Part of our duty as God-Fearing, active american citizens is to be upstanding to All other people. We must not let the race of unbecoming, yellow bellied, socialist swine take over our world. Education of the liberals is the only hope, by telling others of our countries founding, and what our founding fathers stood for we are doing our duty to God, and our duty to our country. Understanding that we have power to change our nation for the better must be what drives us. Do your duty as good Christian citizens and stand up for the proper ideals, the moral ones. Is america really the land of the free? Does spying on our own citizens count as "Necessary"? "Does Ob I think not. Does security really matter that much? Don't let them take over! There is work to be done, we should be willing to do it.

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  •  The Bible tells us to be subject the powers that rules over us. As God fearing people we should do that. The thing most people don't understand is that being subject to it does not mean you have to obey the law but rather be willing to pay the penalty for not obeying it. If we have to go to jail for not obeying the laws then we just have to go.

    I consider myself a rebel. That's not a bad thing . It simply means that I don't go along with the status - quo. The majority of the people in our nation believe they are (right with God) because they go to Church on Sunday and the pastor is satisfied with the way they live. As a nation we have been seduced into an easy way of serving our Lord with out having to live up to His mindset or being transformed into who He is.

    For years, we as American people have allowed our leader to slowly steal our freedoms and because of our willingness to be obedient to our leader, we just slowly gave them our rights. Our Church leadership is somewhat the same way. We have a responsibility as born-again believers to hear the voice of God as He speaks to our individual hearts. When we see things in our Churches that are not right then that's the place to correct when with a stand for what is truth. The stronger the home, the stronger the Church. And so goes the nation.

    As fathers, as pastors we've dropped the ball and our children will have to pay for it

    My wife and I visited Boston Mass. a while back. I found out or at least had my memory refreshed that two of the most memorable places was the (Old North Church and the South Church). Those places were the meeting places.

    In order for our Churches today to be like those places the people have to have that same kind of mindset. There is a truth and  we are very willing to die for that. Righteousness exalts a nation, but sin is a reproach to any people.

    I heard a story one time and it was told to be part of Church history. Just before Martin Luther put the sign on the Church door in protest of what they were teaching, there was a little lady the sit on a chair in front of the church see attended because of her age and not being able to hear well. A priest came to her Church that day and stood in their pulpit and said, TODAY WE ARE USING THE BOOD ANYMORE, TODAY WE START USING THIS ONE. Tis little lady stood up and said, NOT WE ARE NOT EITHER, AND THROUGH HER CHAIR AT HIM.

    I understand a riot ensued and she was even killed but my question is where are those people today?

    I appreciate you brother, we might have to fight some battles but remember, the victory has already been won.

    God bless you and ours.

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