DHS questioned over decision to let Saudi passengers skip normal passport controls


A Department of Homeland Security program intended to give "trusted traveler"  status to low-risk airline passengers soon will be extended to Saudi travelers,  opening the program to criticism for accommodating the country that produced 15  of the 19 hijackers behind the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks.

Read more:  http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2013/03/20/decision-to-extend-trusted-traveler-program-to-saudi-scrutinized/?test=latestnews#ixzz2OAhBwAkr

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  • This is a another way Obama can get all his people in to the United States they will be the death of a lot of American people and Obama knows this. This is another reason to get this man out of office before he can completely destroy America and it,s way of life . So people open up your eye,s before it is to late.       SO LIVE LONG AND DIE HARD      GOD BLESS AMERICA

  • Ronald Timothy Ritchey:  I wish I could sell him a bridge and get him outta here!  

  • Acccording to Obama the Muslin people are the chosen race. They wouldn't hijack a plane or hurt anyone. Their a peace loving people like him.

  • Isn't BECAUSE of "men" like this we have to go through airport security?  This progressive PC will literally get us killed.  

  •  Terrorism by invitation. Kinda flies in your face.

  • This is the main reason I will not travel.  Our Country supports terrorism and there is no escaping that.  We absolutely are insane when we put granny through the third degree but will let these criminals on planes just to be Politically Correct.

  • Ellis is right we need to get some kind of orginazation weather through are sheriff's deputizing us,or through are states legslature calling to arms.we need to get orginized and start some training,because they are they do it every day,thanks to our tax money

  • weve been under house arrest scence the Bush adm. it's just gotton worse. that dam patriot act.needs to go . and so does homland security. it was a bad agencie that was created out of fear,and now that it has become Obamas s.s. poliece it needs to go right now!!

  • Like giving Our money to the Muslim brotherhood wasn't a slap in the face & even went as far as to have them in Our White House! Now this? I'm not surprised, after all, the terrorist are being given our money & open borders to come on in & do what u want. After all, osamabama treats us as terrorist. If he didn't feel that way, he wouldn't being stocking up on ammo & having drones over American skies to Spy on the American people. Mind boggling to me is how some still don't see the "light" when it's glaring in their face.
  • Reading all these, and remembering how little girls were molested by these TSA thugs, and how grandmas were violated, and most of all, having read blogs that stated Muslims were never patted down, WHY IN HELL ISN'T EVERYONE SCREAMING ABOUT ALL THIS ON FOX NEWS???????

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