Does Chris Wallace Look at Porn?

"Are you a flake?" "Are some of the things you say flaky?" These are actual questions that Chris Wallace of Fox News asked of Michelle Bachmann, a woman with at least twice his IQ and qualifications.  Why Mr. Wallace did this is inexplicable, but he got a big shiner as Mrs. Bachmann and the Fox viewers punched back.  He will probably never recover.

This was an attempt at a clever rhetorical trick by Mr. Wallace which associates a person with a word.  The less cerebral among us, Liberals, children, will turn that word into an image and superimpose it onto the name and persona of the individual that has been thus labeled.  So Chris Wallace (clever trial attorneys, and virtually all of the disingenuous interviewers that prowl the main stream media) attempted to use that psychological ruse to create the impression that Michelle Bachmann is a flake, despite the total absence of evidence that she is anything other than a highly accomplished, educated, intelligent, righteous, devoted mother, wife and American.  He invented it, but when he put her name in a sentence with the word 'flake,' ending with question mark, he created a trick of word association.  The imprint of image to which mobs and Liberals are so susceptible.

So I will do the same for Chris Wallace. "Does Chris Wallace look at porn?" I have no idea. There have been no reports that he looks at porn. It's a stupid question.  But I've associated the name of Chris Wallace with PORN. Chris Wallace, PORN. PORN, Chris Wallace. Have you heard that Chris Wallace looks at porn? Of course not, I haven't. But this if this trick lie, shielded from libel laws by a little curved punctuation mark, is repeated often and broadly it will stick. No matter how innocent Chris Wallace is of viewing porn, if the lie is spread, and the word becomes paired with his name often enough, he will become, in the media consumer psyche, "Chris Wallace, "Pornman."

Social media and passionate Conservatism combined with a fedupness by Americans of a schoolyard  bully approach to news and politics interrupted Mr. Wallace's gotcha moment.  It didn't sneak past like he hoped.  The insult was stinging, and totally undeserved by a dignified an serious presidential contender.  Michelle Bachmann pushed back. We pushed back, and we pushed back hard.  An American activist class has emerged.  They are politically savvy, sophisticated in history, debate, and human nature, and always on high alert for trickery and hypocrisy.

Sorry about your epic fail Mr. Wallace.  Your name will forever now be associated with the word 'flake." Just like Weiner and TWEET, Weiner and WEINER, and Weiner and IGNOMINIOUS RESIGNATION, will always be paired in water-cooler talk forevermore. Chris Wallace, FLAKE? Chris Wallace, PORN? Chris Wallace, UNEMPLOYED? We'll see.

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  • I still think Bachmann will have a tough time against Obama and I can think of several possible candidates some in now and some not in that would have a better chance.  What I fear is that I know the mainstream media will make her the issue instead of the Obama horribly failed (but he is doing it on purpose according to his agenda) record.  Unfortunately, Independents consider themselves intellectuals and Bachmann Speak does not go over big with them as a whole.  Even though Romney has a better chance than Bachmann against Obama I would roll the dice with her over Mitt because the only thing you win with Romney is that he is not Commie and not Muslim but still has some liberal views.

  • I agree, Bachmann was the winner in this. But if it were not for social media and a well-informed Conservative audience, it would've stuck.

  • Chris Wallace is just pushy and arrogant and wants the interview to be about him but he is not dumb at all.  Far from it.  He did it with John Stewart the previous week.  Wallace is not a liberal.  In fact,  he may even lean Conservative.  This was not a political attack on Bachmann it was a boost my ratings and watch me next week and see what I say then.  Believe me Bachmann is way happier that Chris Wallace asked that instead of Chris Matthews.  Matthews hates Bachmann.  Bachmann does make a lot of statements that are not based in true fact and is considered odd at times and it is better for her that Wallace asked it instead of a liberal who hates her.  Now to repeat that question or similar would make the next interviewer look stupid and a copier. That question has been asked and answered.   You don't get it this was great politics for Bachmann she was given a chance to answer a question that a lot of Americans wanted to know.  You don't think Wallace cleared that with Ayles (Mr. Republican) at FOX first.  Please.  Just like Bill Clinton talked about his Gennifer Flowers affair on liberal CBS first.  The Taibbi article was out Friday and Bachmann had to do quick damage control and what better vehicle than on Sunday on FOX.  Politics Marjorie politics.  It helped Bachmann in her quest and Wallace in his.
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