, Dr. Rev. Lloyd E. Marcus was the first African-American Fire Fighter of the Year, first Paramedic and first Chaplin. Yes, that's my dad!

Among the honorees was Mr. Herman Williams, father of TV talk show host, Montel Williams. Mr. Williams was the first African American Chief of the Baltimore City Fire Department.

Circumstances made it impossible for me to attend. My siblings and two of dad's grandsons attended the dinner. My brother David said the event was a wonderful history lesson about what these pioneers went through. David said each honoree told their story. They told tales of overcoming and achieving despite having to endure horrific humiliating circumstances.

David said what struck him most was their extraordinary lack of bitterness or hatred for whites. These pioneers were simply telling how it was without anger, bitterness or blame. How impressive.

David said dad was proud as punch that his kids and grand-kids were in attendance. At the end of the evening's festivities, dad whispered to his grandson, little David, “It's tough being a pioneer.” Then, dad let out his infectious laugh.

Now, if I can just get dad not to love Obama. Oh well, you can't have everything. Dad, congratulations! You're an amazing man – my hero. I love you. Happy Father's Day.

Lloyd Marcus, Proud Unhyphenated American

Chairman – www.CampaignToDefeatObama.com


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  • Amen, and thank you again to Lloyd Marcus for a poignant glimpse into his family.  When I was a child I had two "Uncle Bobs."  It wasn't until I was older that I realized that my black "Uncle Bob" probably wasn't a blood relative.  I loved it when he bounced me on his knee.

  • Happy Father's Day to all wonderful, loving and caring dads out there.

  • I believe everything I read today. I do not believe Jesus ever sees color when he looks into our eyes. Everyone i fellowship with says He judges each one of us on character. I salute all fathers who have been good fathers to their children and cared for them, loved them, and protected them. Men who had children and abandon them are not fathers, they are simply slugs.

    I pray for children who grow up fatherless and pray that God will send them providers and comforters. I have two children one adopted and one through wed lock.  The adopted one her father unfortunately was unable to care for himself, drugs and alcohol abuser. His addiction finally over came him.

    If you have this opportunity to adopt due to any circumstances, love them and care for them as if they were your naturally born child and treat all of your children equally. They too will then feel the love of a father and have a full, rewarding, happy, and healthy life. That is what fathers do. 

    Llyod that is what fathers and grandfathers do... and I am sure your father and grandfather both are men of integrity and stature.

    Bob Casper

  • Lloyd it is evident how very proud of your Dad/Father!! Fathers Day. A day in which to recognize the love and sacrifice our fathers gave for US and to this country and to the community in which they lived.

    My dad, Cherokee-mix, was blue-collar and set an example before his son as to a strong work ethic and moral standards.

    . d

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