Faith in natural law, either the law of the jungle or faith in divine providence, a higher law exclusively for the highest of life forms on planet Earth, America’s Founding Fathers were of the faith that America’s founding was an act of divine providence, without the usual and dividing supernatural characteristics that go with various religions. “We are one nation under God.” It worked to make America the most powerful and prosperous nation on earth, but now we find ourselves divided.

Together with prosperity, power being native to all sentient beings, power opposing reason, reason fundamental to the Higher Law, the background of American constitutional law, the current activist Supreme Court, opposing reason fundamental to the law, says that in light of today’s needs the law is what we say it is. This house divided will not long stand.

The law in America has emerged part Higher Law, part political. The Ciceronian version of the Higher Law, as regarding human equality:

“There is no one thing so like or so equal to one another in every instance man is to man. And the corruption of custom and the variation of opinion did not induce an imbecility of minds and turn them aside from the course of nature, no one would more resemble himself than all men would resemble all men. Therefore, whatever definition we give to man will be applicable to the entire human race.”

Ah yes, the definition: Philosopher Nietzsche wondered if God made a mistake when he created man or if man made a mistake when he created God. Nietzsche came to the conclusion that the individual was responsible for his own choices. From this came the God is dead notion. To the contrary, I found faith in self and faith in God are one. Since then, regardless of what goes on externally, internally, I have the power to cope.

But getting back to the activist Supreme Court, Justice Brandeis, a Roosevelt appointee, declared, “Property is only a means. It has been a frequent error of our court that they have made the means the end.” Under Roosevelt’s New Deal law, the end justifies the means. Redistribution of the fruits of the individual’s labor is for the good of all. Although I fought this idea for years, that’s fine by me now. Being one of the government entitled, I’m on the receiving end. By divine providence big daddy government is taking care of me, like Cicero said, From the course of nature, no one would more resemble himself than all men would resemble all men. Therefore, whatever definition we give to man will be applicable to the entire human race.

Let’s see how that works. And God said, Let us make man in our image (Gen 1:26). In the end, who wins under “the end justifies the means,” those who depend on government, or government? We are currently given faith choices: Obama’s “transformation” to socialism, or God in Heaven, or free enterprise—that is, faith in a supernatural government, Obama style, faith in supernatural God, religion’s style, or faith in self, divine providence, and the Higher Law, the background of American constitutional law. Personally speaking, long ago, I chose the Higher Law. Ever since, in spite of everything the establishment has done to discourage me, for me, everything has been in divine order.

Just by coincidence, in the month Obama was elected, Saturn went into unfavorable alignment with Pluto. It will remain in unfavorable alignment throughout Obama’s term of office. According to distinguished philosopher and cultural historian Richard Tarnas, who demonstrates the existence of astonishingly consistent correspondence between planetary alignments and the archetypal patterns of human history and biography, what is taking place today in America is exactly what he predicted.

“Pay as you go,” something for which I didn’t ask, nevertheless, for me a blessing, for those who follow, a great burden, yep, “you picked a fine time to lead us, Barrack.”

Just by coincidence, we are leaving the Age of Pisces, whose symbol is two attached fish swimming in opposite directions. Pisceans want to do the right thing but have a terrible time making up their minds. We are entering the Age of Aquarius, whose symbol is the water-bearer to humanity. Just by coincidence, I’m Virgo with Aquarius rising. And just by coincidence, when I was born Saturn was in its most favorable alignment with Pluto. And just by coincidence, the Mayan calendar ends with the end of Obama’s term of office. The Mayans believed the end of Obama’s presidency was the end of the present world and the beginning of a new world. Put it all together, along with Gen 1:26, Let us make man in our image, and we have a new image of man to look forward to.
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