Erosion and the Constution

Erosion of the Constitution


I will begin by allegorically defining erosion.  The Grand Canyon was formed out of solid rock by water over eons of time.  Water ‘eroded’ a small obstructing hill into a chasm over a mile deep. Erosion may be insidious, but it is also ruthless.  A term that might be applied to the power mad in Washington of today.


Many people refer to FDR’s New Deal as the start of the erosion of the Constitution by our government.  I submit that it began much earlier than that.  Take a look at Grant’s administration and his use of carpet baggers during the Restoration following the Civil Was.  I could take you on a long and boring walk through many presidencies, but being the kind and gentle soul I am I will spare you that tedium.


So how about some things closer to our time?  OK that should be easy.  Let’s start with the Supreme court hearings during the Carter term.  The media began to make an epithet of the phrase “Strict Constructionist” when referring to candidates that believed the constitution means just what it says.  Skipping over many other worthy examples we come to what, in my opinion, is the single greatest practicing threat to the constitution the so called “Patriot Act” that ended with the formation of the Department of Homeland Security.  This “act” was envisioned by Bush as way to imprison foreign terrorist whether on our soil or some one else's.  You see the constitution strictly prohibits the incarceration of American citizens without that little thing called Habeas Corpus.  Basically that is the right to appear before a judge.  It does not so protect our non-indigenous enemies, nor should it.  The case could be made that it doesn’t even protect a foreign national committing a lesser crime on our soil, but we habitually and rightfully extend that courtesy to them.


Now the Department of Homeland Security (Insecurity?) has decided that our mental property is not a Constitutionally protected asset to the point of saying that they have the right to search and seize your Emails, thoughts committed to hard disc, Text messages, listed phone numbers and anything else they deem ‘potentially subversive’ without either probable cause or a warrent.  Particularly if it is within one hundred miles of ANY border.  I wonder who decided to stop at the one hundred mile point?  Why limit themselves?


In addition we are now subject to spying from the skies by our own government and threatened with murder for being in the company of a non convicted suspected person.  The CIA and FBI has taken the right to open our mail, listen in on our conversations, invade our homes without warrants and on and on and on.


A Constitutional Republic?  Not lately.  I submit to you that most of this is caused by you and me.  We have allowed the country to be taken over by the power hungry politician that is much more concerned with keeping his/her POWER than governing in a constitutional manner.

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  • First, the DHS should be obolished and destroyed completely as it is comepletely useless and is illegally housing criminal elements within it's fold that is detrimental to the freedoms of WE THE PEOPLE and are nothing more than a COMMUNIST mingion of the Obama DICTATORIAL regime!        Second, WE THE PEOPLE must demand of the most useless Congress in history, the majority consisting of "Progressive Socialists (COMMUNISTS)" that they stop all of this "Erosion BULL S--T and adhere to the US CONSTITUTION! They work for US, we are not SLAVES to them!     WAKE UP AMERICA!!!!

  • Now they're using our tax dollars to purchase huge stockpiles of ammunition, while trying to disarm us on another front.  How can we have a Constitutional Republic as long as our "leaders" have nothing but contempt for our Constitution?  We need to oust these anti-American frauds!

  • I invite others to join me in contacting their congress men and requesting-demanding the "patriot Act" be repelled and Home Land Security be dismantled. Now that Obama has declared the war in Afghanistan over, Terrists are on the run and America is now safer, there is no porous for the "Patriot Act" to be exist!

    Also DHS needs to be investigated and viewed as a department of armed troops instead of a depatment of information gathering which it was designed to be. Bush wanted a department that could gather information from both the FBI and the CIA, one of the problems with the 911 attack was both depatments had information but refused to share it, DHS was created to fill that gap.  


  • The illegal Alien Marxist Muslim is doing exactly what he set out to do, and heaven help us if we don't stop him and the others who are backing him.


  • Richard, I've usually pointed out the beginning of the serious erosion of the Constitution to Wilson, and sometimes to Teddy Roosevelt, but I can see an argument for looking as far back as Grant. It certainly deserves looking at. Thanks.
  • If these politicians will not do their job, to support and defend the Constitution they should RESIGN or be fired. And we should be loud in demanding that.
  • Until the American People start recognizing the failure of the Conservatives/Libertarians begin to realize that unless they start to support Allen West, Sarah Palin, Michelle Bachmann, Herman Caine, and etc there will be no future for our Sovereign Constitutional Republic. The Republicans are to deeply compromised with the blueblood country club moderates as the Bushes, Mc Canes, Doles and the like. Its simple the future is the TEA PARTY Patriots/Minutemen at the grass roots. Either can the Marxist from our education and compromise not with the Demonocrats who are full of Demons!!!!!!!!!!

  • Hey Jim:


    Thank you and your son's for your service.  Our troops are God's blessing to America.


    I understand what you are saying about God and I also believe that.  He did forgive Israel for their sins, but they still had to fight the battle to keep their land.  He just assures success.  I honestly do believe we are headed for a Civil War.  If it does not start over the gun ban, it will be something else.  He is doing everything possible to destroy our country. This Maxist Muslim and his foreign handlers will keep pushing, thinking to wear us down.   We do have some that will not fight, but the majority of Americans, will fight for this land of ours. 


    I am sorry to hear that your son received that ungrateful letter. I am sure Obama did that as pay back to those that refused to turn their weapons on the citizens.  And I am sure they sure do not want to meet our vet's at the working end of a weapon. I truly hope he does come back to North Dakota.  At times like this, family needs to be together. Your son in law probably will receive a letter also.  They supposedly sent them to all vet's returned from the Middle East. I think I heard North Dakota was not going along with the gun bans.  I pray that was their decision.  I live in Maryland, our governor is trying every way he can to have a gun ban here, not sure if he will manage it.  We do have some conservatives in the state legislature that is fighting it.  However, Maryland is a democrat state and Obama and Gov. OMalley are best friends.  OMalley wants to run for President in 2016 and needs the Obama machine to help him win.  Actually, my children want to just close up my house and move to another state and sell the house when the market is better.  My son just moved back home from Pennsylvania and actually said he thought North Dakota would be a good place for us. 


    I joined Oath Keepers and Modern Militia Movement, as I felt uncomfortable being here alone with the great grand children.  They have formed militia in each state.  They mostly are vet's and law enforcement, they both had notes on their websites that they needed volunteers, so I let them know I was not a vet, but would do whatever I could.  I received a nice email from Steward Rhodes thanking me for volunteering, they had needs for more than trained vets and would be in touch.  Right after that my son moved back home with me and I think he has joined also.


    Like you, whatever happens, I am counting on us too.  I have faith in American's, and truly believe we are honest hard working people, that will live and let live.  "We The People" do not go making problems for anyone.  But do not step on us!


    Semper Fi



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