DONT let Obama Call us RACIST and Ignorant

TIME AND TIME again he keeps repeating key words that were once used to define oppression. He drives other groups away from this movement and it marginalizes us. WE speak for all REAL HARD working Americans that want the Government to work on real jobs and then Health Care solves it self. These People take Office because they feel sorry for US, they think we do not know how to spend our money. All Americans; BLACK WHITE BROWN YELLOW..GAY..WE ALL want to work. WE ALL FEEL SELF worth when we work Hard and earn everything that surrounds us, Family, a home, a CAR, taxes for our towns. WE do not feel good when we get charity or the Gov't feels sorry for us.. even Americans on Welfare wish their circustances were different.. WE are ALL asked as KIDS what do you want to be when you grow up and we all have answers.. but life may hit some of us hard and we need that help. BUT even as Americans this number is about 10% or less about 90%+ can help that portion.. BUT DO NOT MAKE THAT number grow of Gov't assistance it will take drive from the People who are working.. or make that person with two jobs quit one so they can recieve Gov't assistance.
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