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On several occasions I've had the opportunity to listen to interviews with Donald trump and I liked what he said, not to mention the way he said it.  In June he will make his decision with regards to placing his bid for The Presidency.  In my opinion, he's the only choice for America and the American people.  He's the one person who can bring America back to the greatness it once was.  He's the one person who can bring an end to the corruption in government, something plaguing our nation for decades and presently devastating our American way of life.


We drastically need change.  Our present administration and following Democratic Congress are our destruction on the horizon, and if we don't think smart and challenge their decisions, we are going to fall and when we land, it won't be softly.  


In closing, I hope Donald Trump enters the race.  I believe him to be the right choice for America and the American people and as always, "God Bless America". 



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  • I too have listened to The Donald. Yes, he does have some very pertinent and interesting things to say and I considered him to be a good possibility for a while. Maybe he will run, but I have difficulty with the concern that he would be little more than just another “Power Broker” in the White House.


    And, you are absolutely correct that we do need change. In fact that is what Obama campaigned on: Hope and Change. Well, it seems he is most intent on dashing our Hopes and stealing our Change. Turns out that he was just another part of the same old establishment. The same one that has been leading the United States to the brink of disaster for a century or more.


    I have listened to Trump and one thing that really concerned me was that, despite his positive sounding words, he still seemed to be just as willing as any other business person to shop outside the U.S. for his goods and to outsource for services. Well, that is just good business practice, many would say. Okay. I guess I would support and engage in poor business practices in support of the U.S. then; especially if I was in a position where I could do so on so grand a scale as can he. I think Mr. Trump has demonstrated at least a small tendency to do the expedient.


    Phil did mention some of the other aspects of that power structure that I am so down on and here I guess I do have to eat some of my own words to some extent. Cases in point would be Ronald Reagan and Dwight Eisenhower. An Actor and a retired General. Both took great strides towards getting this Nation back on track and I wish we could find someone like either of them today. But they were uncompromising in their stances and made no bones about it. They did not just play along with the existing power structure while kvetching from the outside and wanting to be let in to play too.


    Eisenhower took an uncompromising stance on the invasion of our Nation by Undocumented Foreign Citizens. I believe he gave us an age of prosperity that lasted until the late 70’s despite the best efforts of LBJ and Jimmy Carter.


    Ronald Reagan was an outsider from the get go. He almost resurrected that prosperity but made a big misstep in 1986 when he was persuaded to grant an Amnesty. Now we find ourselves battling those same old problems of an open border and rampant unemployment along with the continuing problem of a Congress that is Addicted to spending and a runaway National Debt.


    Yes we do need change. But I think that change would better come, at this time, from someone who is not any part of the current power structure.

  • I would have to agree with Phil on this as well.  I have nothing but admiration for Donald Trump and wish to see him to continue to succeed in all his business ventures.  Unfortunately, being wealthy has nothing to do with governing a country.  It only lends to a candidates popularity.  Donald Trump haas been a very successful individual.  But,this IS DONALD TRUMP'S success.  Donald Trump, should he run for the presidency and win, this too would be DONALD TRUMP'S success, and not the success of the nation or the citizens.  Though I have nothing against Donald Trump and his success, I do see the job as president as a job, and a job that needs to be done with the nation and the citizens of this nation to be the highest priority on the president's agenda.  Not the furthering of an agenda of an individual that only sees the office of the President of the United States as yet another victory in the gaining of power and profits for themselves.  It truly is time to send someone to Washington that has the will to return this great country to the LEGAL citizens so that they may once again prosper and have the opportunity to leave their children and grandchildren an opportunity to prosper and succeed as well.  This  will never be accomplished by the continual re-electing of icons and professional politicians.
  • Thank you for your input.
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