The issues on the Democratic Party's Platform are very important.  Important, not because the platform actually binds a president to do those things, but because the president, as the leader of his/her party and, as such, supports the majority of his/her party's issues.  Remember the old adage: "Birds of a feather flock together".
Secularism, moral relativism, and a large federal government with centralized control, are all basic tenets of the progressive movement.  Knowing their ideals were too radical for most Americans of the early 20th century, they began making in roads in education and politics. The progressives took many years to educate generations of voters and insidiously take over the Democratic party giving them a national stage to promote their ideas and elect their candidates.  Like boiling a frog, they didn't throw him into the hot water all at once; they put him in cool water and gradually raised the heat.  Traditional Democrats were gradually overcome by those new progressives that were educated in their ideas of liberalism, big centralized government, and moral relativism. It's a "feel good" party. 
Many folks, myself, my friends and family included, had historically been "traditional Democrats".  (I left when Reagan came along and confirmed what I had already realized: "I didn't leave the Democratic Party, the Democratic Party left me").  Unfortunately, the "Progressives" have gradually chipped away all of the traditional Democratic party values and now have replaced them with their "feel good", "reasonable", emotion driven rhetoric which they only intend to use to manipulate their party loyalists into supporting a very radical hidden agenda.  Many "traditional Democrats" find it difficult to break with their tradition of supporting Democratic candidates; their "feel good receivers" have been tuned to that frequency for so long they can't switch channels.
God gave us all free will.  We have a right, and a responsibility, to evaluate our positions based on the knowledge of what is right and what is wrong.  There may be some gray areas in life, but most of us know that the really important things in life can only be equated to either right or wrong. 
--We know that killing an unborn baby because it is inconvenient is WRONG; God would NEVER support that position. 
--We know that a person "freely" giving to charity is righteous, but being forced to contribute their earnings so someone else can decide where their gifts will go is wrong.
--We know that we have no right to enjoy the fruits of another's labor.  We must earn our own.
--We know that the whole idea of lying to achieve power over others is a corruption of morality.
I hope, and pray, for our country's sake, that people will start to recognize "progressivism" for what it really is: dictatorial, centralized power in the hands of an aloof, elite political class with no moral compass to guide them by a higher authority.
The message we have to get across to our friends who are still locked into that emotionalism of relativism, is that it's O.K. to reevaluate your position.  You don't have to lock step support any political party just because your grandfather, father, or you have always done it that way.  Billy Graham once said: "If you don't stand for something, you'll fall for anything".  To stand for something, you have to consciously think about your position, understand it, and understand why you feel that way.  The progressives don't want you to use your brains; they want to attack you with emotional appeals, ambiguities, and muddied waters.  They are all about rationalization of behavior and values.
America has been the only place on earth that was established on the principles that the people own the government; not the government owns the people.  As such, for over 200 years, we've wrestled with many of the tough issues of the time.  Being a government "of the people", and people having human flaws, we've naturally had, and still have, flaws that had to be overcome. The most often referenced is equality of all citizens.  This has been, and continues to be, a long fought struggle.  Abolishing slavery, ensuring equal treatment of all regardless of race, creed, sex, color, national origin, or physical disability  have been issues that have been fought for throughout our history.  But, even with all of our imperfections, we've still been the shining light among nations for individual liberty, freedom of religion, of speech, the right to dissent with the government without fear of being killed.  We are the "go to" nation for all of those oppressed throughout the world who seek a better life for themselves and families.
We have a great nation.  We should all be PROUD to be AMERICANS!  We don't have to apologize to anyone for our country being exceptional.  We can only remain an exceptional nation if the citizens respect one another and respect the laws and morality behind those laws which ensure all of us have equal protection.  A tyrant, whether it's a single person or a huge government machine, has no incentive to do anything other than what they want to do.  We don't have an individual tyrant, but our HUGE Federal bureaucracy has become tyrannical and must be controlled.  this coming election can be the beginning to taking control back and limiting government in our lives.
God Bless You All!  God Bless America! 
There is all the difference in the world between treating people equally and attempting to make them equal.
- F.A. Hayek

When injustice becomes law, then Rebellion becomes duty!
~~~Thomas Jefferson
He who passively accepts evil is as much involved in it as he who helps perpetrate it.
--Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.

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