old Mr. Bob wears a mask place to place and everywhere; not too many anymore
washes his hands until they are dry and flaky; wipes everything in sight; bathes the dog and cats numerous times a week
avoids everyone; even friends and many family members;
listens to what the TV doctors prescribed and more restrictions too
he follows everything to the very letter; the mandates are clear

months and months went by and people without masks seemed to be the enemy and must be despised
he began to hate without remorse and wished they were dead; including his maskless neighbor Big Tit Tilda prancing braless around town dangerously rude

it seemed that people didn't like each other anymore and some swore never to be sociable if they had the choice
holding hands; kissing; hugging became distasteful and resentment
was in order; it did seem like a war; trench warfare
few dared to come near anyone else without fear; spending time alone was the new normal; figuring out the day trapped in the trench; no ground to gain; no supplies; every man for himself !

people did not die as planned; low body count and politicians worried and disappointed; needed a new twist and plot
old Mr. Bob doesn't seem himself lately; took pills for relief; decided he was needing help; the psychiatrist suggested he visit complete solitude
in a ward nearby for several weeks; he seemed safer there they hoped; or until he expires

Joseph Phillip De Marco
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