Dirty Little Secrets: Amnesty for dummies.

     Lots of dirty little secrets out there.  Amnesty for illegal aliens has it's own.  

     Call them border crashers, Illegals, an invasion force, or whatever you will.  Illegal immigration is a big problem, and a huge burden on an already overloaded system of giveaways.  One of the problems with waving the magic wand and calling them U.S. citizens is a little bit of elfin magic.  You see, some employers out there are telling us that they are doing the jobs that Americans won't do.  This is, really, a misnomer.  Americans WOULD do these jobs if they paid at least the minimum wage.  

     The dirty little secret is, that, if the illegals are made citizens, you now have to pay these new citizens minimum wage, and they become a NEW group of Americans that won't (and legally can't) do these jobs for sub minimum salary.  Now we have to get a whole new group of illegals to do the work the old ones will no longer do for 2 bucks an hour.

     Should we still wish to make our un-documented fellow citizens legally citizens, we would find ourselves with a new crop in short order.

     I think the government should; first, start enforcing the laws that we have (not ignore the pleas of states like Arizona) and secondly, ensure the borders are secure.  We seem to have a catch and release policy, these days, with a minimum of deportations.  I would have thought we would have built the border fence first.  It is federal law, after all, that they build it.  All the bricks that were mailed to the house and senate, a few years ago, should have been a clue.

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