Here we go again. Election year 2014,is almost upon us.This week, or what is left of it will focus on the budget. By Friday, Congress will announce a true Bi-Partisan bill that although had some give and take on both sides, is best for the country. It will include over 20 billion in cuts over the next 10 years and the parties will start prior to going home for the holidays.Congress will expect Americans to buy this even though there is over a 17 Trilion dollar deficit and over 100 trillion dollars in obligations. I am 57 and can remember the first time I heard the word "trillion". It seemed so unreal that we laughed at the word. Now iam asking what comes after a trillion?Upon return the deficit and budget will not have to be dealt with again till after November so why bring it up. Illegal immigration will be the topic. This is a great topic because everyone can posture and appear to be supporting their constituents. In Texas, where I an from, you will start to see pictures of crime ridden towns, drug smuggling and anything else one can think of. These events are taking place right now but you won't hear about them until Congress returns.The other side will be showing pictures of children being torn from there mothers arms and maybe some human trafficking.Don't get me wrong. I am very concerned about this issue and the laws that are being broken. What I am trying to say is both sides, which ever they are on, will use it to appease their constituents and there will be no resolution. I have my own theory of why the most powerful country in the world can't stop the flow of illegal immigrants and drugs in to our country but it scares me when I think about it.After going through the era I grew up in, I swore that nothing could ever scare me again. Concern me, yes, but not scare me. Now I wake up and go to work and fight a losing battle every day. They would not let us win in the 70's and we went home in shame. Don't let them do it again.
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