4063695313?profile=originalDr. Kermit Gosnell willfully murdered innocent

    babies born alive and faces death penalty

America witnessed two murder trials during the course of the infamous abortionist Dr. Kermit Gosnell’s murder trial in Philadelphia. The first murder trial ended on Monday May 13, 2013 with the conviction of Gosnell for brutally murdering three innocent babies with scissors after the babies were born alive. The second murder trial which went largely unnoticed was the unacceptable silence of the mainstream media to acknowledge the butchering of countless babies who were born alive and were murdered in the most grisly fashion.

Dr. Gosnell was an abortionist who not only murdered the innocents with a passion that can only have been replicated during the dark days of Nazi Germany’s practice of eliminating the Jewish people during World War II. Now with Gosnell’s conviction, this dark pathological practice can no longer be ignored by the media and even those who claim to support abortion rights.

Dr. Gosnell, according to the Wall Street Journal, was also convicted of involuntary manslaughter for the death of Karnamaya Mongar, who died due to a sedation overdose. Yet, this murder trial which produced dozens of counts by a grand jury against the doctor’s murderous practices also created a media blackout that noted journalist Kirsten Powers noted in her USA Today op-ed, “The deafening silence of too much of the media, once a force for justice in America, is a disgrace.” Kirsten went on to rightly stress, “This should be front page news!”

Now one of the most important chapters in the annuals of American jurisprudence will occur in the coming days. Should Dr. Kermit Gosnell be sentenced to death for his horrifying murders which shock the conscience of his jurors? For these jurors the memories of coming to terms with count after count of Dr. Gosnell’s horrifying misdeeds will surely haunt them past their decision to give him life without parole or death by execution.

This decision by the jurors actually is a turning point for those who support breaking the binding repressive liberal media attacks on those who have stood for supporting a baby’s right to life and to be called a baby and not a “fetus”. It is important that this distinction is heralded across this nation, now and forever more. A baby was murdered, and a man was convicted for each and every murder the jury found Gosnell guilty of.


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  • Death penalty is too good for this demon.  He should have his limbs torn off, and then have his neck cut with a very dull pair of scissors.  Reap what you have sown, you filthy bastard.

  • I'm not against the death penalty, but in this particular case, I believe a greater punishment would be to let him spend the rest of his days lamenting over what he's done.  Let him ponder the atrocities he's committed and where it got him.  At his age, death would be the kinder act, and sadly I feel no kindness for him.

  • Duh ! YES !!!

       The whole Planned Parenthood abortion mill business ! They should be investigated in depth. Heads should roll. The law should be revisited. It should also go back to the states.

  • Gosnell is an example of what happens when a nation turns against God.  I wrote a book called "Living Stones" which contains the testimonies of 52 different people who share what God has done in their lives and how He has turned their lives around from a life of failure and sorrow because of addictions to lives of peace and joy.  Others share how God has helped them get through tragic and heartbreaking circumstances and they are now helping others who are facing the same problems.  The book can be found at www.createspace.com/4125818 or www.amazon.com.  It will bless and encourage you and that is something we all need in this day and age.

  • Don't worry berryO the commi will get him set up with another office in our whitehouse..After all, all these people that convicted him are just racist...eric will see that he gets his pardon...isn't it great to be an American under berry...hail to the king, hail to the king!!!

  • I can not imagine this man standing before god and trying to justify what he has done,there is a price from everything we do on earth,putting nails in our coffin that we can not remove,!

  • Thanks Dee & Kevin: Good for you  H. Gregory what would God do, what did God do. I belong to 3 pro Israel groups I love the Hebrews not for what they did but for what God says. And yes hell is waiting for this pig. Now We The People have 60 million other little babies to deal with that have been murdered by abortion roe v wade must all of these folks connected with this slaughter must pay there dues, hell is waiting for them also. This will be a start for America REPENTING, We The People turning away from our evil wicked ways, a start for us as a nation confessing our sins. God will once again listen & hear us. We The People us as a Nation. This is what Im looking forward to.

  • There can only be one verdict for this one DEATH !

  • He should be put to death. Luckily the innocents he murdered will never see him since they will be in the arms of our God in heaven and he undoubtably will be in hell with his god, the devil.

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