Do you aware what method mr obama is using to destroy our Nation? 

The method he is using is called the "Cloward Piven Strategy". It was "designed" back in 1966 and has been successfully tested in New York City in 1975.

If you look at the Big Picture, look at everything obama has said and done - it is not a stretch to understand this at all... it matches 100% to the Cloward Piven Strategy and this cannot be a coincidence it matches 100%.

How can we stop it?

We can stop it by educating every person we know with irrefutable evidence - truth and everything around us, everything that has happened under obama - and strongly encourage them to start writing their Congressman, demanding they defund this entire administration.

This is treason at the highest level folks.

The House holds the purse strings and under the rule of law - the only ones who can stop it in it's tracks.

If you look at the "strategy" the only determining factor of how soon an establishment "fails" and descends into bankruptcy - is how much money it started with and how long it takes to "spend" it...... Obama is spending taxpayer money at a rate of millions a minute.... the US has a lot, but note; last November it was 16 trillion plus deficit - it is 17 trillion plus right now.... only 7 months later. We are quickly running out of time.

If we fail in this, expect this Nation to be bankrupt before the end of mr obama's second term, expect martial law to be declared, UN Troops on the ground here in the US, all of our rights removed, Constitution revoked, all of our earnings redistributed...

Our Nation will be enslaved.

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