Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their country.

That was an old typing practice sentence that I remember well, and is very apropos today. In light of this week's close call regarding upholding our 2nd Amendment rights, keeping the Supreme Court clean of judicial activists could not be more crital.

...she is a clear and present danger to the Constitution http://bit.ly/99ilPO

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  • So true, Mike. That's why Kagan cannot be trusted in what she SAYS, and why her actions need to be investigated and revealed. But......
  • The only way to get it back the way it was, the comprehensive way, is to do away with the welfare state in the reverse of the way it got a strangle hold on America. Let's face it. If you are personally responsible, self-sufficient, and want to be left to do your thing without government interference, Barrack Obama is your worst enemy.
    The Tea Party wants to vote incumbents out of office. Well and good. We are not hearing comprehensive solutions. Obama has his comprehensive solution. It’s strictly political. Every one of the national problems we have today is the result of the progressive agenda. Medicare, Social Security, and every other redistribution scheme in place today is a monumental failure. This nation’s spending is out of control and unsustainable. There is only one logical answer. Start now to phase out government entitlements. Why don’t I that from anyone?
  • The scale is so far tipped in the wrong direction, and I pray we can get it back.

    We have to also contact congress on the Financial Bill that is being ignored. Now that the text has been released, the facts are coming out, and they aren't pretty. It appears that AFFIRMATIVE ACTION is back, and it's in this bill, a la Robert Reich! Qualified Whites need not apply!! The positions are going to minorities, whether they are qualified or not.

    It's the redistribution of wealth program this administration is on, and it's in this Financial Bill. Think about an unqualified minority making a final decision on commodities, or derivitives, or lending.

    I thought we proved Affirmative Action does NOT work!
  • An alarming point by Gingrich. What in God's name is wrong with these Republicans?
    They should be filibustering this witch loud and clear!
  • So true, Joseph. That's the only reason I finally came out of my cloister -- to fight these Marxist ba$tards for my beautiful children and grandchildren.

    God bless you for your dedicated service, and a greatful nation thanks you.
  • I've used the first sentence I typed in high school typing, your "come to the aid of your country sentence." A year after typing that sentence I was a volunteer in World War II. I was a combat rifleman toward the end of Nazi Germany. I saw Germany flat on the ground. I saw the walking skeletons released from Nazi death camps. I'm now a disabled veteran, and grateful to the generousity of the American people. I have great concern for our children. We are even more in need of freedom loving American to come to the aid of their country. No external enemy could defeat America. But the internal threat we now face has us confused and dumbed down. Kagan is a fraud, the same as the majority on the Supreme Court. We must defeat the Marxist left at the up and coming election or it is all over for a free America.
  • It's kinda six of one, and half dozen of another. McCain would have been HORRIBLE!

    I'm praying for a filibuster, the these spineless Republicans will need a kick in the rear end to do it, so let 'em have it.
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