Suppose your favorite sports team told you not to wear any team apparel to the game or, it might upset the visitors.

My team is asking me to do just that, and it is Bullsh!!!!

The school had reportedly had skirmishes between "Latinos and whites" (not Americans) and chose to side with Latinos.

Honestly, do we have to be politically correct on everything patriotic?

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  • I live in Arizona and so far have not heard anything like that.  But, they do protest marches downtown and wave the mexican flag, which to me means they disrespect us and our flag.  They all need to be gone, and California is gone to the United States.  Might as well put the border fence between them and the rest of us. I feel pity for the just ones trapped there.  Wake up! As a billboard used to be in Arizona stating we are being invaded!

  • No!  We have every right to wear our American Flag shirts or whatever! "latino", they are probably illegal, report them all to INS< for immediate deportation!

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