Ego Lacks Maturity and Wisdom


The very sound of it puts us on the defensive

and creates an immediate feeling of resistance

in the deepest recesses of our being. For this

reason, ego surrender may be the single

greatest challenge confronting anyone on the

path of spiritual or personal growth.

It is essential to understand that the need to

surrender the ego is not only for those whom

we would consider "egotistical." None of us is

free of the ego's influence.

Every human being, without exception, lives a life

whose daily, hourly, moment-to-moment behaviors

emanate from a core of learned beliefs. And every

human being, without exception, has developed an

ego whose view of life is intimately intertwined with

this core of learned beliefs.

To fully appreciate the influence of our ego in our

lives, we need to understand how it functions.

The ego is best understood as a kind of "child king"

as one who wields great power, but who as yet
lacks the wisdom and maturity to make

decisions that are consistently in the best interest

of those whom it governs: our own selves.
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