Drawing A Line


Conservatives have long sat by as radical progressive liberals curb-stomp anyone who disagrees with their ideology. On principle, we refuse to boycott anything. That’s a tactic of the left, and the right likes to stick to the high ground, even though it means losing ground every day to the forces of tyranny.

Well, enough is enough.

Scientists who practice actual science and demand something crazy like proof before advocating for government regulations and taxes on what you exhale are harassed out of their fields. Science has devolved from posing a theory and setting about proving or disproving it to a vote by people dependent upon government grants seeking to please their master in the hope of keeping the funding spigot open.

But you can’t boycott government, you can only hope to change it.

The Senate Majority Leader is using taxpayer dollars to attack private citizens for opposing the progressive agenda and donating to causes in which they believe, while using his position to advance the self-enriching agenda of a progressive billionaire dangling $100 million in campaign funds in front of his nose.

But you can’t boycott Harry Reid, you can only hope to remove his majority.

POLL : Should Voter ID be required in every state?

The New York Times can champion “equal pay for women” in 90 different pieces as they pay their first female executive editor significantly less than the man she replaced, and the men with whom she’d worked previously. They serve as town crier for victimhood as they perpetrate the victimization they decry.

But boycotting the New York Times is like protesting to the Captain about the bumpy landing of the Hindenburg – it’s going down on its own.

The IRS has been weaponized against American citizens who seek only to have their voices heard by a government that wants nothing more than to shut them up, in direct violation of the document that created that government.

But you can’t boycott the IRS because, well, you know why.


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  • Liberals are able to stage protests easier in greater numbers because most of them are on welfare and don't have to work. They are getting paid to go to Washington and influence politicians. If we all stand together apart from each other closer to home we can make a difference. For example how about something like "National Go To The Closest IRS Office and Give them a piece of your mind Week"? It would be alot easier and we could stay on scene much longer.

  • I may not be the best at exchanging pleasantries but I say what I believe to be true, to me its better than living in denial. I take back about what i said about faith, more realistically i should say I feel I have more faith than most people I engage verbally.

  • Haha, Oh contrare Ms. Graywolf, I have more faith than any one Ive come in contact with. I don't fear evil and what it can do to me in this world which is one of the reasons im not afraid to show my real name. You really don't know me and what i do with my life so you shouldn't judge me. Some like to interpret their religion with only the aspects that suit them. Its hard for me not to judge people who judge me first but enlightenment is an on going process for me. I know we will win but I don't know if sitting around doing nothing helps but what ever helps you sleep at nite.

  • God bless you, John Mankin!  The Lord loves you anyways, even though you have ZERO faith in him.  All of you are sooooooooooo pathetic!  No faith, no hope, just a bunch of negative comments.  "We the People" will win without you, so my fellow prayer warriors will pray for you.  Oh, by the way, we will WIN!

  • Gold is useless anyways, if it was as valuable as people lead you to believe there wouldn't be so many people trying to sell it. Brass, coal, oil could be a good back for currency.

  • Col Nelson, that might be the best, facts are there isn't any Gold in this country it's all in China's hands from these crazy elected bad leaders.
  • I have a friend that has a son that works for the regulation department of federal government, Americans think that the writers of regs use Science and educated researchers when writing them, this is far from the truth. It's done by special interest groups that write them. And in 99% of laws that are passed are done before the regs are written. After the law is passed then it is written this is how we have so many bad laws. Like Pelosi said we have to pass it to find out what is in it. In the case of Obamacare most of the law was wrote long after it was passed only the Ideals are listed that sound good that is how things are passed. Remember Obama said all Laws would be posted on the White House web site for the people to read it before it would be signed, another Lye by Obama. Most laws are ideals only then the special interest groups get started and write a book of 500+ pages of word after words that mean nothing till the regs are wrote which are 3000 pages of more words that can mean anything they want it to mean. Special Insert Groups have some of the best left wing writers money can buy.
  • Come on Jonathon we can not get a bunch or protesters together how you gonna get rid of the IRS? You think congress is going to do it just to help you and me and a few others out. I am to old and seen to much to really think we have a chance in hell of changing things with out a armed revolution and I just don't see enough people willing to stand up and fight. Not when you can uck on the government tit and have a better standard of living than those of us fools who worked our whole lives. I have 10 maybe 15 years before I am worm bait and have no problem going down in a pile of brass if they aredumb enough to go after me instead of leaving me alone till I die naturally. Somebodies going to have to show me a hell of a lot more than lip service before I get excited about us all getting together to take the illegal regime down.

  • The Dollar simply needs to become a US Treasury Note... once again.... backed by gold, silver, and possibly oil (US Reserves) or a combination of all three.  The point is that we need to end the Federal Reserve Note... which is backed by nothing of real value.  End the Central Banks hold on our currency and audit them to see where all the GOLD and SILVER held by the US Treasury went... was it exchanged for bogus debt when US Treasury's are secured by federal reserve notes... or did they manipulate the currency by FRAUD... exchanging their debt while it was secured by gold and silver US Treasury Notes?

    We need a complete and through audit of the US Treasury and Federal Reserve... with a very keen eye directed at detecting fraudulent manipulation of the currency for personal gain. Insider, information that would put the Fed in a position to 'redeem' their gold and silver US Treasury Notes, liquidating them for hard gold and silver before switching our currency to Federal Reserve Notes... fiat, bogus... currency.... unsecured currency... backed only by the good faith and trust of the US Government... what do you think the good  faith and TRUST of the US Government is worth today?

  • The dollar has been destroyed anyway, I wonder how hard it would be to start a new currency, probably very hard but what would the Feds do then if you weren't dependent on the dollar?

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