Email Scandals and Cover-Ups…Part 1

By Craig Andresen and Diane Sori  Right Side Patriots on

As the scandal regarding Hillary Clinton’s emails deepens, so too do the connections esc-1.jpg?width=216between her email scandal and the Benghazi scandal. This is why we, Craig Andresen from ‘The National Patriot’ and Diane Sori from ‘The Patriot Factor,’ have teamed up once again to delve into the matter and to expose even more connections between the two scandals and would should be dire implications for Hillary Clinton and Barack HUSSEIN Obama.

Last Thursday night the State Department released almost 3,000 more pages of Hillary’s emails with 66 of them now deemed classified, although those emails had not been marked ‘classified’ at the time they were sent. Amongst them and others previously released, we have found evidence that requires ‘educated’ speculation, because we are unable to view the emails themselves due to national security issues as these emails have been deemed ‘Above Top Secret’ meaning ‘Special Access Programs’ (SAP). Before we get into that, note that on January 13th of this year, Craig wrote an article, ‘Hillary Clinton – When Scandals Collide’ and where that article leaves off we now pick up with the latest information available.


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