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Since 1976, the government has been shut down 17 times. What more proof do you need to tell you that this government does not know how to govern?  And Why?  The American people don't know reality.


Karen and I had been full-time RVing for two years. In April 2001, we parked in Shady Cove, Oregon’s Rogue River RV Park. For free hookups, Karen was to work part time in the office.  With nothing better to do with my time, I decided to write my memoirs.  After ten years of mind search, I have a wholly different image of who I am and what I’m about.

My story begins when one morning, first thing—that’s important—when my mind was clearest, I proceeded to write on a yellow pad my memory about my life.  After a few days, I typed what I’d written in my computer’s word processor and rearranged my thoughts so they would flow. For two years, I proceeded in this fashion to write my memoirs.  

I was disappointed to learn from my publisher’s critique that my memoirs left great gaps.  Several times, I’ve started rewriting An Aquarian’s Bold Venture. After a few pages, I knew that I was not filling the gaps. People wouldn’t buy my take. Then came July 11, 2011. I learned that the UN, the US, the EU, and Russia were meeting to decide Israel’s fate, without Israel’s participation.  President Obama favors Palestine’s solution for the Jewish Promised Land.  Israel’s President Netanyahu says it isn’t going to happen.  It was time to rewrite An Aquarian’s Bold Venture.

During the ten years I’ve been writing my memoirs (continuing the process of writing my thoughts first thing on a yellow pad), I’ve been posting my thoughts in blogs on the Internet. In February 2011, I purchased my own domain on the Web and commenced to blog my philosophy.

I’m 36 years ahead of the present situation. I was an independent businessman the government put out of business in 1975. Banks make money by loaning money to people.  Government gains power and control by spending money on people. Entrepreneurs, people who perform a service people are willing to buy, banks, government, and parasites after control, the resourceful the protectors of liberty, in 1975 I acted by challenging the constitutionality of federal income tax.

Oscar Wilde championed an aesthetic movement based on art for art’s sake. Reasoned Wilde, “Action is the last resort of those who know not how to dream.”   Dreamers dream of Utopia and controllers force all the pieces to fit. To my knowledge, there has never yet been a time that the good of all has produced better results than the good of one. Anything for the sake of itself is the sustainer of expedience.  Dreamers who don’t act when they see wrong are responsible for lots of atheists, lots of religious doctrines and dogmas—and lots of holy wars.  

Ever since I acted in 1975 to protect my sacred rights from an unconstitutional government, when things might well have gone very wrong for me, everything started going right.  There have been signs along the way, one of which was my decision to buy my own Web site on which to post my philosophy. I know zip about promoting a Web site.  In four months I received over 10,000 comments. For a cross section of the comments, go to www.mymiraclemessage.com/?p=75 and http://www.mymiraclemessage.com/?p=350#comments .  Ten years of mind search and writing my thoughts has been good practice for the task at hand: putting the information together in a way ordinary folks can understand. Most of the comments, interestingly, have come from entrepreneurs with something to sell on the Internet. It is an omen.

Kevin Kelley’s Economic Prediction

  1. The Law of Connections: The collapsing microcosm of chips and the exploding telecosm of connections will tear the old laws of wealth apart and prepare territory for the emerging economy.
  2. The Law of Plentitude: Curious things happen when you connect all to all.  Adding a few more members can dramatically increase the value for all members.
  3. The Law of Exponential Value: The chart of Microsoft’s cornucopia of profits is a revealing graph because it mirrors several other plots of rising stars in a Network Economy. However, the same forces that feed on each other to amplify network presences into powerful overnight standards can also work in reverse to unravel them in a blink. Success will become nonlinear and self-regulating.
  4.  The Law of Tipping Points:  Significance precedes momentum. Success became infectious and spread pervasively.  It became difficult not to be infected. For instance, how long could one hold out not having a telephone?
  5. The Law of Increasing Returns:  Them that’s got shall get. It depends on this: while centralized government gets more punishing, the Network Economy rewards schemes that allow decentralized creation, and punishes those that don’t.
  6. The law of Inverse Pricing: While the worst—government—gets more costly each year, the very best gets cheaper each year. It is a major engine for the new economy.
  7. The Law of Generosity:   Microsoft makes huge profits by giving away its Web browser, thereby creating a need. 
  8. The Law of Allegiance: The prosperity of the company is directly linked to the prosperity of the network. 
  9. The Law of Devolution: The tightly linked nature of any economy, but especially the Network Economy’s ultraconnected constitution, make it behave ecologically. The fate of individual organizations is not dependent entirely on their own merits, but also on the fate of their neighbors, their allies, their competitors, and, of course, on that of the immediate environment. 



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