Don't Go

Now this rant does not include the Military, just civilians

Too many Americans are killed & kidnapped in foreign countries all the time, but the truth be told, if you go to their lands interfering in their politics, you get what you deserve. I don't believe in vacationing, visiting, working, or anything else in any foreign land period. You go and something bad happens it's on your head for being there in the first place. Thanks to our government, being an American and being liked is a rarity throughout the world now, so heed this warning, visiting anywhere outside the United States is at your own risk, don't cry for help when you already know that there is the possibility of pain and even death at the hands of our enemies, you put yourself in that position by being there so live or die with it.









Middle East


And the saddest one of all America


We are even hated in our very own country and a large helping of this problem goes to our current POTUS and his administration.

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