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We hear a lot about the clueless voters and those who vote for a living. Some of the clueless voters are actually good people who are just uninformed. They've been steadily fed by the liberal media how Republicans are the problem, how Obama is great, how the tea party is a bunch of back woods hicks from the KKK. Some of these people are waking up and realizing how they been lied to by the liberal media and that we are not the bad guys but victims of lying liberals. 

Yet these voters are nothing compared to the massive amount of voter fraud that has already happened. If we look at the last election it is clear Obama did not win re-election. 270 electoral votes were needed to win the election. Romney had 206 at the end of the election but if we take the voter fraud out of the picture Romney had more than enough to clearly win.

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Florida was won by Obama by a close margin.  50% of the vote went to Obama versus 49%.1 went to Romney for the Florida's 29 electoral votes. Yet lets look at Florida. As reported the night of the election, 100,000 Romney votes were found in a dumpster behind a voting place in Brown County. After the election it was reported some counties had upward of 140% voter turnout. These counties all went in Obama's favor.

Add Florida's electoral votes to Romney who would have had them if not for the voter fraud and that would have brought Romney up to 235 electoral votes.

Now lets look at Ohio. Obama won Ohio with 50.1% to Romney's 48.2 percent of the votes. Yet in Ohio voting officials proudly proclaimed to have voted for Obama multiple times. People were turned away at the voting polls and told they already had voted when they had not. Entire counties had zero Romney votes while pro Romney signs were all over the place in peoples yards. Ohio was worth 18 electoral votes which should of gone to Romney. That would of brought Romney up to 253 electoral votes.

Pennsylvania also was a state with massive voter fraud. If a person looks at how the state voted it was predominately Romney with the exception of Philly and Pittsburgh which had the elections ran by the Black Panthers. Obama was given Pennsylvania with 52% of the vote to Romneys 46.8%. Now that would sound like it's not even close, but let's look a little further here. Obama had 2.9 million votes to Romneys 2.6 million votes. Yet in Philly where the Black Panthers were running the votes Obama received over 500K voted to Romney's less than 100K votes. If we gave Pennsylvania to Romney it would of put him over the 270 electoral votes needed to win, but let's wait on that one.

Virginia is another state that had reported voter fraud. If you look at the map of how the state voted it was predominantly Romney. Yet it was reported that election officials were openly telling people they must vote for Obama. Also Virginia is heavily reliant on the sailors and everyone knows how the military feels about how Obama has repeatedly disrespected them. On top of that Virginia had reports of the votes changing to Obama in front of peoples eyes. I would have to say that Virginia's 13 electoral votes belonged to Romney which would bring him to 266. 4 short of winning, but we are not done yet.

In Colorado Romney lost the state by 113K votes. Yet ten counties in Colorado had voter turn out of 104% to 140% and those counties went to Obama. Add to Romney's total the 9 electoral votes Colorado holds and that places him at 275 electoral votes which is 5 more than needed to win without counting the 20 electoral votes Pennsylvania holds.

Even Michigan had reports of voter fraud where Republican poll watchers were run out of the voting places at gun point.

Bottom line is that the liberals don't need to rely totally on the sheeple to win an election when they can win with fraud and that's something we need to keep an eye out for in future elections. The liberal media did a hell of a job of covering up the election fraud and any future fraud in the Democrats' favor will also be not reported by the lame stream media, but we, the members of the Tea Party need to be vigilant. The liberals are scared of losing power, they are scared all the headway they made in transforming us into a communist nation will be lost and they are desperate. That massive voter fraud will continue is without question and that the media will not report it is also a given but we the patriots needs to make sure to do whatever is in our power to ensure fair and honest elections.

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  • Do any of us remember the video with bus loads of union and MOB cromies leaving Detroit and going to Wisconsin to vote AGAIN? It was actually reported on major media and nothing was done! Those that support Marxism and are anti-American can do anything just like Obama!

  • The article documents conventional, old-fashioned sorts of fraud -- perhaps not as old as 'vote early and often', but still mostly pre-computer age shenanigans. My guess would be that percentage-wise these tactics were used in equal amounts in earlier elections.  What is not documented and I have heard no speculation about is the electronic (i.e., computer) fraud that tipped the balance and that I am quite sure took place.  If the scenario follows McCarthy's in The Better Angels it will come to light when some further action is necessary on the part of the thieves.  HOWEVER I'm not a 'computer person' and haven't the wherewithal to investigate the supposition.  AS FOR REPUB leadership doing anything except going along to get along -- HAH!  It is/they are just as dull as dishwater and just as blond when it comes to considering reality, past present and/or future.  I will add (for the amusement of anyone who's read this far) that I'm pretty sure all the stuff about 'low information voters' is just stuff -- and tripe.  They're nothing new, such as they are.  It's all smoke to cover the mirrors that might give away the funhouse game . . ..

  • Will the Republican "leadership" do anything about this voter fraud?  Hell no!  All the RNC will do is talk, talk, talk.  I believe that we citizens are being duped by both Parties, and that both Parties function as one.

  • We winter in Mission  Texas and the voting machines have been locked up because they only register democrap.  The officials were going to release them for the run off primary without fixing them.  Believe AG Greg Abbott put a stop to that and had them locked up again.  Don't know if they will have to use a paper ballot for the May 16 election.

  • Obama is inter grading socialism to the American people by his actions stopping him is no small task i see the writing on the wall.   

  • Voter ID would help, it has in Texas, but how can you overcome corrupt polling officials and polling place intimidation? If I were in a district with obvious election fraud I would do early voting.

  • I have zero doubt Obama stole the election, maybe that's why he's lawyering up, although I think OAS has more to do with that...Semper Fi Nam 66-67

  • Great post, but it's "would have ", not "would of ." BTW:  soetoro, you evil, rotten monster.

  • I think it's funny how a person can go through life voting as a Republican and after they die, they then vote Democrat.

  • We lost the 2012 election due to massive voter fraud.....we will continue to loose elections if we don't stop the fraud.

    Get involved, check out: http://www.truethevote.org/about/history/  ...founded here in Houston in 2009....went national in early 2010. In Aug 2010....building that housed voting machines in Harris County burned down (3mos before election). Coincidence? Not hardly. TTV is actively involved in national voting results by states/counties...and files warnings to Tax Assessor when fraud suspected....and wins.

    To see if TTV is in your area send email to: info@truethevote.org

    TX requires Voter ID to vote; DoJ Holder filed lawsuit (still in litigation)....but we still show ID.

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