Democrats Jumping the Obamacare Ship


Vice President Biden, Leon Panetta, Ben Nelson, Richard Daley, Barney Frank, Ben Miller, Brad Miller and a slew more say “No.”

"Obamacare Bad Medicine"


The one thing you can bank on with Barack Obama is this – he is a habitual liar and will say or do anything to buy votes.  Obama hid behind closed doors over 400 days crafting “Obamacare.” 






A trillion Dollar Budget buster

Thousands of Americans losing their existing Healthcare plan

Seniors – access to good healthcare dwindling due to medicare changes

Families premiums increasing

Obamacare stacked with hidden taxes

ObamaCare is simply Socialized health care



Democrats against Obama care – just the tip of the iceberg











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  • Lyn, that's the secret to stopping Obama - you've got it perfect just hope everyone starts posting, blogging emailing their Congressmen etc...

  • A pure example of a low life, communist, socialist, muslim, hates women, hates other religions, hates himself for being half white, liar, user, race baiter, and will lose in November. Americans are not stupid and we will keep posting everywhere untill everyone knows that this lunatic is really wanting to destroy America and make it muslim ville.

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