there is a website that I have been to and found it to appear reputable that gives tons of info about smart meters and I think it has a chat room and has free forms to use to force the power companies to not install or remove said smart meters,,, I think there is a fee to purchase the CD-ROM with tons of forms considering how rare it is that a power company would let anyone know this kind of information, the just mentioned website is,,,  ; I got the just mentioned website from a 2 hour pledge drive show I recorded to DVD from PBS  called TAKEBACKYOURPOWER with the actual run time of the info part of the show running about 1 hour, EXTREMELY Informative and a Must see for everyone, the video is at the website and can bee watched for free, the video is a documentary about the world wide fight to stop the smart meter agenda which is a plan to steal elections and control cities for those in the corporate world that are corrupt and want a one world order and one world economy and one world government which they call governance to control others, sounds like a democrat plan to me,,,

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