This is so sad:

Obama will not speak at Arlington National Cemetary this year. with more soldiers killed under his 15 months in command than in the entire previous 8 yrs, --" The commander in chief is going to speak at Abraham Lincoln National Cemetery's annual Memorial Day ceremony", in, guess where, Illinois!

Then he is hosting a party, to honor our soldiers? OH NO, never that! He is having a party to honor Paul McCartney, you know, that great American Patriot who has risked life and limb to preserve our freedom?

How many more times will he slap this country our military and our traditions in the face and get away with it in the lamestream media? We need to let the media know we will be boycotting his speech this year and all networks airing it. That we will find and watch only whatever ceremony we can find that is held at Arlington cemetary or our local programs. Everyone who has a national cemetary in their state should attend whatever ceremony will be held there but we all need to ignore Obama. Get this out to all your friends, facebook, twitter and all the other groups and sites you belong to and post on.

"Did you hear about Obamas plans for Memorial Day?" on As A Mom...: As A Mom...A Sisterhood of Mommy Patriots

Grizzlymama comments: Mr. President, honor all American Troops who rest in peace with "Honor and Glory"

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