While we see Obamacare taking up the news, what the media has NOT reported as of late is the president's private army of "federal police" whose budget has grown while the military is reduced in force to the point of almost becoming ineffectual, thus placing national security in hiatus.

The new federal police owe their oath to the president and NOT the Constitution. They have been prepositioning arms caches, food, water and their armoered vehicles throughout all 50 states as if they were preparing for war. They are outfitted just like the army with identical combat uniforms, except the color is black -- very reminiscent to the SS in Germany being loyal to the furher. Who is responsible for their oversight? In creating and depoying his black-shirted thugs, he created a standing army which I believe is unconstitutional.

The threat of using UN troops t control the American public is not only outrageous, but it constitutes and act of war where the American people will fight foreign invaders. If they're like former UN troops, they will make good targets.

So, when you ask the president and he denies the formation of his own personal army and he says "No," then you know he's lying and has a powerful force out in each state who will shoot unarmed American citizens. It's as if he wants us to have another civil war, which must be prevented at all costs.

What can be done to rein in the DHS? Who will hold them accountable? Can an IG be assigned to see and recod what they have and who they intend to use it on?  They have already been placing the bullet-proof guard shacks along the back highways in Southern and Central California.

I think that if the US Army receives orders to shoot Americans, they should shoot Obama's Black Shirts and leave unarmed citizens alone!

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  • Operation American Spring is a natural consequence when reviling the tyranny that keeps encroaching upon our liberties.  Our founding fathers, some of whom had relations with Holder's kin, produced the bastard in DOJ -- Holder, judging by the looks of him, is more cracka than black and in fact looks like a white guy with a healthy tan -- but I digress.  In order for the OAS in May 2014 to succeed, as is well within our revolutionary right, is to be backed by 100 million armed patriots, willing to fight it out with Obama's black-shirted thugs if necessary, to protect the Constitution and this Republic should the time come for the people to rise up against the corruption in DC.  And by rising up, it is against the establishment in all 50 states to remove, retain, arrest and if absolutely necessary, execute with extreme prejudice, all those left wing liberals bent on destroying America from within.

  • WAR is upon us get ready to Defend family and Freedom ! Dont become a human sheep to be Bucherd

  • I wish the ones  who can do something about all this crap that the Dumbocrats are pulling would do it already. All I keep getting is donate for this donate for that, I have been! I am not a rich man by any means, but every time this regime does something illegal, or against the constitution there they are with their hand out looking for a handout! How long can this usurper keep doing this shit and the law turns a blind eye to it. If they have enough grounds to impeach, GET ON WITH IT ALREADY!

  • Use surveillance cameras with motion detection and alarm. I do.  So good luck to any who try to bust my doors down.  Also, multiple weapons, and they are Always Locked & Loaded.

  • The sheep that voted this socialist into office did not listen to his campaign.  He said he wanted a domestic force as strong as the military, he said he wanted to bankrupt coal, he stated all his goals before being elected.  The people that voted this idiot in are to blame for all of this chaos.  I will preserve, protect and defend the constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic, as I swore to do.  May God help anyone who comes between me, my family, and our freedom.

  • Somebody in the legislature needs to "audit" whatever is going on, which includes some "insider" insight into some of the "swat" teams.    The woman journalist on Beck recently did a search & seizure looking for a "potato gun" (whatever that is) that possessed and wasn't there -   armed swat team members everywhere in full amour & weapons surrounding the house, breaking in, turning the house upside down & terrorizing non-violent citizens.    It's an attack situation where anyone with a weapon would respond when the door fell... and the home owner and anyone within a half mile would be riddled with military armor piercing bullets - 3000/4000 fps stuff that can kill more than a mile away!

    It's a situation where otherwise good people caught up in a scam become killers.   A lot like a bunch of locals lead by Al Sharpton hunting Bonnie & Clyde & they mistakenly  riddled granny's old Packard 15,000 times in 2 seconds because the damn car backfired.    Well, granny makes it to heaven & Sharpton disappears for a few days.

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